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Phineas Bogg Character Study: Part 2-My Susan musing

As promised, I wanted to delve a little further into one more relationship Phineas had, and that is with beautiful Voyager Susan. I believe that Susan was Phineas' ultimate crush. She made him weak in the knees. She distracted him with her draped gowns and peek-a-boo "real nice legs..." His gaze would turn far away and distant and he found himself enamored with her "mole" right from the Pilot episode. It was only a matter of time before the show brought her in.

And they did introduce her, in a big way. Susan expresses a bit of regret over Phineas' shyness and "subtle, discreet" ways in the 'Trial of Phineas Bogg' episode. That is the one and only episode we get to meet her.

"I wish you'd been a little less subtle...give a girl a chance.."

Susan's not saying there could never be another chance, but in that statement you could almost hear her disappointment in Phineas. Its as if he left her behind and didn't try for her.
He had a playboy reputation, but Susan was gold, like the fine China you leave on display and admire from afar, but not eat off of. Isn't that unfair? It's still a plate. Its function hasn't changed. Why not enjoy it? 

 Voyager Susan means business–with a dash of elegance and class.

 My analogy of plates is not to make you hungry. But to compare. Susan may seem mysterious to Bogg, but she is still a woman, who obviously had her own secret interest in him. She shouldn't be left behind. I think that Phineas presumed that maybe she was too good for him. He put her on a pedestal like a Roman goddess statue. I like to believe that Susan originally hailed from Ancient Rome.

That's right Bogg, you think about what you're missing!
 One thing I've come to notice in the latter episodes, it seemed like the series was prepping Bogg for 'true' love. If you look at all the episodes before Mabel Hubbard, 'The Trial of Phineas Bogg,' 'Sneak Attack,' 'Titanic,' 'Pursuit'...they all had a potential lady friend for Phineas and he was no wallflower! They finally gave us a break from the women with 'Destiny's choice'-though Veronica Bliss was adorable and you could tell Phineas sort of adored her… and 'All fall down' (That episode is strictly for the boys!)...and then came, 'Barriers of sound.'

There is the kissing factor that is blatantly missing in 'The trial of Phineas Bogg.' I really
like Susan, she deserved at least one Bogg kiss! I find it quite strange she never got one, because Phineas always tries! BOO! If you notice at the end Susan had to forcibly grab him and Jeffrey and smooch their cheeks. Leaving fine red lip marks. I'll give Bogg some slack on that one. He was excited they won the trial and that Jeffrey gets to stay with him.

But that goes back to my point. I sense that Phineas is intimidated by her. As in a Hitchcock film, she's the unattainable, blonde, ice queen. The writers could have given them a private moment to smooch, but they purposely didn't. Susan is an independent lady. She wasn't licking her wounds and dreaming about Phineas and the day he returned...unlike all the other women he may have abandoned in history. She had a job to do too. A very important one, like saving Bogg's tuba from banishment! Susan was a Lawyer for the Voyager Courts.

Subtle? Discreet? How about foolish Bogg?

If Phineas has another a chance to rekindle their spark, because I definitely noticed one on the show, then I'm sure Susan would attempt a relationship. I get the feeling that she may have viewed Bogg as a little immature for her tastes. At least the younger Bogg she knew in class. Who could really blame her? This is supported by Phineas throughout the series. He slept in class, didn't pay attention, doesn't know Eisenhower from Einstein, yet the irony was that she was the distraction!

You can tell her disappointment by the way she chastises him,   
 "You could have been anything you wanted..."
Susan regrets the fact that Phineas didn't use all his smarts while in school. His foolish behavior may have turned her off. She may have never caught Phineas ogling, but you can't tell me she didn't feel him ogling her. It must have really confused her. He liked her so much, but never admitted it. Talking from a woman's perspective, that could be a real punch in the gut. We might start to think we're not good enough either.  Or just feel like a piece of eye candy, nice enough to look at, but not the kind you have a real relationship with. Like that poor fine China plate. Susan may have felt these things from time to time. But obviously it didn't tear her up and she went on to her own successes.

So, with the show long over, we'll never know what will become of the Bogg and Susan relationship.

I like to imagine that Bogg would muster up his courage, return to Headquarters, and try for her once more. It would work out, they are both Voyagers and know the deal.


  1. That's an interesting angle.I never read this much into Susan and Phineas' relationship/friendship, but you made an interesting observation: They didn't kiss. That may be an important point, telling us that Phineas indeed had feelings for her that he couldn't simply put into one kiss. And he may have been intimidated by her as well. I love the Hitchcock ice queen connection. You really uncover all hidden layers in the lifes and personalities of our favorite characters, Ginger.

    -Martin (bluecanvas)

  2. Thanks Martin! I like your observation too. Susan was someone that he could just kiss and have her swoon, lol. Thank you for noticing my observations. I really do try to get beneath the surface of the characters and their motivations. That's what really brings it all to life for me.

  3. I'm with you and Martin on this one, I agree that his feelings for Susan might have been so great that even trying to give her a smooch would have been to hard for him based on his past reputation with the females. ;)

  4. At that point, he was probably still learning to control his impulses! ;D



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