Voyagers! The Junior Novel: Ch. 4 (Mary & Eddie)

Chapter 4 could have been a real snoozer, but as I read through it, the more material I squeezed out of it!

To start, I like these opening lines...

"The street at night looked a lot less threatening than it had that day. The cart and all its lumber were gone, and the German truck was off doing damage somewhere else in France.'"
Those crazy Germans! Always doing some damage!…in the first two world wars that is… Good thing it's somewhere else people are getting bombed out and harassed!

And here comes Bogg, looking like he had too much nip – Not all perfected and polished in a brand new uniform like the picture above. I wonder if Bogg knew any German to get by as he warmed his hands.

"At least one soldier seemed to have had too much wine. His uniform was rumpled and he looked less than military as he tried to weave his way down the street."
I can totally picture Jon doing that…weave, weave, weave, to the left…to the right…sway…burp!

Time for the beat down! How I loved this hilarious scene in the Pilot!

Unfortunately in the book, he doesn't get 'broom-whacked.' His kneecaps take one board bashing and he 'fell to the floor, screaming in pain.' I don't remember Bogg quite screaming…maybe a rusty nail on the beam embedded itself in his knee! oooh! That'll do it.

This scene in the Pilot starts with Bogg entering the pitch dark cellar, his shadow looming ominously like a German guard ready to kill. He doesn't say a word, and then slowly stomps his way down the steps. The man is just asking to be ambushed by the frightened people inside. You think he would have said…"Psst..Jeffrey, it's me, Bogg! I'm coming down!"
The rest of the scene, even the dialogue, plays out similar to the show. When Jeff asks, "Where'd you get the uniform?' Bogg replies, 'You don't wanna know."

Yes, Mr. Bogg, inquiring minds do want to know! I have three theories, not all of them quaint. If this had been shown in the episode, they most likely would've went with cutesy option B.

A) Bogg snagged this suit off a dead German soldier. (How morbid! but it's been done in the past.)

B) He somehow stole this from a bathing German soldier or lifted it off someone's clothing line…cutsey, but again as a commenter pointed out…that's stealing! Not a good lesson for the kiddies. Either way, he had to take these clothes Whether he knocked a guy out or not.
C) The very least likely, but still an option – Batman never outright kills his enemies, that's a vow he made. They usually die by their own stupidity or accidentally…I'm imagining something similar with Bogg for this one.) He had to kill a German soldier for it! Maybe a straggling soldier he met up with after he got out of the water that would have killed him first! Yikes!

D) Part of the 'Why didn't I think of this answer!' – KNOCK HIM OUT! (This one wins best answer and I put my head in the sand!)

So, what do you think? Why wouldn't we want to know?

Finally, we learn that Mary is the actual American silent film star, Mary Pickford. The Mary 'unveiling' scene is positively innocent compared to the show. Instead of popping open her little military outfit and revealing a pink lingerie – she demurely goes behind some crates and puts on a skirt and a blouse that she magically found in some boxes.
She then says, "Costumes are my stock and trade."

Lady, in 1918, I wouldn't consider a skirt and blouse 'costumes.' Take a look at these cute sillohettes –

I can't help but laugh in the Pilot episode when Mary removes her jacket and innocently says, "Well, how about this?" Poor Bogg doesn't know where to look! The camera pans down to her chest, and back to the reaction shot. Sure, Actress Faye Grant is petite, but Bogg's baby blues are not on her face! All a stunned Bogg could say is…"Perfect!"

Much of the chatter between Mary and Bogg remain the same as they stroll along in the darkness, until she says, "modest men are very rare." To which Bogg juices himself up by saying, "I'm very modest…etremely modest, that's what I am."

Popeye 'yam what he yam' too, Bogg. 

So now Mary must break his heart by revealing she's married. She thinks it would be nice for Bogg to meet her "husband" in Hollywood. Or as it was known then – Hollywoodland. He'd surely want to repay Bogg for saving her life.

Hmm…I'm thinking maybe with a bop on the nose, a swashbuckling duel, and a fair warning to stay away…all while Charlie Chaplin holds him down – considering Mary and Doug Fairbanks were not married in 1918, only Doug was….enough said!

Back in the cellar, Jeffrey is watching over the injured guy from Grease 2…who unfortunately can't be a cool, cool rider with airplanes…they haven't been invented! Okay, okay – his real name is Eddie Rickenbacker and the man led a full and heroic life long after WWI.

So instead of just flat-leaving the guy with a quick, 'Oh no!' like in the show, he shouts, "The red light must be blinking like crazy!" – Oh darn, someone must teach the book version of Jeffrey the art of discretion and Voyager secrets!

Since there is no kiss & slap, (Boo! Hiss!) Mary doesn't come up with the ingenious idea to pull a silent-film run & cry scene distraction for the soldiers. Instead she just calmly walks away and pretends to trip and fall. How boring. I thought she was supposed to be a dramatic silent film star?

In runs Jeffrey to foil Bogg's plan to take the truck for a spin. As they're trying to escape the soldiers once again, Bogg is muttering stuff about, "What was that they taught us about gear boxes?" 

Voyager school has a Truck Mechanics class? – how cool! Maybe it's like Apex Technical school in NY – "Don't call us, we'll call you!" I so always wanted to call them in the eighties as a kid. 

And as we know, the boys get away in a daring escape with the omni to find the Wright Brothers.

Up next–The heart-wrenching beach scene! Break out the hankies and Kleenex!


  1. Then there's always option D: He knocked out a German officer and swiped his uniform. They wouldn't have shown any of these scenarios on TV; A, B, and D are "too violent" (say that with a sneer, please), and they certainly wouldn't have wanted to show our heroes *gasp!* STEALING! Personally, I write C right of the list; there would be no reason to go so far as to kill him.

    As for the languages, I'm certain the Omni takes care of that. After all, if the Guidebook is written in the language of the Omni inventors, but a Voyager sees it in his own language, I should think that implies that the Omni does that for spoken languages, as well. Of course, the converse would also have to be true, i.e., whatever language a Voyager speaks, the person he's talking to would hear it in *his* own language.

    I love these posts, Ginger. This kind of literary analysis is so much more fun than the garbage they made us do in school! ;D

  2. Now where was my frame of mind when I wrote those options...well duh..KNOCK HIM OUT! lol. C is extreme, I only put that in case of a real life threatening circumstance, but even then, Bogg could circumvent that by the knock out. He's not a killer.

    I've seen too many movies..and of course, Bogg wouldn't steal...though he did try to 'steal' the truck this time.

    I'm always trying to figure out how to get past the language barrier, but that's a good idea..
    There's a film 'The 13th warrior' with Antonio Banderas, don't ask me anything about it, the one stand out scene was when he's at the fireside with vikings and not getting a word, then suddenly, he starts listening closely, and their language does this morph into..'English.' lol. I believe sorcery was involved but I don't remember much of the film. That one scene always stuck in my mind.
    I wish I had the gall to do a literary analysis like this in school, lol. Would have been so much fun. Half the time, I'm just joking around here, but when you actually read things, a lot of time it makes you go..'Huh!' haha.!

  3. Oops. Did I forget to put my name at the bottom of that one? The reference to the Guidebook should have told you who it was; I *think* I'm the only one here who has one. LOL

    Anyhoo, I've seen 13th Warrior, and I know the scene you're talking about. The book stank---the author's style was really dry, enough to bore you to tears by the end of the first page---but the movie was really good. That was a beautiful way of representing his beginning to understand the Norsemen's language over time.


  4. LOL..Yeah once I saw Guidebook, I had a feeling it was you! I'll have to catch the movie again, so in that scene it represented time passing, not necessarily he just picked it was beautiful, I liked how 'instantaneous' it was...that would be very cool for represent the omni functions.

  5. Ginger I really look forward to these post! I always thought that Bogg got the uniform from a dead solider I don't think that he would have killed anyone. I loved the silent film scene that Mary did she and Bogg make quite a team! I can't wait to see how he describes the scene on the beach between Jeff and Bogg, I loved that scene it was so moving. I would have like to see more scenes like that Jon and Meeno had such great chemistry . EmilyW.

  6. Another great blod entry Ginger! Entertaining and interesting! I'll take choice D too! He prolly just knocked someone out! :P If they show was more catered to an older audience it could have showed something. But somethin' tells me they didn't want the lil' kids going back to school Monday and kncokin' someone out and sayin' I learned that from Bogg! :P LOL!

    That scene is just so cute. How he was shocked when she unbottoned her shirt. A gentleman if there ever was one! :)

    Loved it G! Ya sure get a whole lot of things! :D

  7. "You don't wanna know..."

    Seduction, clearly. :p Or maybe he won it in a strip poker game. Didn't he do that in one of the episodes, or am I confusing shows?!

    As for the translation thing, I don't think that's an issue. In Doctor Who, the TARDIS has a psychic link with its occupants, which causes their words to be translated for natives, and the natives' words to be translated for them. I see no reason why an Omni can't do the same thing.

  8. Hi swordz,
    LOL..Phineas played a regular poker game in the 2nd episode created equal, he used it as a gambling chip, in Merry Christmas Bogg, yeah! He did play that and didn't have to strip one thing, but the other soldiers were down to their long johns, lol.
    I believe it says in the guidebook that they sell the omni has that similar function. That's a very cool explanation. It's like Quantum Leap, Sam and Al have a psychic link with ziggy too. I never actually addressed that about the omni in any stories because I wasn't sure. The show should have at least said something about it. Oh well, it will have to be assumed. Thanks for the comment. :)

  9. Yes, the language problem... somehow, anyone who ever travelled with the Omni must be able to understand the language of the time zone they landed in. Or how would Cleopatra be able to talk to Lucky Luciano in 1927 New York?

  10. That's a fantastic thought! How would they be able to communicate? Now it leads to the question...does the omni create some kind of invisible barrier or brain impulse link of the people for anyone who uses the omni? What is the exact method? That's a question for the FF writers, lol.

  11. I favor the brain impulse link theory myself, especially in light of...well, never mind; still don't want to spoil my crossover! ;D



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