Voyagers! The Junior Novel: Ch. 7 (The Glider)

The scene between our boys fixing the glider and preparing it to fly takes all of five pages. My eyes hurt! I'm starting to grasp at straws, but the first sentence from the get-go makes me wonder.

"Three nights later, they sat in the back of the cycle shop."

Three nights? The show never tells us exactly where or how long Bogg and Jeff stay in Dayton. I assumed it was overnight, right inside the shop. Did you ever notice how some of these little mom and pop stores have the "back room" where the owner sneaks off to put his feet up, nap, or read (these days, watch tv) until the next customer? You've always wondered why these stores have little bells, and now I just told you!

Since the Wrights were inventors, and built their gliders and wings inside the bicycle shop, they'd most likely have that room with a cot to sleep on and rest their weary, brilliant minds. I think that after the brothers stormed out of the Cycle shop…they never returned, leaving Bogg and Jeffrey free to roam around. Good thing the Voyagers weren't criminals or worse – rival inventors of a flying machine!

I can also believe that Bogg and Jeff squared a deal with Wilbur and Orville, probably letting them know that they only needed temporary employment, giving Bogg the opportunity to do what he says here,

"I just don't know what they see in her." Jeff said. "I mean, she's the cause of all their trouble."

Oh Jeffy, you are so wise beyond your years, I can't stand it! Bogg, however, says something very revealing. "Oh, don't blame Agnes." Bogg said, stepping back to admire his work. "I had a long talk with her last night. The trouble really isn't her fault."

I just wanted to add a hot pic of Bogg stepping back to admire his work!

This statement can open a can of worms. Remember, Bogg just met this kid, he still has his old, tried and true methods of Voyaging! Don't forget that reputation he bragged about on the beach!

It sheds light on why Agnes – who knew Phineas for less than three minutes in the show – winds up completely smitten later and so readily accepts the note she receives as an authentic sign of his "Soaring love." She's in love with romance. I have to admit – I'd be head over heels if Bogg sent that to me. Then my logic and my past experiences would wake me up and I'd have to grill him afterward. Being the self-conscious, cautious woman I am, I'd have to know why he's pulling this practical joke on me!

So, basically the chapter goes on exactly like the show. I know it seems I'm lazy, but I'm serious! The Wrights and Agnes get their respective notes from budding forger, Jeffrey, and (I have to imagine this!) While he goes off to sleep somewhere – We still don't know where they bunked for 3 nights – Bogg furtively runs around Dayton putting love notes in mailboxes.

Hey, Mr. Postman...I'd like one of those! That would have been so cute!

I'd always loved the quiet scene on Big Rock Creek – Bogg and Jeff standing utterly still (Well, with a little hat wringing) and gazing at the 400ft drop off the cliff. That's the height according to the author Claro – it's the little details that count. For some reason, it never fails to crack me up when Jeffrey says, "You think it will fly?"

Bogg slightly looks his way with a drawn out gaze. Jon just does it perfectly, as if thinking…Why'd you have to say that, kid? To glide...or not to glide?'


"As long as there isn't a crosswind."

I had a quick theory on the glider – Remember that Orville destroyed it in the shop, and later Phineas fixed it to great working condition. (He's quite the handyman!) Could it be possible that Phineas' intervention helped saved their lives? What if there was something faulty with the original glider? We don't exactly know WHY there were no planes in WWI. Perhaps one of the brothers died during a test flight? What do you think?

In the Titanic episode, Jeffrey kept ranting about the ship going to sink … and then you see a quick scene with the Captain telling his assistant to put extra sea men on watch. This was a direct result of Jeffrey insisting. If that guard was not up to top to say, "Ice dead ahead!" EVERYBODY on board could have died from a head on collision! 

It's just my theories, but it's something to chew on. Time travel is funny that way.

It could also just be that the Brothers gave up after their fight over Agnes and never rebuilt it. That's how the show went down.

On a final note…It amazes me how calm and still the air is, and after the confrontation with Agnes and the Wrights, it's Hurricane season! If Jeffrey wasn't holding so tight to that glider, he'd probably be blown straight off the cliff! 

And lastly, you'll be happy to know that Bogg's "Bite the bullet" catchphrase is in the book…though this isn't quite a catchphrase, he only said it once, just as he only called Jeffrey the "History book in pants" once. I suppose us fans just have to pretend Bogg's words are as common as –

"Aaay" (Fonzie, "Happy Days") "Baby, you're the greatest" (Jackie Gleason as Ralph Kramden, "The Honeymooners") "De plane! De plane!" (Tattoo, "Fantasy Island") and "Hey hey HEEY!" (Fat Albert, "Fat Albert") Among thousands of others!

It's time for another "Oops! My Bad!" fail moment. One of my faithful readers kindly reminded me, Bogg does have a catchphrase!

I think Jeffrey's whiny "Aww, Bogg!" is more of a catchphrase than anything too! You can read our comments below for more details. 

Good night! Be safe and be sober…so you can wake up to a new decade refreshed and ready to bite the bullet!


  1. Actually, the "bite the bullet" theme came up a few other times in the series: Between Jeff and Lindbergh in "An Arrow Pointing East," for one, when Jeff says it in a manner that suggests that it's a very familiar phrase with him. This tells me that Bogg has probably used it several times "in between" episodes. It turns up once again between Jeff and Bogg in "The Trial of Phineas Bogg." By the same token, "Smart kids give me a pain" was bandied about just enough to let us know it was a recurrent line between the two, especially since Jeff had his own variant of it ("Created Equal"). We heard Bogg say "Bat's breath" in a couple of other episodes; we can assume it was his standard by the fact that JEFFREY said it in one episode; I think it was "Sneak Attack." Sadly, as fond as some of us seem to be of the "history book in pants," line, it was ideed only used once, along with "I'll deal with that smart mouth of yours later," both in the same episode. There was nothing anywhere in the series to suggest that these were routinely used between the two.

    I had also assumed it was an overnight thing, but the "three days" scenario does make a bit more sense. And given the time zone they're in, I can GUARANTEE the shop has one of those back rooms. Most shopkeepers did live behind (and sometimes above) their shops, though in this story---at least on the show---it's obvious the Wright brothers have their separate homes.

    It's curious, though, that it seems to be implied that Agnes was out on her own. Not in that day and age, she wasn't! Single girls lived at home with their parents, or with other relatives if their parents were deceased; other arrangements were made if there were no relatives. But then, we all know how the show tended to play fast and loose with details. ;D


  2. What a dolt I am! How could I forget 'Bat's breath' and 'smart kids...' LOL! So yes..Bogg does have a catchphrase! YAY!!! LOL. I think I was just solely focused on 'bite the bullet'..I imagine Bogg used that one a lot too. Hence in one of my stories I had Jeffrey think..'how many had he told him to bite that over chewed bullet?' Also, 'Time waits for no man' might have been one..though that's printed on the omni. We know 'No time for romance' must not have been a biggie for Bogg! lol.

    Well, it could be she lived with her parents, like Mabel did-remember Bogg went to visit her to have a talk and was allowed in the parlor..but that was an even earlier time period. We only saw Agnes in the morning reading mail.
    still, the show just 'glides' over these minute things.

  3. Ginger, this was a very interesting post,I always thougth his two main catchphrase was Bat's Breath and smart kids ...' though I always liked Bite the bullet too. He must have used it alot since Jeff remebered it, when he was talking to Lindbergh and then later jn the trial. It is very interesting about Agnes why was she out by herself ? I once read where woman were not aloud out in public without a chaparone or a male relative but since this was a later time maybe it was okay. Great post! EmilyW

  4. :D Loved the blog Ginger! Ya sure got a lot out of all of 5 pages! And I love how ya posted several gorgeous pics of Bogg! He looked SO fiine! ;) *sigh*

    LOL. Wouldn't that just be too cute...Bogg runnin' around putting love notes in mailboxes! :P And Jeffrey is quite the forger! I remember thinkin' wow this kid is smart!

    I always think of BOgg when I hear "bite the bullet." lol. I've been sayin' it a bit much since I heard it from him! :D And Jeffrey's "Awwww Bogg!" is most def a catch phrase! And I'm just curious what do ya think made Bogg start uttering "Bat's Breath!" when things didn't go well?! Hmmm!

    Love the blogs Ginger! Keep em comin'! :)

  5. The "history book in pants" line wasn't in the same episode as the "I'll deal with that smart mouth" line. The first one was in the Lincoln-episode, the second in "Worlds apart."

    But Ginger, what an interesting thought about the Titanic! But, considering the way how the Titanic actually sank, I think it's quite clear that a head on collision would have caused less damage, not more, because there would have been less sections of the ship under water, so it probably wouldn't have sunk at all - and that leads us to the conclusion that maybe Jeff's desperate attempt to prevent the catastrophe from happening was the factor that in fact caused it! That thought gives me the shudders!

  6. You're right about the quotes. And wow, never thought of a head on collision not being as damaging..that is scary! Still, there is always the time travel theory that you cannot change the past, whatever happened happened, as Bogg tried to tell Jeffrey, they can only fix what went wrong. I have to assume that the Voyagers series uses that theory.

  7. I'm with you on that Ginger; I've mentioned that several times to others in various e-mail conversations. But *shhhhh!* Don't tell Jeff; he'll have a heart attack! ;D


  8. Yes,I also suppose they use the theory of not being able to change what's supposed to happen, but that isn't necesserily a contradiction. That could mean that Jeffrey was supposed to interfere in that way, making history work out as it should, even if he wanted to do the contrary... Now, isn't that ironic. Anyway, he would feel guilty if he knew.

  9. With all the time travellers that were on the Titanic, it's a wonder that the ship ever managed to sink. Doug and Tony from "The Time Tunnel" were knocking about onboard that night too, the Doctor has visited several times, Phineas and Jeffrey were there... They must all be kept very busy correcting each other's meddling. ;)

    Nice theory about the head-on collision. I hadn't thought of it that way.

  10. Hey Swordz, great comment, ROFL. I never thought of it that way!

  11. Yes, swordz, that comment is hysterical! I believe there is a fanfic out there with Sam and Al as well, and it even popped up somewhere in 'Time Bandits' but I haven't seen that in forever. You're right Dolores, Jeff would definitely be consumed with guilt, he's still in training, and would eventually learn to get a grip on those emotions.

  12. Gosh yes, "Time Bandits". How'd I forget that one?! I'm reading Michael Palin's diaries at the moment, and they've just finished shooting it. That definitely had a Titanic sequence.

    That settles it. There were more time travellers on that ship than there were actual paying passengers. No wonder the poor ship sank, given how many people were onboard.

  13. LOL! You would think Phineas Bogg would have bumped into poor Rose down below and gave her hand somehow! And after the ship starts sinking, of course all these time travelers just whisk away bemoaning how it's all a part of history...not their extra weight. :P

  14. I just snorted my breakfast through my nose! All their extra weight, indeed!


  15. Yeah, and now it's also clear how all those Picassos and Monets that Kate Winslet brought onboard can still exist. One of those time travellers must have "saved" them, knowing what they would be worth some day...

  16. This was an awesome read Ginger. I don't remember the Voyagers that well, but my boyfriend who was a big fan was just talking about the Titanic episode and how the big dilemma was that they couldn't change the fates of the people. That must have been an intense episode!

    For catchphrases, one of my faves has always been "Lukin' Good" by Freddie Prinze on Chico and the Man. I use it all the time!

  17. Hi Amanda! By Voyager standards, it was an intense episode! Especially when Bogg is in the lower levels fighting with the art thief and gasp! Drops the omni as the water's rising..and then of course Meeno's wonderful performance of sadness when he doesn't see Bogg at the museum...but of course it's a happy ending!
    My favorite catchphrase right now is..
    "So what? Who cares!, who cares? So what?" in that over the top New Yawk accent. from the Saturday Night Live parody of the View and Joy Behar. HILARIOUS.


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