Voyagers~Time Trax Connection

Here's bit of trivia between these two cool Time Travel Shows. Actor Peter Donat, who played the nefarious time traveler Mordecai Sahmbi in Time Trax, was in the episode 'Merry Christmas Bogg' and played George Washington. I should have recognized those eyes. But every time I saw Sahmbi I kept thinking to myself that I had seen this guy before. He does have a long, impressive resume of work.

~Peter as Sahmbi~

~And about 10 years younger as Washington~


  1. One of those faces who crop up all over the place. He did The X-Files as well - quite a few episodes, if I remember correctly. That's going back a while now, though!

    And of course he's the nephew of Robert Donat. Quite a familiar name for those of us who love the world of black and white. :)

  2. He was also married to Michael Learned aka Olivia Walton. He is one of those character actors who you see and go now where have I seen him before? I didnot know he was related to Robert Donat. Merry Christmas Bogg was one of the best episodes! EmilyW

  3. This is all true facts above. lol. And Peter has a brother named Richard who is an actor mainly in Canadian television. I looked it up, he played Mulder's father on X-Files.


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