Ebay has the book up for grabs again!/Other sites to buy it

Here's a list of 9 copies of the Voyagers! Junior Novelization being sold at Barnes Noble, pretty darn cheap too!
Voyagers at Barnes and Noble
And some more copies...
Voyagers at Abe Books
Voyagers at Alibris Books
Voyagers at Powell Books
Voyagers at Biblio

Here's the cover once again, folks. My very, very worn one. :P

If I find any more copies of this book around in other places, I'll be sure to post it. All the fans should have this one in their libraries. :)


  1. Ginger, I am glad to know that there are still copies of this book out there.I would love to find a copy at a used bookstore. What a find that would be! My favorite picture of the boys is the one you posted below. I love the look on Jon's face , he looks like he is having a great time. I loved the clothes he wore in the pilot episode. I really enjoy your blog! Emily W

  2. Hi Emily, hope you see this other post, I added more places to actually buy the book rather than bid on it. Maybe you can get it at one of these places.
    That's such a fun picture, it's one of my favorites too. :) Totally represents Bogg's utter confusion, haha. Thank you. :)

  3. Thanks so much for finding and posting these links! I just ordered a copy from B&N. I actually probably still have the one I bought (for 85 cents!) when it was first released, but I have no idea where it might be. x_x


  4. Cool! 85 cents, what a steal! lol. Thanks. I'm thinking I should order another copy for safekeeping too. I know I have one packed away in the garage, and I bought this one, wound up giving it to my sister and taking it back to write this blog. Thanks, Casey.

  5. Wow that is a good price. I'm going to have to look into buying one of those. I love the pictures that you have posted too.

  6. Thanks, Traci. I just bought one of the 1.99 ones from Barnes and Noble. The price came out to 5.98 total with shipping. Still a good price and I was able to do it through paypal.

  7. Thank-you Ginger! I will have to go check out Barnes and Noble to see if I can get a copy. I agree that picture does show Bogg"s confusion, wonder if he looks that way because he is not sure how to deal with such a confident kid like Jeff? What great information ! EmilyW

  8. I bought one too from Barnes and Noble and the price came out to be the same as yours. I can't wait to get it. I also am getting Cover up from ioffer.com. I can't wait until I get these items.

  9. Hi Traci! Awesome. Can you let me know the quality of your cover Up when you get it? Specifically the pilot episode movie, the ones I and a lot of fans have is taped off of Lifetime network and it is so bright, lol. Thanks!
    Barnes and Noble must be scratching their heads, all of a sudden three Voyagers books have been sold within a day!

  10. Sure, I will let you know how the quality of the Cover up series is especially the pilot. Now I have to get back to watching Voyagers!!

  11. I got my book today Yay!!!!

  12. Congrats! :D For what it is, lol..enjoy it! :)

  13. I got mine on Saturday, and now I can ditch the ancient photocopied version of the library's book I did years ago. But not before spending the last two days scanning it into my computer so that I have an electronic backup. :-)

    Of course, I did some minor editing - single-sentence paragraphs look fine on the pages of a small book, but on a computer screen they just look bad and it's harder to read, plus they make the ex-English major and current writer in me grit her teeth. Yes, I'm picky that way.

  14. That's cool and it's cool that you took the time to scan an electronic copy as well. I had always meant to do that myself.

    Something must be done for Voyagers I say, either restart the story franchise through Scholastic, or as I mentioned on some comments, I would love to write the 'Coffee table' book about the series.


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