Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Quantum Voyagers!

Hey all, this video was sent to me last week by Pearvert on Youtube. They love to make opening credit mash-ups for different tv shows, and do a really fun job of it. So, the obvious mash-up would be Quantum Leap and Voyagers, right? Even I tried it with just playing around with the theme song at one point. Well, here's the video this person made and I think it's just brilliant, the special effects are great too. I so need to get a better comp and movie making program. I'm way behind...but money is an issue these days.
They really made the credits look authentic and went all out. Can you imagine Phineas as Doctor Sam Beckett? It's a stretch...but with this video it works for me!


  1. Oh, wow! I nearly fell off my chair laughing when the Imaging Chamber door closed on Jeff! And that really IS uncanny the way that opening scene on QL---the clouds Sam flew through in Genesis---resemble the effect of bursting into the Cosmos, and it's only because of the way he overlapped them that I noticed it!


  2. HAHAHA, So did i! Jeff as Al was awesome, he really caught all the nuances of the QL opening for this,the clouds really are similar. I loved the pictures from Voyagers and the years, though I *think* I see the wrong year when it flashes on baby Moses in the Nile..it says 1555bc not 1450 bc, I'll have to check again.


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