So sorry to see you go, GeoCities

On October 26th, 2009, after months and months of warning bells and whistles,Yahoo closed their main web-building site GeoCities. I personally never used GeoCities to make websites, but it was the big thing earlier in the decade where budding website designers could practice and create their colorful Fan tributes, RPG pages and more. It was a lot of fun back in the days.

What does this mean for Voyagers!/Jon-Erik fans? It means that we have lost the wonderful website, "Fans of Jon-Erik Hexum" The link here, will take you to a dummy page, but I will post it anyway, for posterity.

I'll never forget the familiar picture that scrolled down, and the blurb underneath, telling us to set our VCRs to tape the E! Entertainment Mysteries and Scandals that was to air sometime in 1998-99. I think I've long since forgotten how to set a VCR!

All of us know that this website hadn't been update' since perhaps the late nineties. But that wasn't the point. Jon had died in 1984, so everything there was to read on him had already been in and out of print. This was one of the first websites I ever discovered that helped me to learn about the tragic would-be mega-star.

The website owner obviously put a lot of love and care into their site. It seems they carefully typed out every article they posted, or scanned to text, because there were no original scans of these articles, as I have in my albums. They had a vast collection of informative and fluffy articles, sometimes I had to dig to find them, and that was all part of the fun.

How many of you have copied and even tried the famous recipes posted for 'Hexum's Berry Blueberry Pie' 'The Alabama Flyer' or the Artichoke Chicken? I hang my head in shame because I have yet to do so!

This was the first website where I was absolutely thrilled to hear Jon before he was 'Hollywood'. Where he was just 'Jack' the Radio DJ, for WJIM. We all know and love the clip, which reminds me, I will keep the memories flowing by putting it up on my site.

"Auhhhh take a trip down to Margaritaville with Jimmy Buffett here on JIM, I'm Jack Hexum..."

"Fans of Jon-Erik Hexum" was probably one of the oldest sites for Jon-Erik left on the Internet, if not the first, before the Official Fan Club website and way before mine.

**Updated – 2011: You can now visit the brand-new Tenafly Guy that gives viewers a fun, personal look at the man behind the celebrity. The man named, Jack. This is my sister site run by KC. Jon-Erik Hexum Uncovered has been taken down off the web.

That being said, I know I will miss perusing 'Fans of Jon-Erik Hexum,' because it was through this site, that I truly became one.

There still is hope...on a little site called the Internet Wayback machine, I was able put in the old address and find the cached site again! It's still out there people, floating in the vast universe of the World Wide Web.

Fans of Jon-Erik Hexum-Archived


  1. That's an absolue shame they closed that down. :( But I'm sure glad there are other sites like yours to keep his memory alive. :) I'd never heard that clip before...I love it! He even says "margaritaville" lol. ;) But I just wanted to thank ya for puttin' yur site up and for all the great info! Luv ya! xoxo

  2. Ginger, thank-you for the information about this website. I only discovered it last year and i really liked it,in fact i read the recipe for the bananna flyer just last week. I am dissapointed that it is gone.I am ve..ry glad your website and the new one are still around.Yours is the best by far. Thanks for the updates and your blog. EmilyW.

  3. I know what you mean about that site. I found it back in the mid-nineties when I first got on the internet at university. I was so pleased that there were other people out there who still remembered Jon-Erik! For what it's worth, the site is intended to live on. When Geocities first announced their closure, I contacted the webmaster, and she said that she plans to move it to her other URL eventually. She just isn't sure yet when that will be. Keep an eye on


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