That time again!: Voyagers Omni Replicas and bric-a-brac for sale

*Update 2011: The website which sold these props is no longer on the web. But I'm keeping these images up for Posterity!!!*

A Lovely omni replica made of clay is now up for sale for only $40.00. That's not breaking the bank too much, right? But make sure you look at the specifics first. It comes in the box. It doesn't open, it's about the size of a half dollar. Comes in brass or silver paint.

Here is another one, which is very amateurish, and surprisingly costs more than the one above. This omni however, opens up, but the design is not aesthetically pleasing. It looks like a piece of candy you want to pop in your mouth. Now there's an idea, Omni shaped Caramels!

Hey, you could always buy this and paint it yourself! That would be a nice project.

And look at this Omni Replica prop. I got a big laugh out of seeing it was 'used.' How many voyager miles did they rack up on this thing? Where in time did they go? Read all the disclaimers. It may need some polishing upon receiving it. Hey, you might even have to recalibrate and field strip it too, since it's…USED. And it's an astounding $800.00 My pockets are currently empty and full of lint-Like Bogg's.

And last but not least, there is the Pewter 'V' pendants!


  1. It's true that very few (if any) of us can afford $800 for a used Omni, but that's less than half the original price (which was just under $2,000), so it's still not to be sneezed at. Keep looking; somebody may eventually sell one at a more affordable price.

    I have that pendant; it and another one came free with the Guidebook. The second one has a pewter background with a black "V" and slogan, without the "1982." Only that second one was supposed to come with the book; I think they sent two pendants to try to make up for the fact that I had to wait six months for the book.

  2. Wow! I had forgotten it was originally $2000 smackers! Then the 'used' one is pretty much a bargain. This one looks very different from some of the others I've seen. I've seen the other pewters with just the 'V' your book was definitely made to order if you waited that long. What were they doing, writing out the history with quill pens and candlelight? lol. Well, it's still great that you got it!

  3. Actually, at the time I ordered it, TVPast was in the process of contracting with a new printing company, so that caused a lot of delays.

  4. That second omni down does look a lot like gum or maybe even a frozen pot pie. And $2,000 for the other! You'd have to be a very wealthy fan.

  5. Okay, the 'omni pot pie' comment is priceless. For $2000 that omni better really take me through time!


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