Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Voyager's Aide Mashup (Revisited!)

YAY! Found this oldie but goodie hidden in a stash of cd files and perked it up. You can read the description on the video itself, but it's for one of my ultimate series of Voyager Fanfictions...The Voyager's Aide Trilogy. The stories are about to be edited for a final time, this makes 5 years worth of work on them! WHEW!!! I love all the yahoos I created for these tales. :D


  1. Glad you found this one; I've never seen this one before. Somehow I missed it when it was up at YouTube.

    Can you tell me how you go about saving a video? I've been trying to and can't figure it out.


  2. The original version might have been up before you started writing for FF and we got in touch, it's been about 3 years since they removed the first one. But I love this one much better. The revisions are coming along smoothly on my VA..Gosh I wish I could concentrate on a totally different/new story, but there's so much distraction going on around here. :P


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