How I fell in love...with Voyagers!

It was a dark and stormy night, it was definitely summer of 1993 and at that time Cablevision was like a new invention to my family who still live in the dark ages. I was just 13 years old and eagerly awaiting the start of 8th grade. Sad, yes, but I for one couldn't wait for the cooler weather and I always liked starting school fresh over.

I was particularly drawn to the Sci-Fi channel because back was cool. They showed tons of old kooky/spooky favorites and it was just very different than it is today. One day being bored, I flicked it on before the 5:00 mark, because, lo! That was when they showed 'The Incredible Hulk' and I couldn't miss that! It's still dear to my heart, as is Bill Bixby, but that's a totally different story and blog!

4:00 comes and I suddenly hear this rousing theme music and see white stars...Then...the zooming title! Hey? It's not as spaced out/Lost in Space/Galactica as I thought...the font was rather old English to me. What gives? Two figures burst onto the screen, a young man and little boy, they are soaring through the cosmos...and straight into my heart.

P.S~If you are laughing now, I understand. These are my memories and I take complete Poetic license with them! :P

The credits continue to roll...action, excitement, danger and derring do abounds, and my 13-year old heart skips a beat...or 2...the deepest and most elegant male voice ever...a very clean cut pirate...and I see the camera zoom up to HIM...

My heart continued to soar throughout the entire episode, which by the way, wasn't the Pilot. My first episode of Voyagers! was 'Voyagers of the Titanic.' So I was a little thrown off when I noticed that the boy, Jeffrey Jones, was older, and Phineas Bogg looked even more clean cut, like this —

Young girl's hearts are fickle, but I wasn't really one of those. Loyalty is just something that I can't help. Jon-Erik Hexum's image and voice was indelibly stamped upon me that day. Like many of his original fans when he came on the scene in 1982, I was smitten beyond words...and when he was so quickly and tragically snuffed out in 1984, well, I did not find out that he had died until 1995! At 15 years old (In this stage in the game, I have no bones about giving away my age..hehe)

I mourned just the same as those early fans must have. I did not have personal internet access. I first found out that he died from a friend's father. I didn't want to believe it, so I made a trek to my local library. I was able to access a very early memorial page for Jon...does anyone remember it? I can recall it had a ton of stars on a black background and I believe it had this picture of him..correct me if I'm wrong, please!

I came home and just cried my eyes out and moped around the house with dark sunglasses on because my eyes were red and puffy. My dad didn't understand what was wrong and I never told him. I actually never told anyone how I felt or that I even liked the show really. I just asked around if people remembered the time travel series with a kid in a red and white striped shirt. They vaguely did. The show aired in reruns until about 1995. I remember racing home by 4:00pm just to see it, forgoing a lot of after-school activities...I wasn't much interested in those until my senior year of High School because I, like Jon-Erik said of himself, was a really late bloomer...In fact, at 29 years already, I'm still blooming!

Fast forward to 2003. Since you're reading this now, just omni back six years. Voyagers! and Jon-Erik have been pushed into a tiny recess of my mind as it was filled with so many other concerns since then, jobs, college, spirituality, friends, family...and all that jazz. I'm watching this other series called 'Firefly' and I am all impressed with the rugged character Jayne Cobb...Adam Baldwin, my other movie star love!

Something about that character, the way he grumbled and complained reminded me of a grouchy pirate I had seen on tv so long ago....

I told my sister, and vaguely tried to explain just how gorgeous this pirate was...and then it hit me..VOYAGERS!
That was when my quest really began, I got a computer and home internet access in 2004 and just took off! What a ride it's been! My journey for all things Voyagers! has not has only gotten more and more refined and fun...but never tedious. If it does get overwhelming, I just take a step back. I'm not a true 'collector.' I don't have wall to wall memorabilia plastered all over my room. I gather information and I am a picture lover. I am happily content with scans! Lots and lots of scans of articles and images as my friends who are also my 'suppliers' could tell you!

I have met and developed good bonds with many fans of the series and Jon-Erik Hexum. They have been an invaluable asset to keeping my site running and growing to titanic proportions. We have shared so many stories, jokes, life musings/happenings, and have become a real friendly circle. Nothing could have been fully accomplished without their help and support.

The series is not going anywhere, in fact, all the fan promotion has paid off, since it was officially released on DVD as of 2007. I still have to force myself to be inventive with my website, videos and art. The sad truth is that Voyagers! only ran for 20 episodes, that's 4 short of one full season! Oh the heights that series could have soared to if the public would have just gave it a chance...or the networks rather. Perhaps the world was not ready for time travel...but come 1985...the genre exploded with the 'Back to the Future' films.

In 1989, the TV watching public was finally ready, and another great TT series was born, it lasted 4 years on the same Network, NBC, and most definitely had a Voyagers! influence~

May all your landings be soft!


  1. Hi Ginger, I really love your memories and your thoughts. I didn't realize you had started your own blog. Wow, I hope I can keep track of all the sites you're running ;)

    You once again reminded me of how "difficult" live was before the internet was available to the public. A few days ago a friend told me that actor Terrence Hill had died years ago. I was surprised because I assumed he was still alive!! So I went online and checked it - and thank God he's alive and well, approaching his 70th birthday ;)
    Ten years ago, I would simply have believed my friend and thought he was dead. Weird!!

    -bluecanvas (I guess I'm gonna have to create a new profile for the blog?)

  2. Hi. What a story. Makes me think of my own introduction to Voyagers.
    My interest was piqued by an ad I heard on TV one night, several weeks before the show came on the air, something to the effect of, imagine never having to go to school, but having history itself as your classroom. Because of my duty schedule at the time, I missed the premiere; it was several weeks before I caught my first brief snatch of an episode, about 10 minutes' worth near the end. Sadly, I no longer remember which episode it was, but what I saw was enough to keep me coming back whenever I could. During the show's first run, my work schedule was such that I only caught a few minutes of perhaps half the episodes; the few times I was actually free to watch the entire show, it was pre-empted by baseball games. But I was able to garner enough information to write my first Voyagers story, a project which is a story in itself! I worked in a loading dock, driving a forklift, and I took to carrying a small 4-x-5-inch binder in my back pocket, which my coworkers (all Voyagers fans, as well) took to calling my Guidebook. I would write in that notebeook as I sat on the forklift, between loads. That story is currently in the process of a major rewrite so I can post it on FFN.

    Perhaps my favorite anecdote of that year is the fact that all my co-workers took to saying "bat's breath" instead of the usual four-letter words usually heard on a military base!

    It wasn't until four years later, when I caught the show in syndication, that I was finally able to see most episodes in their entirety...once again, my duty schedule sometimes interfered. But I did get to see the pilot at last, and was completely surprised by how close to canon I had come on some of the background details in my story. (Though in the case of the accident that killed Jeffrey's parents, I probably shouldn't have been so surprised; the "fiery wreck" scenario is so common on TV, it's become a cliché.)

    Interestingly enough, though I appreciated the fact that Jon was so good-looking, I must be one of the very few fans (I only know of one other) who didn't have a crush on him; I was drawn primarily, then and now, by the relationship between the two. It affected me deeply enough that, over the years, even though the specific memories of the episodes faded, I continued consciously making comparisons to Voyagers in many areas of my life. It was just such a comparison, just about a year ago now, that prompted me to search Amazon to see if they'd ever released the DVDs. When I got them, I sat and watched the entire series in a massive two-day marathon. A week later, I wrote "Plucked," and six other short stories followed in rapid succession. The pace has slowed now, as I've taken to writing longer, more involved stories, but the plot bunnies continue to do what all bunnies do so well. ;D


  3. Boy do I feel OLD now, since I loved JEH since I started watching Voyagers when it was first one in 1982! ROFLOL. I'll even admit that I was glued to the TV (with cassette recorder in my lap taping the audio to show to replay over and over) at the age of 10 to watch this unique show.

    Yes, as one of your 'suppliers' I can agree that you do an excellent job keeping us all up to date with material. :)

  4. Leanne, don't feel so old. You were only 10; I was 27 when the show was in its first run. I think the only person older than me in the fandom at FFN is a someone who calls himself "Grandpa Tenafly." ;D


  5. Grandpa Tenafly is probably only 19! LOL. ;D Actually, I've noticed The fans get younger and younger and that's so sweet. I love it when young people today can appreciate the cool stuff like this of the this a cool person and show. lol.

  6. Hmm. From the way he describes himself in his profile, I got the impression he was retired!!!



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