Voyagers!: Into the fire

This is my most recent attempt at a 'serious' fanvid. I wanted to go back to my earlier video making roots and use a song I really liked with meaningful lyrics. Unfortunately, a lot of my other ones had been removed in the past due to music rights. I hope this one stays up.



  1. It's so annoying when they take videos down for music rights reasons, isn't it! They took several of mine down for that reason, but I've noticed recently that several of them have been put back. I think YT have reached a deal with some music companies. They'll allow the videos again, but they put up a little ad link to a place where viewers can buy a legal copy of the song. So hopefully this will be safe.

    It's good, anyway. Nice work with the editing. I like it a lot. The boys look kind of odd in widescreen, though!

  2. I hated the fact that Youtube changed it 'Widescreen' too. I was annoyed that all the 'normal' screen looked cut off, with big black edges and the video all small in the middle, so I switched to this. I should go back regardless. :P
    I wish they put the ads on every song, I know for sure Sony is more lenient, but WMG is a powerhouse, they rip those songs down fast.

  3. You're right about WMG. One of my videos with a song of theirs is still up, but the audio has been taken down, which rather defeats the object! *grumble*

    I like the big black stripes either side of videos. :) I mostly use YT for watching old TV shows, though, which of course are all in 4:3, so I guess I'm used to it.


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