Voyagers! The Junior Novel: Ch. 8 (Look! Up in the sky!)

It's a bird! It's a Plane! It's…

Definitely not!

No…not George, but I love the old series!

Getting much warmer in here but not Chris either!

A Voyager in the Wright Brother's hang glider!

Able to leap off Big rock cliff in a single bound! It's Phineas Bogg! Thank goodness Phineas can trust his own engineering skills to take a dive like that. It must've been hard gluing back those Popsicle sticks the bickering brothers tore asunder! I'm very impressed the show gave us insight into some of Bogg's skills. He's a handyman…like Bob Villa.

I had fun with this concept of Bogg engineering in my as yet unfinished "Prisoners of Time" Fanfic series. In that story, Bogg is a mixture of fine things, including an Engineer who builds a giant omni ala 'The Time Machine.'

I love this description of the initial take-off – "The first hundred feet didn't scare Bogg much. The second hundred feet made him think he'd lost his mind. Now, more than halfway to the ground, he was sure of it. This wasn't flying! It was suicide!"

I giggled here. "He let out a whoop as the wind lifted him into an arching curve…He shifted his weight and found that he could actually control the direction of the curve. That called for another whoop!"

I don't remember all this whooping in the episode, I recall that Bogg appeared to more or less strain, grit and grind his teeth silently. He must have somehow omnied to 1992 and helped pen this song.

Come on people, you know you were all whoomping to "Whoomp, there it is" back in the day!

So, while Bogg is making whoopie with the hang glider, poor Jeffrey is "whipping the horse into breakneck speed" below. The revelations of Agnes and the Wright brothers remains the same as the series.

"Doesn't this thing ever come down?"
And of course, the wind dies.

"I had to ask."

This has to be the most poetic and awesome line in this book, I tell you. But there are still three chapters left.

"Bat's breath!" He said, as though it somehow summed up his whole life."
What do you think? So now our dear Bogg's life is reduced to the mere exhalations of Chiroptera.

Now check this out, people:

Bat's breath reveals the identity of a Vampire's last victim.

Oh, yet another graphic line…this is getting angsty! Right up my alley!

"There were loud sounds of ripping and crunching. Rushing to the scene, Jeff prayed it was only canvas and wood he heard, not skin and and bone."

The "You can't die!" scene is played out differently. Jeffrey rushes to Bogg and instead of leaning on his back right away and pulling his shoulders, he grabs his feet. Trying to tug him with all his might from the wreckage. Apparently the little glider made as much mess as flight 815 crash landing on the island in LOST, Leaving canvas and broken stunts in the trees and all over the ground. You have to admit, this has gotta be the most thrilling opening scene for a TV show ever! Better pull Bogg out quick, there might be an explosion or he might get sucked into the engine like that poor sap in the beginning.

Afterward, Jeff throws himself on his new and currently only friend in the world, and Bogg is able to sit up and at least get an arm over him. Sweet. And we also have a cute addition to the Agnes scene here!

Marry her? – check. grow old together – check. ten children? – ten times check. AND –They'll be deliriously happy and traveling all over the country as Bogg takes his hang glider show on the road-"to every town in the U.S. of A." I could just see Agnes shaking in her hat!

And here comes trouble! Ya see, these two in this story are not as immediately happy-go lucky to see Phineas. "First you steal our glider…and wreck it! Then you steal our girl!" Wilbur accuses him.

And then Orville gets really punchy! (My new secret word of the week! AHHHH!!!)

"We ought to shoot you where you stand!"

But..have no fear! Super Bogg saves the day with the intense power of… HIS SMILE!


(Yeah, I know the above screen cap is from Marco Polo, not the Pilot, but the grin is still the same!)
"…His eyes crinkled, his mouth began to turn up. Then his face broke into a grin. Orville and Wilbur grinned too."
"Dang!"…"That was beautiful." 

Whether Wilbur was talking about the glider flight or Bogg's grin, we'll never know. But the smile tamed the beasts.

And the brothers get all distracted and team up, discussing where they need to make improvements.

And, my favorite Bogg quote ever uttered is changed…a little. "Look, I know it's hard. Nobody knows it better than I do. But when you feel this way, you have to think of all the interesting people in front of you, who really need your help."

Here is the quote from the series: "I know it's hard, I've been there too. Whenever you feel that way you got to think of all the interesting people in front of you, who really need your help. We've got responsibilities, we're Voyagers!"

The only real difference is, one Bogg is humble…the one from the book…not! Remember how immodestly he kissed Mary in the beginning, right before he jumped on the motorbike? And gets a slap for his troubles? And being Jon-Erik from Jersey, Jeffrey doesn't "have to" feel this way, he's "got to."

And then, like all good Voyagers must do, they leave Agnes to ponder in the lurch. To grow into an old spinster bemoaning that she let the most beautiful man in the world slip through her dainty gloved fingers.


  1. Yeah! Finally a new chapter! And so funny again! Does "The end" mean you won't review the next chapters? I hope not!

  2. Dolores is right ,Yeah a new chapter! I hope you review another chapter also. I think Bogg must have been a handy man of some type because he was able to fix the Roosevelt's heater in Destiny's Choice.Maybe they have to take a class at headquaters to learn these skills. I think if he smiled at me with his wonderful smile could not be too mad at him, but really who could be mad at Bogg! Thanks again.EmilyW

  3. ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★

    Yeehaw another chapter! LOL :D I love these insights into this book! They always put a smile on my face! And always a smirk! :D And ya done good on your promise to have Jon pics in every post! There was like 8! OK, I'm gonna quick moment!...OMG, there was 8 not counting the wallpaper! But I'll count that and say 9! ;) Didn't Jon look extra fine in that pilot episode?! I loved his hair especially! ;) And you said it girl!..."NO ONE CAN RESIST THE BOGG GRIN! NO ONE!!!" Amen and Amen! :)

    Loved the post hon! Hope there's more to come! :D


  4. Actually, I suspect you're right, Emily. Logically, it seems to me that student Voyagers would have to learn to do just about everything, since you never know what's going to be required to complete an assignment. And Bogg probably did better at the hands-on stuff than he did on the pure classroom stuff, because sitting in a lecture hall probably gave him lots of opportunity to slip into daydreams about Susan! ;D


  5. LOL. You're all so funny. Have no fear little ones! I meant the end of this chapter. i will resume until the end of this book! I promise!
    And I agree, Bogg is a 'hands on' person, definitely not an Academic.
    Loved Jon's hair a few episodes! The Pilot, Arrow Pointing east, Marco Polo, the Trial, Merry Christmas Bogg...Bully and Billy, Barriers of

  6. Good call about how different the book and TV versions of Bogg are. That's quite common with novelisations of TV shows, I've found. It's as though the authors don't bother getting to know the show they're hired to write about - and that's quite probable, given that for them it's just a job they're hired to do, and paid very little for. I have quite a collection of novelisations of various TV shows, and some of them make quite appalling mistakes! One of my A-Team books has bullet-ridden bodies being washed up on a riverbank following one of their shootouts. The Poltergeist: The Legacy books manage to mix up two of the main characters completely, which is impressive given that one's a white Dutchman, and the others a black American woman. Top prize goes to The Invaders, where the brilliantly misanthropic anti-hero of the TV series is turned into a skirt-chasing loon. And given that every episode began with a voiceover introducing him as "Architect David Vincent", I was amused to find that one book had him as an engineer.

    And I'm rambline massively, but you probably get the point. Books based on TV shows can often be very frustrating when they take liberties with the characters that we love!


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