Voyagers! The Junior Novel: Ch. 3 (Stolen kiss)


When we last left our intrepid Voyagers, Jeffrey accidentally hit the button on the Omni. The boys land in a wide open plain and Jeffrey gets called a toad by furious Bogg. Amazingly, through a dusty, wild army raid racing for them, Jeffrey recognizes Genghis Khan. He didn't do that in the show, nope, he was just a terrified little boy trying to escape being trampled. 

So with this smarty-pants Jeff, I say…Not bad for a kid with no Internet and cable TV access. Maybe he heard Captain Kirk's voice in the distance yelling, Khannnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!

Is it just me, or is it that sometimes we would only recognize Historical figures because of a certain trademark? Among the many...(Besides Hitler's tiny mustache!)

Abraham Lincoln had his stovepipe hat and beard, Einstein's wild hair or Teddy Roosevelt had his wide, toothy grin and specs.

Alfred Hitchcock's sillouhette… goooood evennnningggggg. 

What was so distinct about Genghis Khan that Jeffrey could pick him out of the fray? It's gotta be the heavy shoulder armor, 2 feathers, and fur lined cap for those cold, winter conquests. Not to mention, if you're schooled in world history in 1982, and you see a Chinese man with a long mustache marauding at you in full regalia…then chances are, 

"Genghis Kahn! Bogg, that's Genghis…!"
would be the first words out of your mouth too.

After barely escaping the raid, they land in France, 1918, where Jeff berates Bogg for not knowing anything and explains that this war (Not the Revolutionary war, duh) was a war that involved England, France and the U.S against Germany.

"Doesn't sound like a fair fight to me." (Bogg, ever so logical at times!)

"The Germans started it."

I don't think he's very convinced. And it still doesn't sound like a fair fight to me either…but anyway…

We all thought Bogg in the show moved pretty fast didn't we? Come on…didn't we?

After Bogg accidentally says that Jeffrey will never touch the omni again…but then say's my bad, I work alone!, Mary pulls up with wounded Eddie Rickenbacker and nearly shoots him, after which she commands, "Get us out of here!" Hollywood is in its infancy and they already have divas and starlets!
Bogg and Jeff rush to their aid to hide them in a stairwell from the advancing soldiers and Bogg gets the bright idea to lead them off.

"Where do you think you're going?" The woman asked.

Bogg put his hands on her shoulders and said, "I'll be back. Then he pulled her close and kissed her…"

Boing!!! Move over Terminator! Okay…What would you do?…um…maybe I shouldn't ask that…heehee!

So, Mary immediately reacts as any proper lady with self-respect would…(Maybe)

"The woman pulled away and slapped Bogg's face. Bogg looked startled, then confused, then insulted."

"It couldn't have been that bad!"

You're absolutely right, Mr. Bogg. With lips like yours, I'm sure it's a very pleasant, that good experience.

Let's see if I can find in my bag of tricks, some Hexum visuals of startled, confused and insulted! Here we go! Look at that range of emotions…Oscar! Oscar!

Okay, can you imagine this? Bogg in his French dueling pants, Mexican gunbelt, Spaniard high boots, and unidentified – possibly Brittanic – leather Jerkin-now putting on a WWI soldier's coat and motorcycle hat and goggles? Paging Bellevue! Thank goodness he took off the zombie, moth eaten Napoleon jacket first!
After Bogg jumps the ramp with the motor bike in a dazzling display of Evil Knievel heroics, Mary gets in a snide remark- "He thinks he's the greatest thing since potato chips, doesn't he?"

:Snaps finger: That's right girl! He's all that and a bag of chips!

The bridge scene is lacking the humor of hearing Hexum mumbling about transportration 1A and "when you want it to go...JUMMMMPPP!!!"

Hot guy on a motorbike coming through!!


Well, is my face red! I went ahead of myself. Mary Pickford isn't formally introduced as Mary Pickford until Chapter 4. Now that the book already gave us the slap heard 'round the world, we'll find out how else it completely alters the romantic stroll Bogg and Mary take after hours.


  1. LOL! That was a real fun one G! Ya said it ginger! "He's all dat and the potato chips!" I think in the pilot episode he looked extra FIINE! ;) And that's saying something! I mean how much hotter could he possibly get?!

    I actually think I'd be too stunned to slap him! :D My head would be in the clouds! ;)

    I love all the pics ya posted. I'm gonna go "hit the hay" I'm gonna have good dreams tonight! :P ;)

    I can't wait for yur next installment of the best blog I've ever read! :)

  2. Genghis Khan is easily identified. He looks just like John Wayne.

    Or, on occaison, Michael Palin.

  3. Ginger, you make a good point, how did Jeffery know that it was Genghis Khan? I know that his dad was a history proffesor, but would his dad know everything about history or was he an expert in one certain era such as the Civil War? I have always wondered about that. I loved the pilot episode and thought Jon looked really handsome and loved the scene where he comes out of the water. Loved him on the potatoe chip bag, what a great picture! Emily W.

  4. Hi Emily, first, thank you for always commenting on these silly little blogs! lol. I'm glad to know a few people are reading. :D You make a good point about Jeff's dad. What exactly what his area of study? Was he just a general history teacher? I would say that maybe he taught 17th century..since Jeffrey liked Pirates and all..but it's just a guess. Yeah, Jon looked so great in the Pilot, the tailor made costumes were awesome too. The potato chip bag was just something funny I threw together after reading the quote. Couldn't help it! lol.

  5. Whether he actually taught general history or a specific area, he also would have been expert in all areas of history. This I can tell you from experience. We have a fairly close friend who is a history professor (emeritus now) in exactly that situation. While his specialty is military history, he knows it all in all areas of history, as well. It goes with the degree, I think.



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