Saturday, October 30, 2010

A travesty for a big piece of Brooklyn's history…

I can't bear the thought…

They want to remove our Boardwalk! :( The famous Coney Island boardwalk that has existed since 1923 and added to the whole beach-front-amusement-park atmosphere, may be on its way out. I remember the days before they put down the fake planks and sank it to beach level. We were always racing across it, since the heat was a scorcher! We washed our sandy feet with our castle shaped sand buckets from the fountains and tried to peek down between the planks to see what was going on. Taking my then little siblings and putting up a towel while helping them get dressed under the boardwalk. Not to mention the splinters from the original rotted wood. :D Ahh the good old days.

It is still a great walk-way. The decision gives valid reasons for the change, but it saddens the hearts of New Yorkers everywhere. The Boardwalk should be deemed a landmark before it's too late.


Blurb from 'Amusement Park Culture':

The famous boardwalk opened with great fanfare on May 15, 1923, and was realigned and rebuilt as part of overall improvements by the Parks Department between 1938 and 1941. The pier at West 17th Street, first built by George Tilyou in 1904 as part of Steeplechase Park, was acquired by New York City in 1921, and Parks assumed jurisdiction, along with the beach, in 1938. The agency moved to shut down many of the honky-tonk establishments which operated along the boardwalk, and even underneath. As part of this effort, in-house Parks designers created new standardized, streamlined refreshment stands.

For the last few years, Coney Island Amusement Park was under threat of being completely torn down and rebuilt. Well, a lot of new attractions have been added and it's brighter than I ever remember! The only complaint I have…ironically of course…is that the boardwalk gets very dirty after a time. Especially on the weekends. But what's Coney Island without the mess? As of this summer it's actually become even more 'family friendly.' Though you'll still find your usual drunks and troublemakers and such roaming the boardwalk at night. Sigh, nothing in this world is untainted..nothing.

The new developers still left us with some dignity and didn't remove our famous Wonder Wheel and Cyclone. Those two rides have been designated Historical landmarks. I do miss seeing the spooky, vine-covered abandoned Thunder bolt ride. Around since 1925, it was finally discontinued in 1982 after a fire. (Hey, maybe Jeffrey Jones got to ride it!) It was demolished in 2000 before proposals were able to get approved to make it a landmark. :(

For now, though somewhat altered, Coney Island still stands. However, I'm COMPLETELY miffed the removed the old Antique shooting gallery. I used to love to 'hit' the target on the Piano player and watch the dummy plunk down and bang the keys in Slow-motion. Or the spinning beer can and the giant bear that rose up and growled. I can still hear all the crazy noises in my mind whenever anyone hit those funky targets. They used real .22 rifles too and you got a bunch of shots for fifty cents.

The Coney Island New Yorkers and Brooklynites grew up in and loved is slowly fading away…but it's forever resilient, withstanding centuries of changes.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Twenty-six years ago today...

Jon-Erik Hexum

November 5th, 1957~October 18th, 1984

On October 3rd, 1982 Jon-Erik's Hollywood career came to life when Voyagers! premiered. Within 2 short years of burgeoning fame — in the same month — Jon-Erik Hexum's young life was lost from a tragic, self-inflicted accident on-set. For twenty-six years, his family, friends, and countless fans old and new continue to keep him in loving memory.

Not to take away from the brevity of Jon's tragedy, but rather, keeping it in perspective...

Around the world today, an average of 150,000 people die on a daily basis. Somehow I feel with the world in the tailspin that it's in, that number is higher. It's very sobering to think about. Let's all continue to find a measure of joy, peace and happiness in our lives and do our best to keep ourselves and loved ones healthy and safe.

Ecclesiastes 9:11

'I returned to see under the sun that the swift do not have the race, nor the mighty ones the battle, nor do the wise also have the food, nor do the understanding ones also have the riches, nor do even those having knowledge have the favor; because time and unforeseen occurrence befall them all.'

Friday, October 15, 2010

'Back to the Future' Reunion 2010

Wow, I can't believe it's been 25 years! This movie has earned 'classic' status. Hollywood should never attempt to touch it. You just cannot do a remake. Despite that it's glaringly eighties, it's the ultimate movie for all things of that decade. And remember part 2? At the 80's 'memorabilia' shop? Don't knock those dust busters! I have one and it still works great.

I don't think they were so far off the mark with the future. At least with the fact that everyone was going to be inspired by the eighties again. It's already happening. I would love to go to a 'Cafe 80's.'

Oh, you can also see what 'Biff Tannen' the best Hollywood comedic bully ever, has been up to these days, he has a blog here!

Tom Wilson USA... Large man, good blog.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Voyagers!: Mr. Sandman-Pilot Redux (The Chordettes/K-Prod Remix)

My video remix of the Pilot episode and Mr. Sandman, an updated version of the one I did with Mr. Sandman a few years back. (One of my very first vids) :D Enjoy!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Your Writing Environment

I just started to pick up where I left off in one of the best books for writing out there- How to write and sell your first novel. By Oscar Collier and Frances Spatz Leighton. Amazon shows the old cover, but you can do a look inside and see pages from the revised edition. I have the same in soft cover. It's a great general book that takes you through the process of creating/writing and eventually to selling/Publishing (haven't gotten that far yet!)

I decided to post some of the tips from Chapter six so all you budding authors can create the right environment! I thought these were too good not to share. I like how the end of each chapter sums up all you've read in a handy-dandy 'Tips' section.

I figure if I can plug pages upon pages of Fan fiction, then I can surely start plugging an even rougher version of a real novel that can one day be published. You can even set a goal to have a first rough draft of a novel in 3 months time if you stick to your plan.

• Set yourself a daily writing quota of three pages. (Cut out the heroics and stick to three, you can gradually work yourself up to 4 or 5)

• Write during the time of day when you feel most alert. Set aside the same time in the same place every day for writing. Writing should become part of your daily routine.

• Pick a location where you can be productive, whether you require background noise or absolute silence to write.

• Take a few minutes every day before you start writing to visualize what you're going to work on.

• Think positively. Get enthused and excited about writing every day.

• Avoid all interruptions during your writing time.

• Work out dialogue by speaking it aloud.

• Reward yourself after you complete your daily three pages. (A pint of Ben and Jerry's or Breyers ice cream should do the trick!)

• Keep writing--even through writer's block. Switch to another chapter or section of the novel if difficulty persists.

• Count the number of pages you write every day. Just because you wrote extra pages yesterday is no excuse to fall short today.

• Use different color folders to hold your manuscript and your outline.

• When you reach the end of your novel, take time to review what you wrote and fill in any gaps you might find. Check any dubious facts. (SO IMPORTANT for those like myself who want to create a rich historical atmosphere.)

• Relax. Let your manuscript "cool" for a while. (This could even be for weeks! Don't talk about your novel either, so you're not tempted to go in and edit to the point of death.)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Voyagers~Time Trax Connection

Just remembered a bit of trivia between these two cool Time Travel Shows. Actor Peter Donat, who played the nefarious time traveler Mordecai Sahmbi in Time Trax, was in the episode 'Merry Christmas Bogg' and played George Washington. I should have recognized those eyes. But every time I saw Sahmbi I kept thinking to myself that I had seen this guy before. He does have a long, impressive resume of work.

~Peter as Sahmbi~

~And as Washington~