Voyagers! The Junior Novel: Ch.11 (The end and onward to…the 25th century?)

Bogg and Jeff made it out alive after the dogfight with the Red Baron and are *seemingly* safe. But there's something completely different here. Bogg goes back to the old, "I gotta get you home" routine. Now how is that even possible with his omni? You know, "This here omni that only has circuits up until 1970…"

This tiny chapter made me a little giddy. It incorporated certain ideas that many Fan fiction writers have used all along. See what ones you can figure out. Because it's the final chapter and it's so short, I'm gonna be a good sport and post the entire chapter, then proceed with my final musings.

Chapter 11 

We are alive, aren't we?" Jeff asked.

"Yeah," Bogg said. "We made it."

"And Eddie and Mary?"

"Green light, kid, remember? They made it, too."

"Good," Jeff said.

Bogg stood over Jeff, staring down at him thoughtfully.

"Time to talk business, kid," he said.

"What kind of business?"

"I have to get you home."

"Home? But we're Voyagers."

"I'm a Voyager, kid. You're only here by accident."

"But…you can't." Jeff said. "You told me your Omni can only be set as late as 1970."

"Not true." Bogg said. "I have an adapter to bring it up the the twenty-fifth century. 1 didn't have much faith in the adapter, because the Omni was fouled up. But it's been working perfectly the last few times."

"But, Bogg; Jeff pleaded. "1 don't want to go home."

"I know, kid, Bogg said tenderly. "And you must know by now that 1 don't want you to go. But rules are rules."

"What rules?"

''You have to be called to be a Voyager, kid. You have to be plucked out of time and assigned the job."

"How do I get called?" Jeff asked.

"I don't know," Bogg said. "But I do know one thing. When I turn in my report, your name will go to the top of the list of candidates. They won't even have to train you."

"You think they'll call me?" Jeff asked. Bogg smiled at him. "They'd be crazy not to," he said.

They stood there smiling at each other.

Then they heard a booming sound from far off.

"Hear that?" Bogg said. "It sounded like a cannon."

There was another explosion, this time much closer. Then they heard the sound of hundreds of hoofbeats.

"Where are we?" Jeff asked, looking around.

Bogg checked the Omni. "England," he said. "1066. Pearl Harbor."

More explosions. 'They didn't have cannons in 1066." Jeff said.

"They had plenty at Pearl Harbor," Bogg said uncertainly.

Another explosion. "The Battle of Hastings!" Jeff said.


''England, 1066!" Jeff said excitedly. "The Battle of Hastings! There aren't supposed to be cannons here!"

A cannon shell exploded twenty feet behind them. They fell to the ground and covered their heads.

"No cannons, you say?" Bogg asked.

"That's right! We have to get rid of those cannons!'"

They stood up and looked at the top of a nearby hill. There, heading for them at a fierce pace, rode William the Conqueror and his Norman army.

As they scrambled for cover, Bogg yelled, "Looks like your return trip is going to be delayed a little, kid!"

Jeff ran for the trees, grinning and giggling all the way.

The End. 

So, what did you think?
Now we know this Bogg certainly does lie! An adapter to the 25th Century! If this Bogg really didn't want Jeffrey hanging around he would've brought him right back home from the start and not formed any attachments. I guess it's hard not to. He saved the boy's life and Jeffrey is just so endearing. Look how cute he is hanging off Bogg's side. Aww! He's a lost little puppy, he needs Bogg and Bogg needs him.

Getting back to that funky adapter, if this story came from an original script, I can think of one reason why the writers/director decided to cut that function of the omni out. It's too much work. They knew that eventually they'd have to use that adapter and send Bogg and Jeff into the future. That is actually not a bad concept. It would make for an interesting fanfic.

In the show, Bogg could have met Jeffrey Jones as a grown man and help him preserve something huge that would affect earth in the coming years. Maybe even see himself as an old man...or something much more humbling, a Phineas Bogg statue erected in his honor, because he died valiantly for the cause. Then he would go back to little Jeff with so much pride, and a little anxiety over his own future. But it could be changed like BTTF? Remember, Doc read that letter Marty wrote! 

We've seen that before in other shows haven't we?

My guess is that the Voyagers writers weren't prepared to invent a future far from 1982 without it looking Star Trek or 80's Battlestar Galactica, or even the horrible 70's sci-fi series with a fascinating premise, 'The Starlost.'
A friend of mine got this show for me as a gift. She did it as a joke because she wanted me to see how cheesy the whole thing was! What a sweetheart! I have to get back to watching it, but each episode is 45 minutes! I mean really, just look at the sets! For more info on this Canadian TV show, here's an actual fansite! – The Starlost-The Word

Back to Voyagers! The other references that tickled me was how Bogg explains some of the Voyager Headquarters processing. A Voyager has an official calling, and Bogg has to write up a report to get Jeffrey candidacy. I've recently come up with a *new* theory on how the Voyagers are chosen in my very latest story. Those that read it so far, liked the idea. And wouldn't ya know it, I've inadvertently used the Candidate theory! Ever since watching "LOST," that word 'Candidate' had been grinding in my brain and I had to do something with it. I didn't realize this little Voyagers book referred to them as such. Right on!
So we come to the Battle of Hastings, which I knew naught about when I watched the Pilot. I'm glad the author threw in that it involved William the Conqueror.

But then again, that's the point of Voyagers. remember Jeffrey's mantra:

"Take a Voyage down to your public library, it's all in books!"
I'm in the library more than I care to be these days, thank you, Jeffbut I'm always finding books and movies to watch and read. You know what would have been funny? A Scholastic publicity shot of Bogg and Jeff, showing the boys actually reading books, some in a comical way, like Bogg peering over a book entitled 'History' and maybe it's upside down, and Jeffrey looking at him with arms crossed and an eye roll. I can picture it so vividly.
One final aspect the novel leaves out, was having Bogg pick up Jeffrey like a football and run for the opposite hills. I love that, don't you?

Well, this is the end of the book! It was cool to see how many of the readers actually went and bought it after I posted links a few months back. It's a must-have for any true Voyagers fan and we need to swap them up quick. It's not like they're being printed anymore, there are only so many copies left. If you haven't gotten yours, I suggest you do so fast, before they're gone forever!


  1. Ginger, I love that last picture of the two of them! What a great find.I am glad in a way they dropped that idea of the adapter out , because I like the idea that there are certain times zones they cannot travel to. I wonder each Voyager might have a certain time period that might be there special area of expertise? such as Bogg would be more at home in the 17th and 18th century than in the 21th century. It would be interesting to see Bogg use a computer LOL . I love the shadow idea that was in your latest story. Ialso think a pict.ure of them reading would be hilarious! Great post EmilyW

  2. Hi Emily,

    I really appreciate your comments. Isn't that picture just awesome? I'm glad the adapter was cut from the script too. I believe that Voyagers are assigned different 'chunks' of allotted time zones, even thought Drake had open time calibration, that's something reserved for the upper classmen I guess. However, if Bogg and Jeff are to be assigned to find Drake, they so need to get an open-time calibration omni too! lol. There are some stories on FF, one by Jake who reviews here, that shows Bogg learning the computer, it's really funny to imagine it.
    I'm really liking the Shadow idea myself, and I had a thought to write a small snippet of how Bogg's Shadow helped him after being left on the rocks. Kinda like a side story.
    Thanks again! G.

  3. Oh, yes, that picture of them reading books! I can just see it! It's perfect! (Maybe your artist friend can paint know, the one that did that gorgeous oil portrait of Jon?)

    Yeah, that bit about the adaptor sounded too contrived to me; I'm glad they dropped it. There are various ways they can end up in the future, and I think *all* of us have such an idea in our individual idea boxes. I know I've got two or three kicking around back there somewhere. The most obvious one is to have HQ *send* them for some reason.

    Ah, yes, you refer to "Plucked!" Thanks for the free plug! ;D Sadly, though, that chapter is no longer there if anyone goes to look for it; I took it down for a major rewrite. Oh, and for those who are intrigued by my new OC, Will Parker, stay tuned; he will be appearing in future stories. And if you want to know who I've got in mind for the role, think David Boreanaz. ;D


  4. Hello, folks! My name is Tatianna Raquel and I am the Voyagers' Brazilian fan for 20 years! I have watched all 20 episodes of the show on the TV (every friday evenings) in 1989 and now, over 2 decades later, i'm watching the entire TV series on TCM Latin America every saturday noons. I wish you to post at this blog and arcticle about Calpernia (a beautiful girl of the Roman times), who became Jeffrey Jones' friend (at my request).
    Many thanks from Brazil!
    Tatianna Raquel

  5. Hello Tatiana, it's so nice to have you reading my blog. Thank you for the suggestion on a blog for Calpurnia, that's an interesting topic. I will take it into consideration soon. I have 2 other blog posts to make and I will do some Calpurnia research, if any, i can find.

  6. It is too bad the history channel could not buy Voyagers! concept or make something like it.


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