Jon-Erik's image in the mass media

An ancient Greek saying that has been passed down to our day is that a beautiful woman can have "The face that launches a thousand ships." Thus comparing her to Aphrodite or Helen of Troy. Late actor Jon-Erik Hexum is the male equivalent to the phrase. He has been described as regular 'Adonis' in both features and physique.

It is no small wonder then, that despite his very brief time in the Entertainment industry, Jon-Erik managed to inspire a few creative talents. And that his image, however masked/altered as you will see, has popped up in the mass and book covers, full novels, cartoons and even tidbits of his life have made it to the small screen. I and other fans have been doing careful searches and have come across some blatant references and some not so blatant, but I wanted to share them here.

1. Many months ago I had the pleasure of having an accomplished author, Yvonne Jocks, post comments on my fan fiction...and she actually liked them! She has published many romance novels of different genres. In one of her past novels, she created a hero by the name of Jon Erikson and posted on her website the following —

"I may have mentioned elsewhere, I rarely reuse character inspirations. However, there's one actor who shows up more than once in my work. He was in the first romance I ever completed, which still isn't published, as a medieval knight. He was the basis for Guy Poitiers in BENEATH THE SURFACE. I used him more obviously than ever before in GRACIE, because the actor is the late Jon-Erik Hexum, and I named my hero Jon Erikson!

I was even inspired by the relationship between his character and that of young Meeno Peluce in VOYAGERS! (one of my favorite shows ever) when I created the character of Gio, although Gio is younger than the character of Jeffrey in the TV show."

I can fully understand why she would be so inspired, even his name emotes strength, bravery and handsomeness. Plus, the relationship of Bogg and Jeff in Voyagers is so sweet.

2. In the mid 80's the popular Twilight Zone series got a reboot with, 'The new Twilight Zone. The writers very loosely based tidbits of Jon's life on a main character in the episode, "Night Song." His disc jockey days, subsequent fame and becoming overwhelmed by it all, perhaps a put-upon girlfriend?

Late actor, Antony Hamilton, was cast in the lead role. Hamilton, also an acquaintance of Jon from acting classes, was Jon's replacement in his last series, 'Cover Up. 

In the TZ episode, a pretty disc Jockey has been haunted by the sudden disappearance of her love, who was a popular up and coming rock singer. The truth is at once frightening, disarming, and heartbreaking. Rather than give away the plot, why don't you watch it here? — The New Twilight Zone: Night Song

3. This is the original 1986 movie poster for the teen comedy/horror film 'Night of the creeps.' with the tag, "The good news is, your dates are here, the bad news is...they're dead!" Take a look at the inspiration. It's almost exact, right down to the shape of the collar and bowtie. It was brought to my attention by another Hexum fan. The artist may have saw an image of Jon and thought, "Wow, he looks like a hot prom date, let's make him look dead and disgusting! I don't know if the original photographer gave the rights for this image to be used.

Little did they realize that Jon had died so tragically from a blank bullet wound to the head less than two years earlier. Despite giving them the benefit of the doubt, I wouldn't be surprised if they knew very well the impact this cover would have on those who remembered Jon. Sometimes feelings are pushed into the dust for the sake of 'artistic freedom.' I say it was a very tacky thing to do.

4. One day as I was happily shelving books at my job in the local library, I happened upon a paperback novel. It was old, worn and about ready for 'deletion.' I would have barely looked if not for the striking cover.

I did an enormous double take. I checked the book out for myself scanned the cover. I am not a fan of the Romance genre so it wasn't my intention to read it, but I had to share my findings with other fans. The title of the book is 'The Conqueror's Kiss' with a publish date from 1991.

Jon-Erik fever was hitting a new high then. The Fan Club was getting back on its legs and people still recalled Jon fondly. When I saw the face of the hero I was immediately struck with an image of Jon from a Voyagers! Publicity shot. So, I leave it up to you, give or take a few features on the character (They can't be sued now!)I firmly believe that once again, good old Jack was the inspiration!

5. This was so fun for me! Anyone remember the cool cartoon of the 80's Jem and the Holograms? It was many little girl's fantasy to sing, dress and look like her with her wild pink hair and makeup. We wanted her special "Jem star" earrings that could project holograms and get her and the band out of danger. We wanted to be loved and admired the world over for our philanthropic deeds like running an orphanage for wayward girls and feeding starving children. And most of all, we wanted a boyfriend named Rio, a Latin hunk with a fiery temper and purple hair!

In season 1, there was a 3-episode arch that featured Jem as a movie star. Her co-star is the handsomest man in you want to take a guess who he looks exactly like?

Aside from the features and deep voice, the character is nothing like Jon in his personality.

The cartoon character is arrogant, mean to fans, and dripping with conceit...although Jon has been noted to say that he's amazed at his own "confidence," he coupled that with hard work, humility and graciousness for his chance at stardom.

Watch the Jem scenes I posted on Youtube!

That's all the references I can come up with for now, but I'll keep searching! If you know of any more please feel free to comment on it. I'm not necessarily talking about where they use Jon's name as a celebrity or reference for 'What not to do' on a movie set. I'm talking about those gut basic instincts you get when you see a certain character or photo, etc. and just get the feeling that they are channeling Jon's image. Things that leave you with a 'hum?' notion and make you feel like you've seen this guy before!

This is VoyagerG leaving you with one of my most favorite pictures Jon ever took...before the glitz, before the hunk...there was Jack.


  1. Voyager G checking in...I decided to just make everything Obvious! Because I also realized I messed up the numbers anyway, lol.

  2. Knowing the Ms. Jocks used JEH & MP as inspiration when writing Goodnight Gracie really made the story come to life for me. It was very cute story and a quick read. I still also crack up everytime I see that picture of the guy from 'Jem" - thanks for making me smile with that one.

  3. Hey I peeked back at her website again and found a chapter for beneath the Surface, I skimmed and found where this guy is definitely 'Jon' may have seen this already..

    "You okay?" His resonant, deep voice sounded vaguely familiar, if a bit shaky. She could understand only the latter....

    With cautious gratitude she swung her legs out the door and braced herself on the man's broad shoulders, her hands splayed atop damp denim jacket. Nice deltoids. (LOL..Indeed!)

    Chiseled jaw--not merely handsome, downright chiseled. Nice nose. Tousled hair. Only a Poitiers boy could, half-hidden, look so damned good (That's right, only Jon-Erik could look so good obscured by Shadows! haha)

    He cocked his head toward her. Now she recognized blunt cheekbones; full lips parting in astonishment; eyes so blue they glowed in the shadows. Guy? She must be mistaken. Stagwater, Louisiana, did not produce men this gorgeous. Not even Poitiers.

    But then he bent closer, and his mouth stretched into a broad, if distracted, smile.

    There you have it..broad smile, chisel jaw, nice nose, bluest eyes..that's definitely our boy! 'D


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