Jon-Erik Hexum w/a crew cut interview 1


  1. Wow Ginger! What a find, I watched it this morning and really enjoyed it. I am not wild about the crew cut , but as usual he looked great and I thought he handled himself well. I imagine he would have a shorter hairstyle if he were with us today . It makes you wonder what he would have looked like if he had gotten older. Thanks for posting this rare gem! EmilyW

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed it Emily. I like these interviews, but they are so annoying and shallow sometimes. They have nothing better to talk about than his hair and beefcake image. Nobody ever thought to dig real deep and ask him questions that matter or about his future goals for movies and things. That woman annoyed me with her questions, assuming he was just a popular jock boy in college who wouldn't give girls 'like her' the time of day. PUHLEEZE. I liked his response to her.
    I have another interview I'll be posting next. :D

  3. And the best part about his response is, it was completely sincere. He was so incredibly uncomplicated, it's heartbreaking.

    As for what he'd look like today, I suspect he'd look a bit like Dolph Lundgren, only better. I know Lundgren strongly reminds me of him.

  4. Hmm, didn't think of Dolph, but he does a little. I think he'd look like Maxwell Caulfield! from Grease 2. LOL.


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