Love Those Universal Studios sets!

I had been waiting patiently for someone to post screen-caps from the first episode of Chuck's third season – "Chuck vs. the Pink slip." I LOVE that series...and not just because Adam Baldwin is in it and kicks tuba either!

I love it so much that I did what any geek fan of Voyagers and Chuck and do, wrote a crossover fanfiction!-Chuck vs. the Omni. Which, is due for a sequel to come soon!

But anyhoo that's not what this post is about. I had a great laugh and surprise when I watched this episode a few weeks ago. In the scene below, Chuck and Sarah are standing on a train platform. Now take a good look at the setting in the background. It is supposed to be Prague. Are you looking? Does it ring any bells? Well, it should!

Now take a look at these set of caps from Voyagers!: Old Hickory and the Pirate...notice something familiar? There go the boys, minus the fountain! This particular set is known as the 'Court of Miracles.' Sections of it were also seen in the Pilot episode of Voyagers.

Here is a regular picture of the set~

Now here's something else that's totally cool..In the same episode of Chuck they are fighting the baddies at the end...see anything familiar about this set? In Universal it's called the Mexican Town.

Here is a screen capture from Voyagers - Bully and Billy, it's also the Mexican town.

And here's the square again in 'Pursuit.'

Chuck uses the Warner Brothers sets, but sometimes they interchange with Universal. Now that I know that, I will keep a sharp eye out.

I can't tell you how many times Voyagers employed the European set and the Mexican town! Though you probably already know. The biggest standouts for the Mexican set were in the episodes Bully and Billy and The Trial of Phineas Bogg, when they save Sam Houston at the end. It's seemingly impossible to count how many times the Universal sets were used in Voyagers. I'm a person that normally can't stand to watch 'behind the scenes' footage or the extras. Unless it's something really special. Like the Voyagers DVD could have done something with that. But I won't even get started there. Sometimes I don't even think about the sets. It deflates my imagination and brings me back to earth, realizing that sadly, it's only a TV show.

If you're someone that loves looking for sets and things of that nature, check out this great Flickr page. Univeralstonecutter posted a full collection of Voyagers sets. They are screen-captures from the series, but they have them neatly grouped into sections and episodes

Voyagers Backlot Locations


  1. Hey Ginger! even though I have never really watched Chuck it is neat to think they are using some of the Voyagers sets.I wondered how often the same sets were used. I think part of that same set was used in Merry Christmas Bogg when they are running away from the British. I know what you mean about the Voyagers DVD they could have done an interview with Meeno and JamesParriot, maybe had a blooper real that would of been so funny. They could have at least dedicated it in Jon's memory. I read that Meeno didnot know about its realease. Many Thanks for all you do. EmilyW

  2. It seems to me they used this set in almost every episode! But that's exaggerated, of course, but it's even used as the Turkish marketplace in "World's apart" and as a part of London in "Jack's back" ... you just have to look for that big archway in the background next to that building in the corner behind the fountain (the archway is covered in the "regular set picture" above, but it's clearly to see in Voyagers, whenever they use the set.)

  3. When I first saw that epiosde of Chuck, I can't believe I really didn't notice those sets! The only time I even thought about things lookin' familar and I still wasn't sure what it was from, was when they broke out of that Mexican jail! Then ya were sweet enough to point that out, and I just had to watch it online again! Thanks for all the tips G! :D You know WAY more about the series then the producers!

  4. LOL. Yep, they got lots and lots of mileage out of these sets. Universal sets are probably the most recognizable in the world. At least to geeks like me! And possibly most of us reading and commenting, hahaha. I never even been to Universal Studios before, I don't travel much at all, but I would love to go. However, I have to read more because I remember 2 years ago they had a big fire and a lot of the sets were destroyed. :O Obviously not the Euro streets and the Mexican set. LOL.

  5. YAY! We get to see what happens to...Nope. Not gonna say. No spoilers here!

    And here I'd thought Universal's whole back lot was destroyed in that fire. Man, set dressing makes a LOT of difference. I THOUGHT those places looked familiar, but I couldn't quite pin it down!



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