Sunday, December 26, 2010

Phineas Bogg Character Study Finale~Visuals

WOW! I was digging through my old drafts and found this one from the summer of last year that I never posted. It was part of my Phineas Bogg Character study from the time. I'm sure many of you have seen all these before, but enjoy them again anyway. :D

There's nothing like seeing people in action to really understand who they are. Below I posted a collection of videos created by myself and two fantastic video designers, Klaatubes and bluecanvas2 from Youtube. In my personal opinion, these videos capture the true essence of Phineas Bogg in all his glory. Many are comical and quite a few pull at the heartstrings. Enjoy!!

The lure of Urban Archeology

Never mind the temples, deserts, tombs, pyramids and huge, chiseled libraries (That's you Alexandria!) Sometimes all it takes is the guts, grit and determination…okay and some digging tools and a little know-how, and you can find fascinating things in your own urban backyard. New York is prime for finding pieces of history. This past summer, workers at the World trade center found a 32 foot, 18th century ship's hull as they were digging the site. It was apparently used as filler to extend lower Manhattan to the Hudson River. WILD.

Growing up in a mostly elderly co-op neighborhood, and being the Superintendent's daughter, we were always privy to the treasures left behind by those who had moved away or died. It was often part of the job description to clean out the apartment, and the relatives who were *supposed* to handle it rarely came back to claim anything. Sadly, this also included beautiful family photos and albums, yearbooks, and other paraphernalia from as far back as the thirties and forties. If it were me, I would be clamoring for pictures and memorabilia of my family. I do now and I have fun restoring them in photoshop when I can.

So, point being, the last 25 or so years have been a cornucopia of books, records, magazines and dusty baubles and trinkets. Two of the coolest things I think we've ever obtained were a Brass compass, (No, not an omni!) Something more akin to the picture below (not as pretty, trust me)-but very old, with a thicker, dark border/holder. The compass had water inside and I doubt it worked, but I loved to hold it, and sometimes having an antique object in your possession can just spark the imagination.

The other find that we still have was a postage stamp coin machine. So cool. No stamps inside, only the samples where the coin slot would be. Very similar to this-

While reading through my favorite blogs, I came across one from the Bowery Boys about a special book just released at the end of November. It's called Past Objects by Scott Jordan. I fell in love with the cover alone and it made me quite nostalgic for the 'old days' when I used to go with my dad and dig through stuff like you see. Though, I admit I am wearing rose-colored glasses too, because a lot of it was truly junk, old gum wrappers, sporks, napkins, papers, mouse traps, medicine prescriptions, used tissues, clothing that should never dare see a revival. But, you never knew what was what or its value. That's what made it fun. One time my sister scored a bag of barbie clothes and dolls, never opened, but they were modern. I used to love to find books. I keep waiting to see when the Antique Road show will be back in New York State. I would love to attend with some of our findings. Just to see the value.

The basic premise of the book, is that New Yorker Jordan developed a passion for scouring through the five boroughs. He's braved mud slides and garbage heaps, cisterns, privies and other dangers to find remnants of the past. Bottles, cannon balls, metal, leather, bric-a-brac centuries old, and according to the Bowery Boys post, those creepy-Victorian dolls with the staring, dead eyes similar to this one. COOL.

For more information, I humbly direct you to my original inspiration for this post on the Bowery Boys Blog- 'Buried Treasure: The beauty of 'Past Objects,' underfoot.'

You can buy the Hardcover version of this book on Amazon. This one is definitely going on my MUST HAVE list. Past Objects on Amazon.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Purple Rose of Cairo (1985)

I really adore this Woody Allen movie. It's fun and bittersweet and I love the story, writing and music. It uses one of my favorite concepts–where someone is pulled out of their element. It's a stranger in a strange world type of flick that employs Movie Magic, and celluloid fantasy meets harsh reality with hilarious results. The entire cast is fantastic, and i think its a stand-out role for Jeff Daniels, who had to convincingly play the naive, guileless film character 'Tom Baxter' and his counterpart–ambitious actor, Gill Shepard.

I was on a kick making my 'wishful thinking' movie posters this past week. These are posters and manipulations that feature Jon-Erik in roles I would love to see him in. Check out my version of 'The Purple Rose of Cairo' poster below.

Here are two more recent Movie posters I made featuring Jon —Tron Legacy was an awesome film!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

That time again!: Voyagers Omni Replicas and bric-a-brac for sale

*Update 2011: The website which sold these props is no longer on the web. But I'm keeping these images up for Posterity!!!*

A Lovely omni replica made of clay is now up for sale for only $40.00. That's not breaking the bank too much, right? But make sure you look at the specifics first. It comes in the box. It doesn't open, it's about the size of a half dollar. Comes in brass or silver paint.

Here is another one, which is very amateurish, and surprisingly costs more than the one above. This omni however, opens up, but the design is not aesthetically pleasing. It looks like a piece of candy you want to pop in your mouth. Now there's an idea, Omni shaped Caramels!

Hey, you could always buy this and paint it yourself! That would be a nice project.

And look at this Omni Replica prop. I got a big laugh out of seeing it was 'used.' How many voyager miles did they rack up on this thing? Where in time did they go? Read all the disclaimers. It may need some polishing upon receiving it. Hey, you might even have to recalibrate and field strip it too, since it's…USED. And it's an astounding $800.00 My pockets are currently empty and full of lint-Like Bogg's.

And last but not least, there is the Pewter 'V' pendants!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Quantum Leap~Voyagers! connections

Michael Gregory played Lucky Luciano to Sicilian/Brooklyn perfection (He is a Brooklyn native too.) in episode six of Voyagers! — "Cleo and the Babe."

For the next twenty-eight years he developed a "Hey, it's that guy!" career playing small roles in many shows and movies. Michael Gregory on IMDB. He has nice pictures on there too, his black hair is now all silver. :)

Michael appeared in the season one Quantum Leap episode "Star crossed." He played Colonel Wojohowitz and father to Donna Eleese, the woman Sam goes on to marry. This episode is very noteworthy because Sam has a chance to make a MAJOR change to his future.

The first history has Donna leaving Sam at the altar, because she couldn't bring herself to commit to anyone. (We don't see that happen, but Al explains it to Sam.) Basically Donna had major daddy issues. In 'Star Crossed' , Sam has the opportunity to reunite the father and daughter and that changes his future. (Not to mention totally and inadvertently expose Watergate!) At the end we then learn that older Donna is back in New Mexico, helping the Star Bright project and waiting ever so patiently for Sam to come home.

The original Donna Eleese was played by the pretty Teri Hatcher. I liked her as the character, but the older version was played by someone else in season 4. Boo!

Monday, December 6, 2010

A Random Voyagers! Thought for the day

Ahh Agnes! When he was fixing the Wright Brother's model airplane, Phineas explained to Jeffrey that she was in love with Romance. In other words, she was a coquette.

Definition? To chat up: talk or behave amorously, without serious intentions. Or a woman who flirts or plays with men's affections.

Let me just defend Agnes a bit here. True as that may be about her, I think one of the reasons Phineas understood this is because he is the male version. Yes, yes, Phineas fell in love with Mabel Hubbard, he told Maria in Cuba that he wanted to settle down one day, but seriously, there's a little thing called his Voyager career that stands in the way until he is absolutely ready and it won't change history like if he had married Mabel. Until then all he can do is...

Chat up: talk or behave amorously, without serious intentions.

So there you have it, Phineas is a Coquette too. Okay, thanks to an astute reader, he's a COQUET. Because Phineas is definitely all male. Either way, it sometimes takes one to know one.