Fate's Wide Wheel (Quantum Leap Time Travel Song)

I love this! This song comes from the Season 3 episode- 'Glitter Rock.' It's a nice video too, using great clips from the series. I always loved those wild blue beams whenever Sam leaped.

The Hunt is on! There aren't many songs about 'time travel' out there, but this one is fantastic. I plan to look for any I find and post them.

I had toyed with the idea of using 'Fates Wide Wheel' for a Voyagers video, but after carefully listening to the lyrics — they are just custom made for Sam and his Quantum Leaping. Especially when he says, "You see my face but it's not mine, what you can't see, you'll never know."

Still, you never know...I've been known to manipulate things and make them work! ;)

Any time traveler can relate to this song in some way, even Phineas Bogg and Jeffrey Jones, as one comment below stated...in particular, the lyrics about wanting to go home, the crying, tears, living and loving through the years...

Fate's Wide Wheel

Lyrics by: Velton Ray Bunch

Sung by: Scott Bakula

As I travel in space and time
I want to stay, I want to go
You see my face but it's not mine
What you can't see, you'll never know

How can we meet, if I'm not there?
Our hearts may touch, our bodies close
But time divides what we might share
And sends us somewhere no one goes

I'm just a traveler, upon the sea
Of time, of life, of fate's wide wheel
Just a traveler, in this mystery

The me I am, is all that's real to me...

We all begin this life alone
We live, we love, all through the years...
Yet deep inside we long for home
But it recedes, obscured by tears 

(There's debate over those lyrics, every other place has — 'The lib ray seas'..which make NO SENSE to me. After numerous playbacks, I'm convinced it's what I have!) 

I've cried the time, it falls past me
The door of faith remains asleep
But in my soul this hope burns free
Oh, please let there be one FINAL LEAP....

I'm just a traveler, upon the sea

Of time, of life, of fate's wide wheel
Just a traveler, in this mystery
The me I am is all that's real to me
The me I am is all that's real to me


  1. Well, now I know where I'm going to be accused of getting the title of one of the chapters of my crossover story from... ;D

    And you're right; that lyric is definitely "But it recedes." Whoever heard that other bit of gobbledegook must have been higher than a kite at the time. (Inna gadda davida, anyone? ;D)

    I cannot believe the range of that man's ability! From classical to show tunes to rock...Has he ever done a country song?


  2. LOL..(wags finger at future chapter!)
    Thank you, I know i'm not crazy! 'But it recedes' makes so much more sense...the longing for home 'recedes' because of Sam's Swiss cheese brain always forgetting things and back and forth.
    I Love Scott's singing, he sings like he talks, lol.
    I adore his Elvis songs and his take on 'Imagine' I've never heard him do country before, though I can certainly see it. There is a tv movie called Papa's angels, where he's a farmer, and there's a party/dancing scene but I don't know if sings. I think he plays banjo in it though. I need to see that one.

  3. Whoa...that fits great! Even in parts of it I can imagine it talkin' bout Bogg! ;) :D

    Thanks for posting! I learn somethin' new everyday!

  4. What I meant to add in my last comment was, that song could have been written precisely for Scott to sing AS SAM. ;D


  5. True to that! Sam could have wrote 'FWW' himself. It was such a coincidence that this glam rock band came up with such poignant lyrics..but the show always sprinkled things like that throughout, whether it's background music or something. One standout was 'A rebel without a clue' season 3-where he's in a diner and they're playing 'The great pretender' by the Platters. Love that song and group.


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