Where's Phinny?

I love this Norman Rockwell painting. It's called "The Rookie" and it was a 1957 cover of the Saturday Evening Post…though the painting represents an earlier decade in the history of Baseball. 

Can you figure out why I love it? No-it's not Ashton Kutcher coming in as the rookie on the right! hehehe.

It's amazing, but somehow Phineas Bogg made his way into this painting! He knows the Voyager rules, but I guess from time to time he can't help himself and really has to be part of history!...though this was probably an accident, Rockwell took a photograph to study and Bogg happened to be in it somehow helping history along, perfect shot!

Okay here's another clue- Boston Red Sox...Spring Training...

Just having fun! The real man sitting on the bench is Boston Red Sox Pitcher Frank Sullivan. Actually the tallest pitcher in the American Leagues standing at 6'7! Notice the big hands on the bench guy? Sullivan was noted for big hands, but a gracefulness on the ball field.

Other than this research I did, I don't know much about baseball, except that it's a fun game, I played that and softball in Junior High, and most importantly, you cannot, I repeat...cannot have a Time Travel film or show without at least one mention of baseball or the World Series! You just can't!

The Time Travel film, 'Frequency' which I adore, revolves somewhat around the father and son love for the game and of course the World Series prediction ties many things together...and the father, played by Dennis Quaid, is named 'Frank Sullivan.

Here's another article that actually explains the above painting in detail. Rockwell only used bits and pieces of the famous players to create his own vision of a Baseball lockeroom. He used Sullivan's body, and apparently, Ted William's profile. But according to this article, they said it was a poor version of Williams!

What a handsome man! However, that poor version of Williams just happened to also look like Phineas Bogg!


  1. :D Yeah I saw that painting! You have the best eyes Ginger! Ya can see things about Jon that resemble him that most people wouldn't! And ya always do great research so I always know the facts are straight! And I agree that guy lookin' up on the bench looks a LOT like Phineas. He prolly bribed Norman into lettin' him in it! :P LOL.

    Oh and a bushel of thanks and hugs for putting several pics in of Jon! ;)

    And yur so right G. Baseball is SO fun to play! Ya should try football too! :D

    Love the posts!

  2. Hi Missy M! Thank you, I'll take that compliment, even though my eyes are really so bad! lol. I think it has to do with that I love to study features and details. I have this desperate need for visualization. Way back when I used to draw, portraiture was my thing, so I learned to pay close attention to the details of a face..and it's always a pleasure to look at Jon's face, lol.
    Football, you say? Arrh! I would try, but I'm such a sensitive skinned person, I want to scream if someone pulls a hair out of my head..one of these days before I get too old, I'll have to take the plunge...or the tackle!

  3. Hey G! On the subject of football...people aren't pose to pull each other's hair! So if that ever happens just yell "FOUL!!!!" LOL. Well I don't play pro! Duh! I just play for fun and we arn't usually into killin' each other! But sometimes my bros get pretty rough! I just gotta fight right back! :P But sometime ya should try it just for fun! :D

  4. Okay, now I gotta go watch Cleo and the Babe again and see what number the Sox gave Bogg. If it's number eight, I'm packin' it in! (j/k)


  5. LOL! I never thought of that one..duhh! Let me know! My guess it's in the teens, but wouldn't that be something if it were 8?? haha.

  6. Ginger,I can see Jon in the man's eyes, it is to bad that they could not of used this picture in one of the shows episodes and have Bogg explain how maybe he helped out Norman Rockwell like he did Jules Verne . I always loved Cleo and the Babe Jon looked great as a baseball player.I am not a big fan of football , that is all my son and husband have been watching lately. I think I will go and watch Cleo and the Babe! -EmilyW

  7. That's really a find! Especially when you mention Jules Verne, Emily - I always found it fascinating that "Phileas Fogg" is clearly a phantasy name created by Jules Verne, while both Phineas and Bogg are real, old names with a long tradition. That makes the Voyagers version a lot more plausible than the "real" one. Why not imagine something similar for this painting? It's an amazing resemblance!
    Oh, and I love "Frequency", too. It's such an original concept of time travel without actual travelling.

  8. Hi Ginger! I gave you a blog award. Check out my blog and then pass it on!


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