Phineas Bogg Character Study Finale~Visuals

WOW! I was digging through my old drafts and found this one from the summer of last year that I never posted. It was part of my Phineas Bogg Character study from the time. I'm sure many of you have seen all these before, but enjoy them again anyway. :D

There's nothing like seeing people in action to really understand who they are. Below I posted a collection of videos created by myself and two fantastic video designers, Klaatubes and bluecanvas2 from Youtube. In my personal opinion, these videos capture the true essence of Phineas Bogg in all his glory. Many are comical and quite a few pull at the heartstrings. Enjoy!!


  1. These videos are so good, it is hard to a favorite! I do really like Close to somebody and Phineas Bogg Laconic moods, The music in these videos is perfect! I love watching them! EmilyW

  2. Thank you Emily, I know there's a lot to watch here, I just threw this together a long while ago and forgot about it. lol. Oh, Close to somebody uses everyone's favorite wedding song, Pachelbel's Canon in D. I adore all the different versions of that song. And Laconic moods was like a great spin-off of my Colorful moods, i love that song too, I believe it's Adagio in G.


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