Yet another Voyagers! Can Can

I love using this song! While I was home with the flu last week I made 2 Voyagers videos, this was the second one I did on a whim. This is my 3rd Voyagers! "Can Can" mix. It's great for practicing on my editing and splicing.



  1. "Is there something wrong with my drink?" That was the crowning touch! I LOVE IT!!!


  2. I love this video,IT IS WONDERFUL. You used some of my favorite episodes. I also loved that last line it was priceless. Thank- you. EmilyW.

  3. I had to put the last line about the drink, my younger sister loves the Can Cans and I did it for her. She just laughs so much when he says it, but so do I. Thank you for the nice comments! :D

  4. This one's brilliant. :D I love how you edit these things together. Plus of course you get extra points for use of pirates. ;)

  5. Thank you! These are so much fun. LOL. I love using the pirates! I know they show up in other videos, an old one I did, 'eye of the tiger', has the pirates, but it was back when videos had to be much low-res-boo.


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