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The end of an Era for Voyagers Guidebook on Youtube

(Art print by Mathiole)

NBCU has finally caught up to my Youtube channel and had Youtube block over 40 videos of my from my content worldwide. Most were clips and trailers from the show DVDs, but a few of my favorite fan-videos got swept along with their monster raid. Including my most recent one. I worked very hard on the 35th Anniversary and Memorial Tribute to Voyagers and Jon-Erik Hexum, even posted it here. And now it's gone.

I'm going through a lot of other stresses in life right now and all this makes me want to do battle. But I know I’d lose. They are 100% within their rights to remove anything and everything.

But I'm compelled to ask – Aside from simple copyrights, did they remove Voyagers! content so people will only focus on Timeless?
Or is this just my very bruised Voyager ego talking?

This rampant blocking started through NBCU copyright claims mere days after I commented on a few Timeless trailers remarking how Voyagers inspired them and some of the plot. It …

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