Jon-Erik in oil

I'm not talking about Jon in those smothered, greased up, shake and bake photos Lennon had taken of him during his brown haired perm phase...

Nothing against Lennon the Photographer! He has taken some of the most beautiful shots of Jon-Erik, and has a special section for him on his website. You can also find all those images on the Jon-Erik Hexum Photo Archive. This series of me a slippery, ala mode feeling...

These 2 photos by Lennon are particular favorites of mine, I love how he gives Jon a seasonal air, brisk fall and late summer on the beach.

I'm talking about a gorgeous oil portrait of Jon-Erik, painted by a very talented woman named Charna. Charna is a true artist in every sense, put a paint brush in her hand and the impossible happens. I never met her in person, but she is a lovely and beautiful lady whose work is prominently featured on Flickr, where she is known as Walls Wear Art.

A few months ago I decided to do a massive overhaul of my website and I wanted a place to put every image and screencap of Jon and Voyagers I had made in one place. Flickr was my website of choice. One day I happened to see a series of comments on my pictures of Jon. It was Charna. She was captivated with him. I checked out her page and was flabbergasted at the quality of her art. I literally thought to myself that if anyone is going to paint Jon-Erik, I would love to see her try.

Wouldn't you know it? Not long after that, Charna and I had a few email discussions and she immediately went to work using one of Jon's Member's only Jacket portraits. She felt it captured Jon naturally, especially the color of his eyes. I also liked her choice, it is one of those pictures that haunts and soothes you. There is a deep calm upon his face and if you stare at the picture for a while, you can literally drown in the pools of his eyes.

Charna paints fast! Within days she had posted on Flickr with continuous photos of her progress. It was like seeing a master at work and the subject coming to life...almost akin to a male Pygmalion. Follow along with her progress here. It continues into the page before it.

Charna's strokes and the way she captured the lighting and highlights in his face and hair was amazing. I learned a new artist trick, work on the shadows at night, and the highlights during the day. I'm sure that's in no way 'new' but I never had a chance to do a real oil painting myself. Her work is inspiring to all artists.


  1. You already know what I call those Lennon shots...LOL! :P Charna did a beautiful job with that oil painting.


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