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I realized that if I want to keep the moniker of being 'Voyagers! Guidebook' I should actually try and do some guiding. I created a new playlist on Youtube for all the great clips of the series that I've been posting. The 'series' is called, 'Random Voyagers!'

This is in hopes to draw more fans to the show and just have a pit stop place to view Voyagers on the run. I can't believe I got as far as I did, but there's plenty more to come. You'll probably notice I left out the Pilot episode for now. I think it's just been so overdone between clips and videos and other people posting episodes, I decided to give it a break. We all know what our favorite scenes were, we are so obsessive, we can quote them verbatim- I may have left out a few below, I know I did some of my favorites, but I just listed the quintessential!

1. Bogg bravely diving after Jeffrey out the skyscraper window

2. The "Are we alive?" conversation and 'Who do you think you are?' argument

3. The brilliantly staged "fight on the beach" scene with Jeffrey in tears.

4. The sad aftermath of the brilliantly staged fight on the beach with Jeffrey in tears

5. Bogg and Mary strolling through the streets and Bogg getting kissed and slapped.

6. Meeting Agnes and the famed entrance into the Wright Brother's bicycle shop

7. The daring flight off the Big Rock Cliff and Jeffrey running to help, (if you notice when he tries to wake Bogg up there's a nice rock ready to do damage centimeters from Bogg's head...but gone seconds later.)

8. Bogg's thrill upon landing in a haystack, only to have it marred by rapid machine gun fire from the Red Baron.

10. Bogg convincing Eddie to let him take to flight.

11. The dramatic Red Baron chase

12. The dramatic run for the hills with Jeffrey subbing for a football!

I wanted to give the Pilot a break. If you look through these scenes there are other biggies I may have missed. I'll go back, but right now I'm on a roll forward. I don't want to just post entire episodes. A lot of these scenes are my absolute favorites too. Each scene is pretty much 1-4 minutes. Like a Voyagers! Snack.

So eat up and enjoy!


  1. I have been watching Random Voyagers ! Playlist and I love it ! What a great idea. There are somethings you miss or don't catch the first or second time you watch a show so it is good to have maybe one scene to focus on. I never noticed a rock before . but now I will go back and watch it to see it. I think one of my favorite scenes from the pilot is when Bogg comes out of the water and his scenes with Mary. Thanks so much for coming up with this idea , I now have something I can watch when my husband and son are watching hockey.EmilyW

  2. Hi Emily! I'm glad you like it. :D Yep, that Rock is there, actually, when Bogg is groaning, before Jeff pounces. It's just a gaffe, something I should add to the Random section of the website, where I post other mistakes, etc.

  3. You missed out a pilot highlight - the fact that Phineas has inexplicably blond, flyaway hair for the duration. ;)

    Apparently his previous mission was in a hairdressing salon c. 1981.

  4. @swordz-Of course! I didn't want to get all nitpicky now, LOL. Like he also made a pit stop at the Salon in the Titanic episode, heheheh.


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