Voyagers!: Frozen in Time (A Fan-Fiction Video)

It's alive!... ALIVE!!!!

I had this video in mind for a while, but I wanted to wait until I knew the direction I wanted to go with the story. I have one more chapter left and then I can move on to the next inevitable project my jumpy Voyagers brain wants to spit out. So far I am looking at one of three options, but my mood is always changing like the tides. :P

For those of you that are currently following the Fanfiction, you'll notice nearly every bit of this video somewhat captures an aspect of the story. I did the best I could with the clips I used. :) The rousing instrumental is by a group called "E.S Posthumus." I discovered their music a while back and I first used their song 'Arise' for my Prisoners of Time Fanfic video. Their music is great for making videos like these. The name of this song is literally, "Pompeii." I believe they say it enough throughout! That's about the only word I understand in it.

If you haven't read it or won't (for some strange reason..j/k!) Here is a summary that should pretty much clear up any confusion.

Voyagers Frozen in Time

A bit of historical fun turns nightmarish after the Voyagers automatically land in an ancient city on the brink of destruction. Jeffrey soon realizes that the Bogg he knows and loves is not in his right mind due to a cosmic disturbance from a lightning storm in Paris. Bogg's last memories are of being a Pirate and he struggles with a 'swiss cheese' memory to remember Jeffrey and their Voyager cause.

With the fateful day being filled with different sorts of funny and action-packed adventures for the Voyagers, Jeffrey uses his own wiles to sort out the red light. He must find a way to protect Pliny the Younger, a very important personage to Rome's future, and help a beautiful young slave woman named 'Sura' to find her true path as a Voyager.

If you know the story, you know that in humorous parts, a confused and slightly inebriated Bogg was stuck posing for a statue for a Roman artist, well, here is the statue. ;) Obviously the statue wasn't made in Pompeii, but a Renaissance artist later found the sculptor's sketches of Bogg and used them to create his own version. ;)


  1. You're right; just about every aspect of the story is here. Beautiful shot of the lighting striking the Omni, and you even gave us a shot of the statue of Mars. What a vid!


  2. I have been reading your Frozen in Time story and have really enjoyed it I can't wait for the next chapter! This video is perfect for your story. I wish that this could have been one of the episodes in the series! It would have been a great start to a second season. Wishful thinking on my part . EmilyW

  3. Thank you for the compliments. I didn't think about that Statue in the video being Mars, but there are so many versions of him, so yeah! It could be, that shot looks like Albinus' villa. I try to work as best I could with the effects I have, I was so happy I could convey the lightning strike.
    Emily, thanks for reading! As I made this, I totally saw it as an episode of the series. I would have been a fantastic season opener too. And just like I did, all they had to do was use stock clips from the 1960's movie about Pompeii! :P


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