A Random Voyagers! Thought for the day

Ahh Agnes! When he was fixing the Wright Brother's model airplane, Phineas explained to Jeffrey that she was in love with Romance. In other words, she was a coquette.

Definition? To chat up: talk or behave amorously, without serious intentions. Or a woman who flirts or plays with men's affections.

Let me just defend Agnes a bit here. True as that may be about her, I think one of the reasons Phineas understood this is because he is the male version. Yes, yes, Phineas fell in love with Mabel Hubbard, he told Maria in Cuba that he wanted to settle down one day, but seriously, there's a little thing called his Voyager career that stands in the way until he is absolutely ready and it won't change history like if he had married Mabel. Until then all he can do is...

Chat up: talk or behave amorously, without serious intentions.

So there you have it, Phineas is a Coquette too. Okay, thanks to an astute reader, he's a COQUET. Because Phineas is definitely all male. Either way, it sometimes takes one to know one.


  1. Somehow, I never looked at it that way, but, you know, you're right! He IS! LOL

  2. I think you hit the nail right on the head there,He certainly was one! I like to think that eventually he would have settled down. EmilyW

  3. I only tease because I love. LOL!

  4. He'd have to be a coquet. Coquette is the female version. :p

  5. Ya see, if I had just googled a little further I would have learned that! lol. I will edit that into my post lata! Thanks Swordz. I'm sure my point was not lost. heehee.

  6. Nice comment, you're absolutely right.
    What I admire about Bogg is that he is well aware of the difference between falling in love and actually loving someone.
    He likes to play the game, yes, but he knows absolutely at which point it isn't a game anymore. You'd think his statement to Mable is true, that he said "I love you" to a lot of girls before, but it isn't. He never said to anyone that he loved her, except for, well, Agnes, but that was clearly part of the show to kill her interest in him, like the ten kids, lol.

  7. That's very true, he admired and had crushes on women, but not loved them. What's so funny is the first time I saw Barriers of Sound, I was just as shocked as Jeffrey with that scene I had to go wait....wait...and then say, you, know, he's right! The 'L' word never came out of his mouth.
    Yes, I wonder what ever became of Agnes? I could imagine him coming back and finding her barefoot and pregnant with her ninth child married to some poor shlub she grew to despise who worships the ground she walks on. LOL.


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