Monday, November 8, 2010

Another Quantum Leap~Voyagers! Link…sorta ;D

Thanks to great Voyagers! fan, Fanfic writer and my blog reader, Jake Crepeau 

She found this fun 'connection' between shows! Check out that very cool pin Al is wearing. I remember using 'V' pins in one of my first 'Voyagers Aide' story, but I had never noticed this before. This is from a third season weird episode called, 'The Boogieman.'

Hmmm…It makes you wonder if Sam Beckett is not somehow part of Voyagers Headquarters and the whole scheme of things. Perhaps they are directing him on his leaps? :)


  1. You're giving out hints these days, aren't you? ;D LOL

  2. "Bats eyes" Oh, did I really? LOL. heehehe

  3. Noooo! You must never write that episode title in full! You have doomed us all!!!!

    *hides under bed*


  4. I was wondering when somebody was going to bring that up! ;D

  5. Ooh, Forgot about that tidbit on the episode. And I read it on your blog, swordz! I'm sure you're all safe and sound, right? Jinxes and hexs..(well, only HEXUM) don't affect me. lol.


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