The Purple Rose of Cairo (1985)

I really adore this Woody Allen movie. It's fun and bittersweet and I love the story, writing and music. It uses one of my favorite concepts – where someone is pulled out of their element. It's a stranger in a strange world type of flick that employs Movie Magic, and celluloid fantasy meets harsh reality with hilarious results. The entire cast is fantastic, and i think its a stand-out role for Jeff Daniels, who had to convincingly play the naive, guileless film character 'Tom Baxter' and his counterpart–ambitious actor, Gill Shepard.

I was on a kick making my 'wishful thinking' movie posters this past week. These are posters and manipulations that feature Jon-Erik in roles I would love to see him in. Check out my version of 'The Purple Rose of Cairo' poster below.

Here are two more recent Movie posters I made featuring Jon —Tron Legacy was an awesome film!


  1. Hey, thanks!
    Now I know what that movie was called! I got to see "The Purple Rose of Cairo" accidentally in Argentina, while zapping through, and I found it such a great idea! The ending was slightly disappointing, however, but the concept is just thrilling. I loved those little gags like him jumping into that car and expecting it to start driving on its own, lol.

  2. Tron Legacy was awesome indeed! And I LOVE that shot of JEH as Sam Flynn. Boy, can you just imagine what his actual form would have looked like in that suit!??! ;D

  3. I actually still have to get Purple Rose on DVD. I loved the gags too. Like when they are all inside the film and the waiter rebels and starts dancing. All the talk between the characters.

    You're right, it's not an ending I would have chosen either, but it was thought provoking and honest. To me it was like, this is the life she leads, she's stuck with it, and nothing will take her away from her escapist fantasies. She loves her cinema too much to stay away, even after all that.

    My 'version' of the film is darker-almost like a blend of 'Pleasantville' and this. First, I'll have Cecilia single, but attached to this brute who wants to marry her, thinks he owns her.

    The actor is a mean, boisterous jerk, nobody likes his attitude, but he's one of the best, handsomest, and draws in the crowds and money. The character is just the same in the film, and sweet and lovable. So, the longer 'Tom' stays off the screen and the more experiences he has, the more real he becomes. My Tom is actually almost black and white! I noticed in the real film, that Jeff's Tom had this B&W Pallor about him.
    Okay, so now as he falls in love with Cecilia, his eyes change color and he starts to become more 'real.' On the other hand, the actor finds himself de-saturating, until the final showdown at the end, where the actor gets trapped in the film and it is removed for good from the public. Then 'Tom' and Cecilia can live happily ever after! :D

    As for Tron, thanks! WOW, can I imagine?! LOL! For some reason I'm picturing his legs, Jon was slightly bowl-legged, they were muscular, but not huge, he was more upper-body. But they were so cute. haha.

  4. This is one Woody that I didn't get a chance to see. Now I'm digging it out of my vault for screening thanks to your recommendation. And that Tron wallpaper is crystal magnificent. Great job.

  5. Hi Klaatu! Thanks for commenting. Get this one out of the vault and watch it. You know, I can totally picture you making one of your wonderful video tributes to it also. That's a request! lol.
    I know I was pretty vague about the film, but even the trailer doesn't give away a BIG part of it, so I didn't want to get into too much detail, I tend to do that and spoil things.

    Glad you liked the wallpaper too. :D


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