Sunday, January 31, 2010

Love Those Universal Studios sets!

I had been waiting patiently for someone to post screencaps from the first episode of Chuck's third season-Chuck vs. the Pink slip. I LOVE that series...and not just because Adam Baldwin is in it and kicks tuba either!
I love it so much that I did what any geek fan of Voyagers and Chuck and do, wrote a crossover fanfiction!-Chuck vs. the Omni. Which, is due for a sequel to come soon!

But anyhoo that's not what this post is about. I had a great laugh and surprise when I watched this episode a few weeks ago. In the scene below, Chuck and Sarah are standing on a train platform. Now take a good look at the setting in the background. It is supposed to be Prague. Are you looking? Does it ring any bells? Well, it should!

Now take a look at these set of caps from Voyagers!: Old Hickory and the Pirate...notice something familiar? There go the boys, minus the fountain! This particular set is known as the 'Court of Miracles.' Sections of it were also seen in the Pilot episode of Voyagers.

Here is a regular picture of the set~
Now here's something else that's totally cool..In the same episode of Chuck they are fighting the baddies at the end...see anything familiar about this set?

Here is a screen cap from Old Hickory again, still employing that building with the brown doors!


And here's the square again in 'Pursuit.'

Chuck uses the Warner Brothers sets, but sometimes they interchange with Universal. Now that I know that, I will keep a sharp eye out. 
I can't tell you how many times Voyagers employed the European set and the Mexican town! Though you probably already know. The biggest standouts for the Mexican set were in the episodes Bully and Billy and The Trial of Phineas Bogg, when they save Sam Houston at the end. I'm too lazy to post more screencaps, because well, I'd have to make them I guess...sigh! But really, it's seemingly impossible to even count how many times the Universal sets were used...and over used in this series. I'm a person that normally can't stand to watch 'behind the scenes' footage or the extras. Unless it's something really special. Like the Voyagers DVD could have done something with that. But I won't even get started there. Sometimes I don't even wanna think about the sets. It deflates my imagination and brings me back to earth, realizing that sadly, it's only a TV show.

If you're someone that loves looking for sets and things of that nature, check out this link-Univeralstonecutter posted a collection of Voyagers sets on Flickr. They are basically screen-captures from the series, but they have them neatly grouped into sections and episodes. Enjoy!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Voyagers!: Frozen in Time (A Fan-Fiction Video)

I brought my most recent story creation to life!!

It's alive!... ALIVE!!!!

I had this video in mind to do for a while, but I wanted to wait until I was well enough in the story and knew the direction I wanted to go. I have one more chapter left and then I can move on to the next inevitable project my jumpy Voyagers brain wants to spit out. So far I am looking at one of three options, but my mood is always changing like the tides. :P

For those of you that are currently following the Fic, you'll notice nearly every bit of this video somewhat captures an aspect of the story. I did the best I could with the clips I had and found around. :) The rousing music is by a group called 'E.S Posthumus.' I discovered their music a while back and I first used their song 'Arise' for my Prisoners of Time Fanfic video. Their music is great for making videos like these. The name of this song is literally, 'Pompeii.' I believe they say it enough throughout! That's about the only word I understand in it.

If you haven't read it or won't (for some strange reason..j/k!) Here is a summary that should pretty much clear up any confusion.

Voyagers Frozen in Time

A bit of historical fun turns nightmarish after the Voyagers automatically land in an ancient city on the brink of destruction. Jeffrey soon realizes that the Bogg he knows and loves is not in his right mind due to a cosmic disturbance from a lightning storm in Paris. Bogg's last memories are of being a Pirate and he struggles with a 'swiss cheese' memory to remember Jeffrey and their Voyager cause.
With the fateful day being filled with different sorts of funny and action packed adventures for the Voyagers, Jeffrey finds himself using his own wiles to sort out the red light. He must find a way to protect Pliny the Younger, a very important personage to Rome's future, and help a beautiful young slave woman named 'Sura' to find her true path as a Voyager. 

If you know the story, you know that in humorous parts, a confused and slightly inebriated Bogg was stuck posing for a statue for a Roman artist, well, here is the statue. ;) Obviously the statue wasn't made in Pompeii, but a Renaissance artist later found the sculptor's sketches of Bogg and used them to create his own version. ;)

Enjoy the story and video! 

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Voyagers!~How it all ends...

My latest video creation. This song is so touching to me and the video is filled with a certain pathos...from many of my favorite scenes that I can't shake from using. Is that good or bad? It's so hard to decide when you only have twenty episodes and not every one is your favorite..(shh, don't tell anyone I said that!)
I plan to make another video soon, and what I usually do is find clips that are just as cool, if underused. Plus the next song will be very different.
If I had more disc space and better programs on my comp, this probably would have been much grander. In my mind it surely was. :P
To my surprise in this video, "No romance while the omni is red!"
I think I made the ultimate 'Bogg Romance' videos a while back, heheh. Voyagers is not necessarily about that, even if Bogg is sometimes :eye's about the partnership, friendship and camaraderie between two lost souls. One stuck in a somewhat thankless job with no real ties and family, and struggling to get by with his limited knowledge of history...and the other, historically brilliant and stuck in a loveless home with no parents and possibly friends to speak of...did you ever hear Jeffrey say, 'I miss my friends Billy and Jack?' No, his mind was far away, on the high seas with Calico Jack and in the frontier with Billy the Kid.
Bogg and Jeff needed each other for support.

This is just a small tribute to our heroes, Bogg and Jeff. and the important work that they do. Voyagers forever!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

And the award goes to?

I was bestowed this lovely award from 'Amanda by Night' a very talented and popular blogger here on...Blogger? Gee, I'm not even sure of the name of this host site! :hides: Thank you Amanda, what you wrote was lovely. :) (Read what Amanda wrote.) The object of all this is to pass on the award to 15 blog sites you follow. I am very new to the blogging world and follow far less blogs, with less and less time to read them. So, I will list my very favorite blogs that I try diligently to follow.

Made for TV Mayhem: This blog is written by Amanda by Night and it is one of the most unique and entertaining TV blogs I've been too. If you are a fan of those cheesy, hammy, overwrought, over-top-melodramatic, but totally fun and enjoyable Made-for-TV movies of the seventies and eighties, then you will love this blog. Abn is very funny, and the blogs include choice screencaps, and thorough summaries and breakdowns of these long forgotten gems. It's highly addictive reading, just like the subject matter! She even has a great one for Making of a Male Model! (Come on Jon fans, show her some love!) Reading this blog makes me wish I was old enough to watch most of them when they first aired, because so many are just lost in the sauce now. Thank goodness for Ebay!
Tom Wilson USA...Large man, Good Blog: Unless you've been living under a rock since 1984 and missed out on one of the best time travel movies ever in 1985, then you know Tom Wilson...or as he was then known as 'Thomas F. Wilson.' Tom played the lovable Biff Tannen from the Back to the Future films. Tom in real life is a gentle, artistic and hilarious (I can't stress that enough!) soul that enjoys an eclectic, versatile career in everything and still acts in many television projects today. And wow, can he sing! His blogs are humorously insightful vignettes on his travels and interests...and go to his website too, where you can't stop the funny.
I just have to post this-The hysterical, 'Biff's Question' song! (Hey, it's time travel, right?)

Twilight Zone Radio Dramas-News from the Zone: Can you hear the theme song in your head? You're traveling to another dimension-there's the sign post up ahead, your next stop is..this blog! The concept was seemingly simple but brilliant. Mr. Carl Amari gets together some of the finest actors and actresses around, along with many other talented people, and they perform a live radio drama of a twilight zone episode! What pulled me in was that Adam Baldwin and Jim Caviezel  did a handful! (SQUEE!) Let me tell you, they are great to listen to at night with some headphones. And Jim, who starred in 'Frequency' and another great time travel film, 'Deja Vu' does 2 time travel TZ episodes! Awesome! I am a sucker for many things nostalgia, and I can go so far back as to love listening to old time radio. The mood, the acting, the script-is all as Rod Serling, the Twilight Zone creator, intended. Check out the website! It's 1.95 to download individual episodes, or you can try and find it on your local radio stations or even buy box sets. Not to mention there are other sites, like Mystery Theater which resurrect original mystery radio shows!
Catherine Mary Stewart Fan Blog: I love Catherine Mary Stewart. Sci-Fans would know her from starring roles in cult classic films like 'Night of the Comet,' 'The Last starfighter' 'The Apple' and 'Weekend at Bernies.' Though that last film is a comedy. Catherine is such a beautiful, gracious actress and is so sweet to her fans. She has a large body of television work behind her too. CMS is the inspiration for a few my fan-fiction characters-for those that have read 'The Voyager's Aide' series, she's Pioneer group member Regina Sheppard...for some reason I have this quirky thing of always pairing her with my Adam Baldwin inspired naturally he is John Henry Sheppard! Then she appears in my Chuck stories, in a series of 3-as ex-wife to NSA Agent John Casey-who's character is played by..guess who? And in one My Bodyguard fic-as a young girl Ricky Linderman meets on the train ride home. (For those who saw that movie, they know the train platform scene.) Can you guess who plays Ricky Linderman? But I'm digressing! She is very talented and is still acting and I wish Hollywood would have cast in her in much more than they did, but I'm glad she's getting more work her way now. :)

Well, those are my 4 must follow blogs! Maybe in the future I'll add more, but life is so short and I get so busy, but I know there are some other great ones out there!

Okay, i made a definite promise to one of my faithful readers to never post a blog without a picture of Jon-Erik Hexum so here's one.


Friday, January 8, 2010

Where's Phinny?

I love this Norman Rockwell painting, for one reason and one reason alone. It's 'The Rookie' from a 1957 cover of the Saturday Evening Post...though the painting represents an earlier decade in the history of Baseball. Can you figure out why I love it? No-it's not Ashton Kutcher coming in as the rookie on the right! hehehe.
It's amazing, but somehow Phineas Bogg made his way into this painting! He knows the Voyager rules, but I guess from time to time he can't help himself and really has to be part of history!...though this was probably an accident, Rockwell took a photograph to study and Bogg happened to be in it somehow helping history along, perfect shot!

Okay here's another clue- Boston Red Sox...Spring Training...

Okay, just having fun. The real man on the bench is Boston Red Sox Pitcher Frank Sullivan. Actually the tallest pitcher in the American Leagues standing at 6'7! Notice the big hands on the bench guy? Sullivan was noted for big hands, but a gracefulness on the ball field. Other than this research I did, I don't know much about baseball, except that it's a fun game, I played that and softball in Junior High, and most importantly, you cannot, I repeat...cannot have a Time Travel film or show without at least one mention of baseball or the World Series! You just can't!
The Time Travel film, 'Frequency' which I adore, revolves somewhat around the father and son love for the game and of course the World Series prediction ties many things together...and the father, played by Dennis Quaid, is named 'Frank Sullivan.'
Here's another article that actually explains the above painting in detail. Rockwell only used bits and pieces of the famous players to create his own vision. He used Sullivan's body, and apparently, Ted William's profile. But according to this article, they said it was a poor version of Williams!
However, that poor version in profile just happened to look like Phineas Bogg!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Nick of Time

Well, first blog of the new year...better late than never! Found a book with a beautiful cover in the juvie section of the library yesterday. I was immediately drawn to the design, then the subject matter-Time travel...and then the boy in the boat. I can't wait to delve into this and imagine our young hero as none other than our young Jon. :D

Though he could easily pass for a young Mark-Paul Gosselaar (Does that man EVER age?? Good for him! I am sure Jon would have been the same way.)
I will get back to the Voyagers book blog very soon. I just have a lot of projects sidetracking me, but good things...and now it's topped off with a stomach flu. : x

*Added note: The first chapter is thrilling! Nick is a twelve-year old boy who lives in the lighthouse with his mother, father and little sister Katie. Right from the first page he's adrift with a storm about to blow upon him and his dog in his little boat...and he's ready to crash into huge black rocks that guard the lighthouse, where many worthy sea men had died. Nick is very adept at sea for his age, so I'm sure he'll make it... or there will be no story! 
And wouldn't you know it? His best friend is named...Gunner! (For those not sure of that reference, Jon's older brother is named 'Gunnar.') However, Gunner is an old tavern keeper here.

Also of interest, this story involves secret messages to Winston Churchill...hmm..sounds like part of the plot to one of the un-aired Voyagers! scripts... 'Remember the Alamo'
I love making these connections, even if they are coincidental!