Sunday, December 12, 2010

Lost city treasures

This is a very great blog post from the 'Weekend Edition Blog.' It is about photographers who take images of city buildings and areas that have fallen into disrepair and basically have been abandoned. Every building has a story and in some cases the pictures that are taken are used to help the restoration process. I always find it sad to see things in ruins, but it also strikes the imagination and helps you to visualize about the past and the who, what, where, when, why and how of the people and the times they lived in. I always applaud people that want to preserve history. :)

Also, for New York History buffs or those curious about NY. This is a fantastic blog right here on blogger called 'The Bowery Boys: New York City History." These fellas really know their stuff and even make free podcasts. Check it out! You will get hooked on their posts. 


  1. Looking at the pictures on this blog, my first thought was if these walls could talk! . where I live so many old landmarks have been lost. I wish more people were interested in preserving the past. EmilyW

  2. Hi Emily, that's so sad when things get torn down. I just found out recently that they are definitely tearing up the Coney Island boardwalk and have already started laying down the concrete. SIGH! Just another phase in the life of Coney Island, but it's sad.

  3. This is an extremely interesting link to this Yahoo! news film feature. It's so sad to see the decline of these treasures. I'm going to find out more on Mr.Nichols now too. I don't know where you come up with all these interesting items all the time, thanks so much.

  4. Yes, it was so fascinating. I love this stuff. It was sad how Mr. Nickel died, he was missing for a month before they found him buried under a fallen stairway. He died doing something he was passionate about. There really are risks going into these decrepit buildings, they often get condemned for a reason. But I think it's very cool to see them preserved at least in photographs.


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