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As in, what next for this blog?? It's not like I can go on and on and on about Voyagers and Jon-Erik forever, I leave that to the Jon-Erik Hexum remembered Fan Forum :D
Okay...maybe I can a little bit, but it would be just a bunch of endless rambling... 

"kinda like this post"...Bogg sighs...

Still, my next blog will involve a book review. That's right, the one and only Voyagers! Paperback novel written on a juvenile level by Joe Claro. YES! That Joe Claro! KING of the 80's tv and movie tie-in books! Tie-ins are for nerds like me, who can't get enough of just watching the tv show...(kicks her box of 4 Quantum Leap Paperbacks under the desk.) I guess that's why I love writing fanfiction. It's the same idea, only these authors are published. Harrumph!

Joe Claro books, simply put, means easy read! The blogs will be substantial, I can go on tangents, so you've been warned! I will point out the finer points of the story...but just so you know, it's basically the Pilot episode rewritten. How original. But it's a treat...because apparently, it was based on an early draft of the script.

The description of Phineas' original outfit had me bugging out!!!----->

Finally! Now these pictures of Phineas showing more skin actually make sense! Come honest, after the drooling stopped for some of you...(or has it?) I know you all wondered why in the world was Phineas Bogg only wearing a vest in these early publicity photos. Well, that secret will be revealed in the next blog.
For any of you fine artists out there, when I post the full description of his costume, I'd love to see that image drawn!!

Ten sweet little chapters=Ten hopefully funny and insightful blogs! :D YAY!!

Every once in a while you can find this gem on Ebay~Here's the cover to look out for!


  1. The drooling still hasn't stopped! ;) Can't wait for yur other blogs! I've so gotta check out that book. I don't have an Ebay account but my dad does. So I'm gonna have to ask him about it. :D

  2. I can't wait to read the next blog. I never knew there was a book until i saw it on your website, i would love to find a copy. Jon was so good looking but he also was a beautiful person on the inside as well. Thank-you for keeping his memory alive. EmilyW.


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