Finding Bliss

Hola fellow Voyagers! This is just a quick fan-fiction post. It's been going on 4 months since I last wrote a Voyagers! story. Out of inspiration from some conversations I was having about Bogg's gals, one name kept sticking out to me – Veronica Bliss. She was the cutie from 'Destiny's Choice.' That was one of my favorite episodes.

So, if you're a Fanfic reader, you may like this story, I don't see it going more than three chapters. It's not one of my usual epic length tales. I have a good feeling about it. The story is written in first person – those are so fun to write. And I need the practice. This is one Phineas pairing I think works swell. :) I mean, hey, Phineas gave Veronica...THE LOOK!

Phineas is lonely and bored with strong desires for chili con queso. Who would have thought a little gal with a lisp could steal his heart? But his return may prove to be a fatal red light and ruin his chances at finding...bliss! A shortish one shot:D


  1. I just finished reading the first chapter and I loved it This episode was one of the better ones in the last part of the series .I loved that line about putting the Phantom of the Opera to shame that sounds just like something Bogg would say and I can almost imagine Jon saying it! LOL What I like about Veronica is she is different than some of the women Bogg falls for. Of all of Bogg's gals Iliked Olivia the best , but I could easily see him with Veronica. Thanks for writing this story I look forward to reading the next part. EmilyW

  2. Hi Emily, sorry for the late reply, thank you so much for reading and enjoying it.:) I hope to have it finished soon. I threw in the POTO line also as a nod to one of my earlier (and favorite) stories called 'Voyage of the Paris Opera.'


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