Bat's Breath! Check out the Voyagers! Merchandise.

Looking for Voyagers stuff? Check out Cafe Press's large assortment, starting with the Bat's breath shirts, polos, mugs, buttons, notebooks, sweaters and so on. It's not visually pleasing, kinda plain, but it's something! I'd personally go for the notebook and mug. There is another version that's scripted in black lettering, but it's still plain.
 Bat's Breath store:

I remember a few years ago Cafe Press had some wonderful Voyagers items, someone had designed notebooks that looked like part of Phineas' vest and pants, and one for Jeffrey with the red and white stripes and brown pants. I should have bought those notebooks when I had the chance, but alas, I was unemployed. But you can still purchase them in button format. There's a Jeffrey throw pillow/button, coaster and clock! and 'Smart kids give me a pain' gear, and 'Time waits for no man' bumper stickers.

Check out these omni items. There's the Voyagers Messenger bag along with the hat, shirts and even baby bibs. 

You like this design? I sure do.
Check out the Home decor along with stickers and flair. I think if I do make a purchase it will be something from this bunch. It's very classy looking.

And here's a general link with stuff I missed, there's one with crudely drawn gold V's too. I searched under the Jon-Erik Hexum tag, it's all Voyagers related.

I love the fact that all this stuff is out there, it's like VHQ selling campus stuff. So funny. As you look at the pages keep checking out the links, because they take you to even more stuff from the various Voyagers stores. It's pretty cool!

Many soft landings!


  1. Hey VoyagerG! I love that Cafepress is selling this stuff also,though you are right it is kinda of bland. I was hoping for a poster of Jon ,I had one years ago . What would have been cool would be a Voyager calendar, I would certainly buy one if they made one. I love what you have done with the site. Great job ! EmilyW

  2. Hi Emily! Thanks for the comment. Yeah, I decided to spruce things up around here. I thought the library theme fit, it's part of my life right now, and as Jeffrey says, 'it's all in books.' lol.

    As for Cafe Press, they are able to make money off their merchandise because they don't sell copyrighted stuff. A poster or image of Jon wouldn't be allowed. So most of the items on the store are like catch phrases and maybe a generic image posted on the t-shirt.

  3. I sure love that messenger bag. I'd be afraid to take it out in fear of losing it by mistake.

  4. Hi! I thought that bag was very cool too. :D It's definitely a conversation starter. I would rather it in a different color though. The yellow is too bright for me. If I were going to school I would definitely use it as a knapsack.

  5. shouldn't be too hard to get a working GPS locator in an Omni body with the globe being moveable and the rings to display date and time

  6. That's very true, a working omni in that sense can definitely be made.


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