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I was bestowed this lovely award from 'Amanda by Night' a very talented and popular blogger here on...Blogger? Gee, I'm not even sure of the name of this host site! :hides: Thank you Amanda, what you wrote was lovely. :) (Read what Amanda wrote.) The object of all this is to pass on the award to 15 blog sites you follow. I am very new to the blogging world and follow far less blogs, with less and less time to read them. So, I will list my very favorite blogs that I try diligently to follow.

Made for TV Mayhem: This blog is written by Amanda by Night and it is one of the most unique and entertaining TV blogs I've been too. If you are a fan of those cheesy, hammy, overwrought, over-top-melodramatic, but totally fun and enjoyable Made-for-TV movies of the seventies and eighties, then you will love this blog. Abn is very funny, and the blogs include choice screencaps, and thorough summaries and breakdowns of these long forgotten gems. It's highly addictive reading, just like the subject matter! She even has a great one for Making of a Male Model! (Come on Jon fans, show her some love!) Reading this blog makes me wish I was old enough to watch most of them when they first aired, because so many are just lost in the sauce now. Thank goodness for Ebay!
Tom Wilson USA...Large man, Good Blog: Unless you've been living under a rock since 1984 and missed out on one of the best time travel movies ever in 1985, then you know Tom Wilson...or as he was then known as 'Thomas F. Wilson.' Tom played the lovable Biff Tannen from the Back to the Future films. Tom in real life is a gentle, artistic and hilarious (I can't stress that enough!) soul that enjoys an eclectic, versatile career in everything and still acts in many television projects today. And wow, can he sing! His blogs are humorously insightful vignettes on his travels and interests...and go to his website too, where you can't stop the funny.
I just have to post this-The hysterical, 'Biff's Question' song! (Hey, it's time travel, right?)

Twilight Zone Radio Dramas-News from the Zone: Can you hear the theme song in your head? You're traveling to another dimension-there's the sign post up ahead, your next stop is..this blog! The concept was seemingly simple but brilliant. Mr. Carl Amari gets together some of the finest actors and actresses around, along with many other talented people, and they perform a live radio drama of a twilight zone episode! What pulled me in was that Adam Baldwin and Jim Caviezel  did a handful! (SQUEE!) Let me tell you, they are great to listen to at night with some headphones. And Jim, who starred in 'Frequency' and another great time travel film, 'Deja Vu' does 2 time travel TZ episodes! Awesome! I am a sucker for many things nostalgia, and I can go so far back as to love listening to old time radio. The mood, the acting, the script-is all as Rod Serling, the Twilight Zone creator, intended. Check out the website! It's 1.95 to download individual episodes, or you can try and find it on your local radio stations or even buy box sets. Not to mention there are other sites, like Mystery Theater which resurrect original mystery radio shows!
Catherine Mary Stewart Fan Blog: I love Catherine Mary Stewart. Sci-Fans would know her from starring roles in cult classic films like 'Night of the Comet,' 'The Last starfighter' 'The Apple' and 'Weekend at Bernies.' Though that last film is a comedy. Catherine is such a beautiful, gracious actress and is so sweet to her fans. She has a large body of television work behind her too. CMS is the inspiration for a few my fan-fiction characters-for those that have read 'The Voyager's Aide' series, she's Pioneer group member Regina Sheppard...for some reason I have this quirky thing of always pairing her with my Adam Baldwin inspired naturally he is John Henry Sheppard! Then she appears in my Chuck stories, in a series of 3-as ex-wife to NSA Agent John Casey-who's character is played by..guess who? And in one My Bodyguard fic-as a young girl Ricky Linderman meets on the train ride home. (For those who saw that movie, they know the train platform scene.) Can you guess who plays Ricky Linderman? But I'm digressing! She is very talented and is still acting and I wish Hollywood would have cast in her in much more than they did, but I'm glad she's getting more work her way now. :)

Well, those are my 4 must follow blogs! Maybe in the future I'll add more, but life is so short and I get so busy, but I know there are some other great ones out there!

Okay, i made a definite promise to one of my faithful readers to never post a blog without a picture of Jon-Erik Hexum so here's one.



  1. Hey Ginger! Great post! I checked out the "Male Model" post from Amanda! :D I really liked it. :) And you've done VERY well on your promise on the pics! ;) Thanks!!!! *hugs*

  2. Hey Ginger! Congragulations! I looked at the "Male Model post and thought it was really good.Ireally liked how she compared Jon to Tom Selleck. I think Jon could have very easily played Tom's role in the Three Men and a Baby movies. I am also glad you keep showing pictures of Jon! EmilyW

  3. OMG..3 men and a baby would have been my favorite movie in the world if Jon was in Tom's role..if Jon was in it at all,lol. I could even see him playing the Ted Danson role-He was the 'studly' actor who literally fathered the baby. But honestly, I really liked Tom's character out of all those yutzes! Thanks! I'll keep on putting his pic in, lol.


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