Voyagers!: Mr. Sandman-Pilot Redux (The Chordettes/K-Prod Remix)

My video remix of the Pilot episode and Mr. Sandman, an updated version of the one I did with Mr. Sandman a few years back. (One of my very first vids) :D Enjoy!


  1. There is only one word for this video Perfect !!! I love all the scenes, especially ,the one where they land on the haystack! It makes me want to go back and watch the pilot again. I love your videos I hope you make more! EmilyW

  2. Hi Emily. Thanks so much for the comment. :D The pilot is a great episode, isn't it? The haystack scene is so cute too. I hope to make many more too, as long as I can get around Youtube yanking my sorry videos off the site. :(


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