Pirate Phineas Bogg

I am in such AWE of this short video by BlueCanvas2 that I HAD to post it on my blog. This was was highly imaginative and the effects using still footage and clips were brilliant! The soundtrack behind it, perfect for a pirate. I am speechless...and I want a new computer with an updated video program to make masterpieces like this!!

Honestly, this made my pirate day, because just a few days ago, Youtube cut the volume off my 'Origins of Phineas' Bogg video, which also presented Phineas as a pirate. It was designed for my Fanfiction and I'm sure most of you had seen it. So, with a very heavy heart, I removed it with dignity.

Thank you, Martin. Long Live Pirate!Bogg!


  1. Yikes! This one could have been made for the next chapter of "Gift of a Son," which is currently bogged down (pun intended! ;D) in research.


  2. Really? I was thinking how it totally fits my Origins of PB story too, lol. He did such a fantastic job with this.

  3. Oh I saw that on the forum where Martin posted it! It's so beautiful and fits Phineas Bogg to a T! :D The videos that y'all make for him are gorgeous and this is no exception! ★★★★★

  4. Hi Ginger,
    I'm so honored you're mentioning my video in your blog!! The soundtrack is from the movie Stardust, which is a gorgeous soundtrack, btw!!
    Thanks again and Happy New Year to everyone.

  5. Oh, since you had to remove your Origins of Phineas Bogg video: youtube removed my Deliver Me video and doesn't let me reupload it, so I guess that one is gone too. It's a pity youtube has become so restrictive with copyrights :(

  6. Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear that!! :( I would love to have a copy of that video for my files if you get a chance to send it. I've tried reuploading videos like that and they were taken down quick. I don't think it's so much Youtube, but the music company monsters out there. UMG or WMG..being the worst! I guess they lose a lot of money, but all I know is, I've bought over a 2 hundred dollars worth of music many through watching youtube videos over the years. There is a market. They should just put the 'buy this song' under the video like they do for some.


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