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My next blog will involve a book review. That's right, the one and only Voyagers! Paperback novel written on a juvenile level by Joe Claro. YES! That Joe Claro! KING of the 80's tv and movie tie-in books! Tie-ins are for nerds like me, who can't get enough of just watching the tv show...(kicks her box of 4 Quantum Leap Paperbacks under the desk.) I guess that's why I love writing fanfiction. It's the same idea, only these authors are published. Harrumph!

Joe Claro books, simply put, means easy read! The blogs will be substantial, I can go on tangents, so you've been warned! I will point out the finer points of the story...but just so you know, it's basically the Pilot episode rewritten. How original. But it's a treat...because apparently, it was based on an early draft of the script.

The description of Phineas' original outfit had me bugging out!

Finally! Now these pictures of Phineas showing more skin actually make sense! Come honest, after the drooling stopped for some of you...(or has it?) I know you all wondered why in the world was Phineas Bogg only wearing a vest in these early publicity photos. Well, that secret will be revealed in the next blog.

For any of you fine artists out there, when I post the full description of his costume, I'd love to see that image drawn!!

Ten sweet little chapters=Ten hopefully funny and insightful blogs! :D YAY!!


  1. The drooling still hasn't stopped! ;) Can't wait for yur other blogs! I've so gotta check out that book. I don't have an Ebay account but my dad does. So I'm gonna have to ask him about it. :D

  2. I can't wait to read the next blog. I never knew there was a book until i saw it on your website, i would love to find a copy. Jon was so good looking but he also was a beautiful person on the inside as well. Thank-you for keeping his memory alive. EmilyW.


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