Like P.B. and J. (A fan video)

This is a gorgeous video created by youtuber and big Voyagers! Fan, DoloresLehman.

We all know what PB & J stands for right? I mentioned it in one of my favorite and earlier fanfics...

Peanut Butter and Jelly
of course! I mean, those two go together like salt and pepper, bread and butter!

...oh yeah, it also stands for Phineas Bogg and Jeffrey Jones, and they go together just as well! ;D


  1. I DEFINITELY needed this tonight! Thanks loads!


  2. What a beautiful and very moving video ! It had so many of my favorite scenes between the to of them, I love the one where he puts Jeff over his shoulder! The quotes were perfect too. Thank- you for posting it what a treat! EmilyW

  3. Hi,
    it wasn't before tonight that I noticed it's here in the blog, too. What an honor! Thanks for the compliments :-)


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