'Back to the Future' EW.com Reunion 2010

Wow, I can't believe it's been 25 years! This movie has earned 'classic' status. Hollywood should never attempt to touch it. You just cannot do a remake. Despite that it's glaringly eighties, it's the ultimate movie for all things of that decade. And remember part 2? At the 80's 'memorabilia' shop? Don't knock those dust busters! I have one and it still works great.

I don't think they were so far off the mark with the future. At least with the fact that everyone was going to be inspired by the eighties again. It's already happening. I would love to go to a 'Cafe 80's.'

Oh, you can also see what 'Biff Tannen' the best Hollywood comedic bully ever, has been up to these days, he has a blog here!

Tom Wilson USA... Large man, good blog.


  1. Twenty-five years?! Ouch! I saw that at the cinema. Had the sticker album, too. I could never get any stickers for it, but I did have the album. :D

    Certainly an influential movie. British pop band McFly took their name from Michael J Fox's character, and none of them were even born when the film first came out.

  2. LOL. They are always quick to franchise things but never follow through. Too bad they never did any kind of marketing for Voyagers! Nobody got it back then, you create a show for kids, then do something with it. Market the books, make Bogg and Jeff dolls, back in those days they had the 'Tops' cards, that would have been cool too. Or..stickers! lol.
    I don't remember seeing the first BTTF in the theaters, but I clearly remember seeing part 2 and three. Even though they were all made together, they didn't come out here until 89 and 90 or 91.

  3. Hollywood memorabilia is a great way of making a connection to the past and celebrating the glowing past that the film industry has had in Hollywood.

  4. Oh man, this movie is just p e r f e c t! I loved it when I first saw it in the cinema, I was only eight and I didn't quite understand it, but I loved it anyway! And every time I saw it after that (and that were a lot of times), I loved it even more! I guess it's because time travel has always been my topic!

  5. Maybe it is just me , but both Michael and Lea look like they have not aged at all! My favorite part in that movie is when he asked for a Pepsi Free LOL.I love the idea of Jeff and Bogg dolls or a Voyager lunch box! I agree with Dolores time travel is a great topic. EmilyW

  6. Time travel rocks! :D Oh yeah, I need to buy another ken doll so my sister can make a final Phineas Bogg doll. The one I have on the website is a little ragged. lol. But it's hard to make poor Jeffrey, no little boy dolls out there. Well there's one, but he's a 'rug head' I would have to stitch curls in his hair. We've re-rooted dolls before and it's HARD, and it doesn't always come out so good. A Voyagers Lunch box..and it has to be like the seventies/80's TIN..would be AWESOME. You know there are sites where you can design your own tin lunch boxes. Wouldn't that be so cool?
    Oh yeah, 'I'll have a pepsi free..'
    "Hey, you want a pepsi pal you gotta pay for it."
    LOL Great line. Classic movie.


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