Voyagers! The Junior Novel: Ch. 6 (The omni is a designer)

After poor little Jeffrey's meltdown, Bogg whisks him off to Dayton, Ohio, 1900. Right from the get-go in this chapter we learn something fascinating about Bogg's omni –

For the first time since he met Jeff, Bogg had the leisure to plan where he was going to show up next. So when he punched the date in the omni, he also punched in an instruction for clothing.

Punched in? Are we talking about the omni turn dials?

Or Ziggy and her buttons?

It seems to me, that since the omni in this book is a 'wristwatch,' it has buttons rather than dials with tiny ball bearings for easier grip and adjustments like the show.

But back to the clothes…It's no wonder Bogg can get away with such a slipshod, scrappy outfit in this story, he never has to change clothes…the omni magically makes them appear! Granted, the show never tells us how Bogg and Jeff are able to find period clothing whenever they land…(It's never quite known where David Banner finds all his new boots and plaid shirts after his transformation in the Incredible Hulk either!)

Perhaps they were leaving it up to the kiddles imagination…perhaps they were just lazy writers, but this takes the omni cake. (Yes, I can totally see a cake being made in the shape and design of the omni...calling Cake Boss!)

 I find this fairly far-fetched. (Yep, that's a total alliteration! – grammar, grammar!) It's magical, and Voyagers world-building never seemed magical. When Bogg told Jeffrey in an earlier chapter "you don't wanna know," about where he got the clothes, I suppose he meant he wasn't ready to explain this Harry Potter Omni.

When I imagine the world of Voyagers, my mind veers toward the scientific...well, science fiction realm, rather than fantasy. I let my imagination fly with Voyagers Headquarters and try to fathom the amount of electronic and state of the art technological power it would take to monitor Voyagers on their assignments...and how crucial that assignment is...only the best and the brightest for the OCC! 

I think the Steampunk world best suits Voyagers. The elements are there on the show too. It's a definite mix of Victorian and modern tech.

I can visualize the hustle and bustle of the Omni Control Center, the Voyager school campuses and all those neat little courses a prospective Voyager must take and pass to join the ranks. You could read my take on VHQ here – Voyagers Headquarters: What's it all about?

The fact that Voyagers are said to be a race far beyond the cosmos is pretty cool. To me, they are all strictly humans – no wookies, jabbas, ET's or any of that third kind roaming around...though a CP30 or R2D2 scurrying by would be too cute! It wasn't like the world of Doctor Who, even if certain aspects of the show copied it.

Here's a plausible option. When Bogg "punches in" clothing instructions - an immediate message is sent to Voyagers Headquarters. The fashionistas scramble through their historical closets for era-appropriate clothing and in an instant, the clothes are sent via a special omni tracker and just appear in front of Bogg and Jeff.

Or they float down from the sky on top of them. hehehe.

I'm also considering another scientific option...holographic illusions from remote micro-projectors in the omni-that can link to human brain waves, like in Jem and the Holograms. (And it's an explanation of why people weren't able to see Sam in "Quantum Leap".) Jem would touch her earring and tell her computer Synergy to create a hologram of a totally outrageous eighties outfit or virtually anything or anyone.

"Show time, Synergy!" Show's over Synergy!" Jem could have schlepped on stage in her pajamas for all anyone knew!…but she had to watch out if those earrings got wet or lost!

Let's get back to the fashion! 'Bogg wore a pin-striped suit, a white starched shirt with a high, heavily starched collar, and a wide tie. He looked as though he'd just stepped out of the pages of a 1900 men's fashion magazine.'

You have to read this 'Fashion Don't' list for men circa 1899 – close enough to the decade!

So now we know more secrets about Bogg's device… the omni has great fashion sense! So far in this story, Jeffrey is a fashionista of the ages and the omni can work the runway...this gets better and better! While Poor Jeffy is currently stuck in his hot, itchy, chafing wool knickers and Bogg gets a tailor made outfit that accentuates every perfectly proportioned muscle in his fine physique.

So sorry, I was lost there for about five minutes! Back to chapter!

When Bogg meets Agnes Spence she is basically given the vague description of a beautiful woman with a parasol. And Bogg's reaction? – 'Bogg stepped up to her and smiled, and she smiled right back. He seemed ready to melt, and it wasn't because of the sun.'

Clean up in aisle 8! Because we don't know what she looks like, Jeffrey can't say "Forget it Bogg, she isn't blonde." like on the show.

Instead, indiscreet Jeffy says, "Forget it Bogg, Remember that blinking red light." A bossy little thing, isn't he? More on that later. This Jeffrey is slower with getting used to the notion of red and green lights and that a Voyager has to be QUIET!

What can I say about the Wilbur-Orville fight scene? It was so brilliantly crafted on the show. It's entirely similar to the episode. You get two arguments for the price of one! Jeff and Bogg in the Beach scene, and the brothers trashing the bike shop…oh yeah, and Bogg looking too gorgeous for words while fixing up the hang-glider.

And now, the end is near…of this chapter…and Lo! We have something very different! 

Looks like Jeffrey is large and in charge! Author Joe Claro gives us an interesting glimpse of the conversation that might've occurred between Bogg and Jeff after the Wright brothers stormed out of the shop. 

I personally think, no self-respecting 25-year old man is gonna take it like that from a know-it-all 11-year old.

"Why don't I just assume that the job is mine," He said, tossing the sign on a pile of debris. "Wish I knew what I had to do though."

"Sit down, Bogg." Jeff said.


"Sit down. I have to fill you in on some elementary facts of American History."

Bogg pulled himself up to his full height. "Who do you think you're talking to, you little tadpole?"…

Ouch! Not even a please! And already insulting his intelligence by saying he needs to learn the elementary things!

"Now, listen carefully, Bogg, because I'm only going to say this once…"

And Jeffrey goes on to carefully explain the time paradox between there being no planes and the importance of them in WWI and how Eddie Rickenbacker should be flying…

not starring in mediocre sequels to Grease and singing to his girlfriend in a fall-out shelter that she should – "Do it for her country."

Bogg understands and figures out the cause… "It's because those two fools started arguing over a woman. And they're about to let that argument get in the way of their work."

"Congratulations." Jeff said. "You got it…" That's utterly condescending! "Now what do you have to do to get that red light to stop blinking?" Bogg duly answers…"We have to get them back to work on their invention, We have to get them on their way to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina."

Smug little professor Jeffrey rubs it in even more with the last line…"There's hope for you yet, Bogg," Jeff said tiredly. "Now let's figure out how to get that done."

Aww, Jeffrey is so tired from dealing with this overgrown man-child. How did Bogg ever survive without him?…Good question, really.

Bogg allowed himself to be patronized, perhaps just humoring him. I get a feeling Bogg on the show would've somehow reprimanded Jeffrey for making him look even more stupid than he probably already felt on this voyage…with a little less collar yanking – even if he did feel like choking him!

Which brings to mind the difference between kids of the eighties on television and kids nowadays. I guess even in real life, since TV and movies are somewhat reflections of that.

In a nutshell, kids then respected their elders, parents, and whomever was in charge more. I know I certainly did. They obeyed-to a degree, (they were still kids!)

They weren't left up to their own devices to make life altering decisions, allowed to live on their own in snazzy pads decked out with expensive cool gadgets for their comfort, have every freedom under the sun, and worst of all, (and my point! oops!) make their parents and guardians look like idiotic, immature buffoons and talk back to them like dogs in the street. Every time I see that on TV – and I'm talking to you, Nickelodeon and Disney Channel! (Worst offenders) – it makes me angry…and you won't like me when I'm angry! I don't tolerate that disrespect from smarmy, bratty kids, pre-teens, and teens in real life and I can't stand to watch it on television. So there!

With Jeffrey, I find a happy medium. Sure he's a know-it-all and sometimes he has to tell Bogg what's what…Barriers of sound' anyone? However, when he gets too big for his britches, Bogg puts him in place. Jeffrey knows when he's done wrong and he sincerely apologizes after some groveling…like he did to Voyager Isaac Wolfstein. 

"Just because you're old, doesn't mean you're washed up!" Spoken like a true precocious kid!

And Bogg certainly learned to trust him enough, even after events like in "Bully and Bully." We know Bogg was upset in that episode! Look at that frown line, though this face is mixed with a dash of confusion, a teaspoon of hurt, and a pinch, of jealously over Jeffrey's admiration of Billy the Kid.

Up next, Chapter 7 and Bogg's plan – It's a quickie, but we'll see what comes out of it.


  1. The idea that the Omni can change their clothing is nonsense, to my way of thinking - although it might explain how they always manage to get their own clothes back again, after so often leaving them behind! ;) It's a silly idea, really. It asks too much of the technology. Having them find the clothes once they're in a time zone is much better.

    Those rules for fashion are brilliant, by the way. I'd like to alter "Don't carry a silk umbrella at the middle" to "Don't carry a silk umbrella in the first place", though. A silk umbrella?! And dash it all, I was going to wear a silk hat to a picnic this afternoon too. Best not, though, hey...

  2. Well, why not a silk umbrella, Swordz? Modern umbrellas are made of nylon, a material that wasn't even invented until the 1930s or 40s. A lot of things that are made of nylon today used to be made of silk, until WWII, when the US needed the silk for things like parachutes, pilot's scarves, etc. (And no, those scarves weren't an affectation; they were a *necessity.* You try constantly twisting your neck around with a wool collar and see how irritated you get. ;D)

    I agree about the Omni; the one in the book had too many capabilities. In the show, they were filching or borrowing them somehow. Stephen Jones gives them some clothes in "Merry Christmas, Bogg," and we know they swiped the clothes right off the clothesline in "The Day the Rebs Took Lincoln."

    Oh, the things a Voyager has to be trained to do!


  3. LOL. I read the rules and they seemed to really only apply to people of wealth, the ones that actually wore silk. I suppose a lot fashion was done out of 'showy displays' rather than comfort or necessity. Nobody *needs* a silk umbrella or least not these days. hehe. I love the idea that a Voyager can *borrow* clothes and has to come up with ways to find some, its all part of the fun. Next thing you know, the omni will be making toaster strudels and one pot meals! I guess it was the author's way of explaining something that wasn't considered in the show, perhaps it wasn't even in the script he used.
    LOL...One of my clothing theories is that they hid their original clothes (like Marty hid the Delorean in BBF3) and then when they were in the green went back for them just as soon as they'd left them. It would be a mighty funny short story if one time they go back for their clothes and see other people wearing them.

  4. Ginger, I just finish reading your latest posts .I have been without power for a day and a half because of an early snowstorm Friday ,it is so pretty . I find it hard to belive that the omni could change there clothes . They always borrowed their clothes and at the end of Created Equal episode Bogg says they would sell their clothes so he could get into the poker game.I don't like how the kids are supposed to be smarter than the adults either and I always felt Bogg was alot smarter than he was potrayed in the early episodes. Emily W.

  5. Thanks Emily. Good memory! Bogg did say he would sell the clothes in that. I think they realized that they were making Bogg too dumbed down, because I notice the biggest shift in personality, costume and demeanor comes in 'Titanic' Maybe it all had to do with trying to please the networks, since Meeno said that they knew in advance the show would be cancelled. It could have been a last attempt to salvage it, but making changes to the main character.

  6. Magnifique blod entry G!!!!! Very interesting with lots of pictures of our beautiful Bogg to swoon over! ;)

    On the subject of it changing their clothes...I personally think that's a tad far fetched! That would be cool but I can't see it happening! It'd be much funner if they just had to find their own era clothes!

    And I totally agree with ya when ya say that the "Voyagers" are strictly humans. I could never imagine little Yodas runnin' the place! :P "Voyagers" a planet? Where normal citizens of this Earth are plucked out of time and transported there? Or is it just in the far future on this Earth? Hmmm!

    That "fashion don't" for men in 1899 is too funny! Wow...things sure have changed! And isn't that suit look just perfect on Phineas?! Tailored just for him! He looked extra good in that episode. ;) And that's sayin' something! ;) I just had to stop and stare at those pictures of him! *sigh*

    And on Jeffrey being "the trail of Phineas Bogg!" :P I think yeah he told him what to do sometimes. Because he was helpin him out. (And feelin' a bit smart!) But Jeffrey never went overboard. Bogg was his elder and he respected that. (most of the time!) In Billy and Bully he pressed it a little...but it all turned out good in the end! :D He had plenty of respect for Bogg. Something that's not pressed very much on TV anymore. Hey I'm a teenager. I know how we can be. But I try to be respectful, I swear! :D And it does bother me how some kids just push their parents and those over them aside the first chace they get. And that's another great thing about Voyagers! It shows that two people much apart in age with different interests can't get through the hard times and work together without biting each others heads off ALL the time! :P "I'M GONNA LOSE MY JOB!!!!" Pure frustration! And that's normal! LOL. But they were good buddies that respected each other. And that's what mattered. :) I the only one that didn't like Agnes? She bugged me from the beginning. LOL. WAYYYY to full of herself. And I guess she thinks EVERY man wants her. LOL. And from the looks of it she didn't like babies or kids! So not a good match for our Phineas!

    Anyways I better stop ramblin' on! I guess ya can just see I loved yur blog post Ginger! Great job! :)

    And I just had to scroll up and look at lovely Phineas in his beautifully tailored suit again! MWAH!!!!!!!!

  7. Dear Margaret,

    I don't mind rambling comments. That's what makes blogs fun and tells me that people are actually reading *my* rambling! lol. I like how you put the relationship between P&J- "It shows that two people much apart in age with different interests can't get through the hard times and work together without biting each others heads off ALL the time!"
    I didn't mean to launch an attack on ALL teens, lol, just ones that i've been seeing too many of lately...and it burns me on tv, lol. When I was teen, I disliked teens that acted like that too...maybe I'm just an old woman in my head sometimes, lol. You know, wagging my cane at all the noise. It will only get worse as I really get older! LOL.
    At one point I thought Voyagers would be in the far flung future, but then I said..where on earth? So, when the idea was presented in the 'Voyagers from the Unknown' that it was a planet, I learned to like that. I mean, they are dealing with cosmos and outer space too. How they got their is anyone's guess, maybe they are people from the future, where space travel is possible and they colonized to create this organization to protect Earth...perhaps in their future, earth was decaying, and they discovered it was because history was being messed up. So a group of brilliant people took their technology and developed VHQ and got to work on trying to 'fix' history. Interesting!...I must COPYRIGHT that idea, lol. it fits well with a futuristic Voyagers story I'm attempting to write..a first person Bogg POV that I need to one day finish.
    Ehh, I didn't like Agnes either, she was just a tart, lol. Phineas put it best when he said, she doesn't want 'Love' she wants 'Romance.' I guess that's a simple way of explaining to Jeffrey that she's a maneater and a gold-digger perhaps..she was a little over-the-top. And...I can't do these blogs without seasoning it with a little bit o' Bogg!;)

  8. I'm with both of you; I didn't like Agnes either. She's what people in those days called a "coquette;" she sought romance because it meant ATTENTION. Notice that, as soon as she realized a third man had entered the "fray," she looked even happier? I don't think she was so much a "man-eater" or "goldigger" as she was simply an attention-seeker. In any case, also note that once Bogg realized that, he lost all interest; she became nothing more than the key to accomplishing his mission.

    Just like we girls learn fairly early that the good-looking guys who KNOW they're good-looking are the ones you want to avoid at all costs, I suppose guys also learn that the pretty girls who KNOW they're pretty are pure poison. Bogg certainly showed that kind of sense once he realized what Agnes was. ;D


  9. You're right Jake..coquette is much more suitable. I was being too hard on poor Agnes! lol. Bogg should know, he's been around the world, all over time, but human nature never really changes.

  10. Have I mentioned that I love this blog? Consider it mentioned. :-)

    Count me in among the non-fans of Agnes. She bugged the heck out of me, and I loved the way Bogg turned the tables on her with the "10 children" speech. Jake is right; I think Agnes is less a "maneater" than one of those people who just HAS to be the center of attention wherever she is, especially if there are men in the vicinity.

    Yeah, I didn't get the part about the Omni providing clothing, either, and the Jeff of the book is considerably more of an aggravating know-it-all. I guess that's why what we saw in the book never made it into the actual pilot.

    And you want to talk about a great moment in "Bully and Billy"...I love the part where Billy the Kid offers to teach Jeff to shoot; Jeff is all for the idea, but Bogg puts the kibosh on it. Billy remarks, "I don't want to come between a boy and his father," to which Jeffrey sullenly snaps, "He's not my father." You can see the hurt flash across Bogg's face at that, especially when just a little while ago Rita had asked if Jeff was his son and he'd wistfully replied "I wish he was."

    Looking forward to the next post!


  11. Hey G. I just want you to know that yur "rambling" is great! Very entertaining!

    Oh and I wasn't taking offense at all when ya were talkin' about teens. I was just stating the fact that it honestly bugs me too. And yeah I have my days and hopefully I'll learn from my mistakes! Hopefully is the keyword here! :P :D

    Yeah maybe they are people from the far future on this Earth when more things are found out and learned that enables them to go back and forth in time. :D Sometimes I wish soooo bad that I had an onmi!

    And when you quoted Nogg on him saying she wanted "romance" not "love" I couldn't help but think of Lady Gaga's song "Bad Romance! :P Cause that's what it would have been if he wasn't smart enough to ditch! :P But he was still a total gentleman about it. I'm curious? Do any of y'all think that Bogg really did want to settle down someday and have 10 kids? :)

  12. It's clear Bogg actually likes kids; I mean, just look at the way he looked at Baby Moses. And at the newborn Eisenhower. And, of course, let's not forget how quickly he warmed to Jeff! I can easily see him with a family of five kids, like the one I grew up in, so ten probably isn't that much of a stretch---though, gentleman that he is, he probably wouldn't want to put his wife through that! ;D



  13. Hi Casey, thanks for loving the blog! It's growing on me too. ;) That's a great point you brought out about episode B& sooner did Bogg say I wish he were my son, did Jeffrey slap him with that 'You're not my father!' business. That really had to hurt. I also loved in that episode how Bogg treated him like an adult and told him at the campfire, 'I thought you were smart.' I know that really got Jeffrey's, he goes off and does something stupid! lol.
    Oh yes, I can definitely see Bogg with a fine-looking brood, but perhaps living somewhere in the past, maybe pioneer days..nothing too crazy! LOL. I know, I'm just picturing Little House on the prairie here, lol. Bogg would fit in nicely with Walnut Grove, hehe. and yes, 10 could be a bit over the top if he wants to give his lovely lady a break! lol. I usually leave the 10 kids for 'Tyler Burnett lol.;)

  14. Oh I could totally see Bogg in a Little Louse on the Prarie setting! Being the totally handsome, charmin' and sweet "Pa Ingalls!" :P LOL. 10 kids would definatley be a hand full! And they would have to be spaced! LOL. My mom has 8 and she gets along just fine! :) And she said she'd happily have more! :D So I think if ya really like em and your husband is supporting and loving you can make anything work out. :) Babies are just such a joy. But I can't say how hard it is to actually HAVE them. LOL. Haven't crossed that bridge yet! :P But I'll tell ya one thing...I'd be more than willin' to settle down with Tyler Burnett or Phineas Bogg and raise a family! ;) Hey a girl can dream can't she?!

  15. Ginger, you mentioned that Meeno said they knew it was going to be cancelled, I was wondering if he has ever seen your website?also I never liked Agnes either I think she was too stuck on herself. Thanks again Emily W.

  16. Hi Emily, that was thanks to Jake, she was brave enough to email Meeno this week, lol. Because I posed a question in a comment on a previous blog post. He didn't say how far along they knew, but I guess they got the word at least 2-3 episodes before. That's a shame. We wanted to know if they had ever filmed any of the remaining scripts, and he said no...but Jake posted his response on my chapter 5 review, so you could see the comments there. I'm thinking of paraphrasing his comment/response for my website, because I have a page about those missing scripts.

    I don't know if he ever saw the site. I never really emailed him myself, (i'm a nervous nellie! lol) but I know he's on youtube (or was) and I've commented on his blogs, so I'm sure he's seen it. :D

  17. Thanks , Ginger,I know what you mean by being nervous about e-mailing him I have thought about it but am not sure I would .I did write a fan letter to Jon and recieved a signed post card from him which I still have. I hear Meeno is a really nice guy. Merry C hristmas ! EmiyW.


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