Quantum Leap~Voyagers! Connection

Actor Guy Stockwell played Reverend Noise in Voyagers Episode 4 — "Agents of Satan." You remember, the crazed judge waving the omni around in the air and later on in the courtroom shouting condemnations?

Although younger brother Dean Stockwell is perhaps better known, Guy Stockwell was a seriously handsome, reliable performer over the years, appearing in over 30 films and 200 television shows.~Bio continued on IMDB.

So what's the QL connection? Guy's brother is none other than~AL CALAVICCI! Sam Beckett's answer to Bogg's Jeffrey Jones. ;D Guy also appeared in a season one episode of Quantum Leap called 'The Right hand of God." He played a gangster that wanted Sam to throw a boxing match.


  1. I know Guy mostly for some horror movies he made in the 80s. One is called Grotesque and he's just wonderful as the dad... It's a pretty underrated little slasher. Also, he was in Sante Sangre, where he's far less adorable and pretty dang creepy. It's a Mexican horror film produced by Dario Argento's brother, Claudio. I knew Guy was Dean's bro but had never seen him when he was young. Wow. He looks so much like his brother!

  2. He does look familiar from a lot of things. I wouldn't have guessed he was Dean's brother seeing him older, but in his young photo they definitely look alike, the big brown eyes and high/wide cheekbones.

  3. Gee, I guess the blogsite dumped the comment I made this morning. Do you still have that pic of Al I sent you from "The Boogieman"? The one with the pin? You want to show a PQ...V connection, you post that pic; that oughtta make 'em sit up and take notice! ;D

  4. OH YEA!! I'll have to look in my files. I'll definitely post it. If I don't have it, i'll ask ya to resend. Thanks for the reminder! ;D

  5. Ginger, I love the pictures you posted it looks great! I never watched Quantum Leap , but I can see the resemblance,and if you think about it Stockwell is not a common name. Guy was really good in that episode he was so mean and creepy. Thanks for coming up with all the neat info! Emily

  6. hey you kids. So you have discovered Guy Stockwell in some episodes of the Voyagers or the Quantum Leap, and thought that he was really good in these episodes. But you have never seen him in his big films of the 60's.If you have the opportunity to see him in his youth films "The war lord" (1965) (as a magnificent Norman medieval knight opposite to Charlton Heston) go for it ! Guy Stockwell was simply magnificent in this film. He was also a marvellous actor in "Tobrouk" (1967 and the very rarely seen sci-fi film "The visitors" (1969). Discover the forgotten (but really good and handsome actor) Guy Stockwell (in his youth, you will not loose your time. (some of his films can be seen in Youtube).


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