Voyagers down! :(

Being at work for a few hours today, I was unaware that my host website, simply, 'webs' formerly, 'freewebs' (that's debatable!) has been down for most of the day. They give reasonable explanations on their Facebook page-
Thankfully, no data was lost. That would have been the ultimate NIGHTMARE for my ultimate picture site... Although looking on the bright side, it would have given me a chance to revamp the entire website...but STILL..nightmare! The nice thing for them to do is refund us a bit if it is going to be down more than a day, because I know I pay yearly to keep my site up.
All I ask is for your kind patience, this will most likely clear itself up by tonight or tomorrow.


  1. Thanks Ginger for keeping us informned about the site being down. I tried to find it twice this afternoon and was wondering what might of happened to it. I really enjoy your website. Thanks so much for keeping Jon-Erik's memory alive. Emily W.

  2. I sympathise. It's so annoying when this sort of thing happens! I guess it's unavoidable, as technology will be technology, but that doesn't stop it being frustrating, and frequently the cause of much panic.

    If you'd ever had a website on Geocities, though, you'd be used to it. ;)


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