I know it feels like I've been blogging up a never ending storm today...well I have...mostly because I'm stuck indoors. New York got hit big time with the first snow of the season. I LOVE snow, and I'm so glad to finally see some after a few years of horribly warm winters. (I could never fully thrive in a hot climate unless forced.)

I figured this winter was going to be a cold one and so far...I'm a popsicle!

Back to the Voyagers Tie-in Novel Chapter reviews shortly, 6 is coming up! I just gotta get this omni working...


  1. Was there enough to shut down the subways, as happened in the blizzards of 1970 and 1972? Or have they gotten rid of all the elevated lines, eliminating that problem? (That started with the demolition of the old Jamaica line in the late 1970s. Geeze, if they continued that trend, there would go half the Canarsie line!)


  2. LOL! Nah, it wasn't like that. These days, Brooklyn is prepared with an army of snowplows, salt stacks and all the recruits to run outside before sun-up. We can barely get a chance to enjoy seeing the city blanketed in white. I'd say we got about a foot this time. I remember the 2-footer we had in the nineties, that was so fun! We built a pretty awesome igloo in front of the house.
    The only elevated lines running now are the 'N and R' and the Q and B. all pretty much going to the last stop at Coney Island and back again. I guess I'll find out tomorrow if there were any shutdowns. I didn't really watch the news. Nobody blinks much when it snows now, since it'll be gone by morning, lol.


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