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Random Voyagers! discussion – The budget's effect on the show

So many of the fans still feel Voyagers deserved a 2nd season and strongly believe Jon-Erik would be with us today had that happened. (But that's only speculation at this point.) When I think of a lot of the dumb shows that get renewed year after year it annoys me. I can see the bigger picture as I research for my Voyagers! book.

In the end, it often comes down to money. (Not surprising) When a show slashes the budget, chances are they're on their way to cancellation. For Voyagers, it wasn't the writing, or lack of talent. From all accounts the cast and crew loved what they were doing. Guest writers and Directors enjoyed their brief time working on what Meeno Peluce called a "uniquely working machine." It was a "big production with only two main characters."

The show had a good amount of fan support back then. Families watched it together. Teachers praised it. There was definitely themes for the adults and plenty for the kids. It became the little sho…

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