A 3rd Quantum Leap & Voyagers! connection

Actor Michael Gregory played Lucky Luciano to Sicilian/Brooklyn perfection (He is a Brooklyn native too.) in episode six of Voyagers! — "Cleo and the Babe."

For the next twenty-eight years he developed a "Hey, it's that guy!" career playing small roles in many shows and movies. Michael Gregory on IMDB. He has nice pictures on there too, his black hair is now all silver. :)

Michael appeared in the season one Quantum Leap episode "Star crossed." He played Colonel Wojohowitz and father to Donna Eleese, the woman Sam goes on to marry. (I can't remember the reason they have different last names.) This episode is very noteworthy because Sam has a chance to make a MAJOR change to his future.

The first history has Donna leaving Sam at the altar, because she couldn't bring herself to commit to anyone. (We don't see that happen, but Al explains it to Sam.) Basically Donna had major daddy issues. In 'Star Crossed' , Sam has the opportunity to reunite the father and daughter and that changes his future. (Not to mention totally and inadvertently exposes Watergate!) At the end learn that older Donna is back in New Mexico, helping the Star Bright project and waiting ever so patiently for her husband Sam to come home.

The original Donna Eleese was played by the pretty Teri Hatcher. I liked her as the character, but the older version was played by someone else in season 4. Boo!