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If Phineas Bogg wrote a History book...this is definitely it!

It is five years into their partnership, and Jeffrey is just about ready to go to Voyager school on Planet Voyager, there will be no more relying on his memories of seventh grade history. Phineas has of course obtained a new and improved guidebook, and this time he actually reads through it and keeps it on his person. However one day he just flings it across the room, quite obviously fed up. He has had enough. 

 He loves Jeffrey like his own son, there is no doubt of that, but five years of condescending, patronizing jibs and jabs to his intelligence and seeming lack of historical knowledge has done him in. It's not just the kid, but all his contemporaries at Headquarters-teachers, the council, Voyager Drake-who Phineas believes is the reason he doesn't remember much about history-That dastardly Drake keeps messing it up! The Guidebook info keeps a changing.

Well no more! It's time for our beautiful, illustrious Bogg to take a Voyagers Sabbatical. It's time to prove to his 'smart-mouthed' partner and those snobs at VHQ once and for all that he definitely knows his history, and this is the book he writes!

'If you REALLY want history to come alive, every room needs a spit bucket. Every. Room.'

Major kudos to the real authors of this book, Adam Selzer in particular (Hey, his name is on the cover!)  for bringing history to life in a most hilarious way.

I will say three words, 'BUY THIS BOOK!' As of today, I placed my order.
I am only in chapter 1 of this book, the one I snatched from the library..but I have literally GUFFAWED out loud reading it, it is totally my kind of book with my brand and sense of humor, and it cracked me up even more to imagine this as Phineas Bogg's words of gut-busting, yet utterly truthful historical facts. I mean, he's a time-traveler, the man has seen it all and then some.

"Marie Antoinette had terrible legs!"
"Schnibbits! Learned it from the Gypsies in Hungary-won 12 goats! "
"I've been playing cards since they were made out of rocks."
"Kid, on Wednesday Matinees I was Nijinksi."
"Some of my best friends have been pirates."
"Used to toss the old ball around with Admiral Doubleday."

Check out below for some supplemental samples from the website to see what I'm talking about, and also browse through the website...wouldn't you know it? It's on blogger too. A definite add to my favorite blog list.

I just can't help but imagine these words coming out Bogg's thoughts. He would be so funny, and punchy and sarcastic and of course...brutally honest!

Onward ho! (Images I found online)

Chapter 1: Early Explorers: Brave, Bold and Rich in Minerals

No one seriously claims that Columbus discovered America anymore - plenty of people (including plenty of white people, not to mention the "Indians.") got there before he did. Before 1776, most people credited the discovery to John Cabot, who bumped into Canada while working for the British. But after 1776, people wanted some national heroes that WEREN'T associated with the Brits, so they started naming everything in sight after Columbus. The Spanish tried (and failed, over and over) at setting up colonies throughout the 1500s. The Pilgrims arrived in 1620 and, unlike many who came before them, managed not to get eaten. But between their arrival in 1620 and the 1770s, the only event most people can name is the period in 1690 when people in Salem, Mass started executing suspected witches.
No one knows what Columbus looked like; this famous portrait is said to be of him, but is probably just some random jerk from Bologna:

It's easy to take shots at Columbus on the grounds that he was a massive jerk who couldn't navigate his way through an outhouse with a map and a compass, but still: he bumped into a continent that none of his contemporaries knew was there, which is more than YOU did. 

Chapter 2: The Colonists are Revolting

In the 1770s, colonists rebelled against British rule. In this famous portrait, General Washington rebels against the basic rules of boat safety.
Lonely ol' Chuck Carroll.

John Adams and Thomas Jefferson both died on July 4, 1826. Adams' last words were "Thomas Jefferson smmffffss." Those around him decided he was going for "Thomas Jefferson still lives," but he COULD have been saying "Thomas Jefferson smells" or "Thomas Jefferson still owes me five bucks." What he didn't realize was that Jefferson had died a few hours before. And what NEITHER of them probably knew was that Charles Carroll, another signer of the Declaration of Independence, was also still alive. And, judging by his portrait, so, so alone.

Chapter 3: A Nation Declines to Bathe  
Having formed a new nation, Americans expanded westward, fought a war or two with pirates, and elected a bunch of rather forgettable presidents who didn't even have the courtesy to grow comical facial hair of which future historians could make fun.
President James K. Polk: 
Business up front, party in the back, baby. (With hair like that, he looks like a party animal! VG)

Polk was actually a pretty effective president - he made a list of goals and accomplished them all in one term. He may not be MEMORABLE, but he got the job done. 

Chapter 4: The Civil War - America's Puberty
"The Civil War was like America's puberty. It was growing rapidly, things were getting hairy down south, and blood was starting to flow down there." - Brian Eddlebeck,

Can you tell which soldier is fighting for slavery and which is fighting for "state's rights" or something like that? Get ready to duck; no matter what your answer is, SOME historian is probably going to throw a folding chair at you. 

Chapter 5: The Gilded Age (or, Screw the Poor!)

As the nation got back on its feet following the bloody civil war, it also entered the Age of Invention and the age when a handful of rich jerks owned most of the country. The presidents got hairier - and even MORE forgettable. We LOVE the picture (above) of the Farman Flying Machine - look how excited these guys are to have gotten this thing off the ground! How could it have barely taken a century for flying to get so, so boring? 


Soldiers came back from the war ready to party. There was just one problem: as of January 20, 1920, it was illegal for anyone, of any age, to buy or sell alcohol. But no one paid any attention to that particular law - in fact, in many cities, people drank MORE. The 1920s was an age of glitz and glamor and decadence. But it all came crashing down towards the end of 1929, and many war veterans spent the whole decade jaded, disillusioned, and depressed. 

For years, people had said that if women got the vote, they would start drinking, smoking, swearing, sleeping around, and wearing short skirts. In the early 1920s, women began drinking, smoking, swearing, sleeping around and wearing short skirts. Of course, they'd always done these things (except for the skirts part - right up through WW1, women kept their ankles pretty well covered), but in the 1920s, women, particularly those known as flappers, became much more open about it....

This book is a sure keeper for smart alecky history buffs like me...okay, also for obsessive Voyagers fans like me who's first and foremost intense thoughts when scanning all the history books out there is..
"Gee, this event would make a great Fanfiction story for the boys! Let's see where Bogg and Jeff can tumble in and fix something!"

I love finding 'coffee table' stuff like this! And I'm glad I have a place in which to share this book fascination with the ten people who read and 4-5 people who comment!.  Thank you! Really!

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Ebay has the book up for grabs again!/Other sites to buy it

Here's a list of 9 copies of the Voyagers! Junior Novelization being sold at Barnes Noble, pretty darn cheap too!
Voyagers at Barnes and Noble
And some more copies...
Voyagers at Abe Books
Voyagers at Alibris Books
Voyagers at Powell Books
Voyagers at Biblio

Here's the cover once again, folks. My very, very worn one. :P

If I find any more copies of this book around in other places, I'll be sure to post it. All the fans should have this one in their libraries. :)

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Voyagers!: Chapter 10~The Red Baron strikes!...and get's struck down.

 Death on Voyagers!? Say it ain't so! If I did, then it wouldn't be true to real history, would it? A lot of death in the Pilot episode, it seems, at least 2 with the other pilots. I don't know if anyone else realized this or thought so, but I always felt that when Jeffrey shoots down the Red Baron, and you see his plane speed down in smoke...that Richthofen literally bit the bullet. Jeffrey may have killed him.
'I got him!' 
What do you think? Well first, read my research and then decide. I can't just make some major statement like that and then not back it up!

How did the real Red Baron die? I am going to copy and paste this info straight from a bio website I found. It expounds it a lot better than I probably can, because this research is all new to me. :P

Richthofen was killed just after 11 a.m. on April 21, 1918. He died after being struck by a single .303 bullet, while flying over Morlancourt Ridge, near the Somme River.
At the time the Baron had been pursuing (at very low altitude) a Sopwith Camel piloted by a novice Canadian pilot, Lieutenant Wilfrid "Wop" May of No. 209 Squadron, Royal Air Force. In turn, the Baron was spotted and chased by a Camel piloted by a school friend (and flight Commander) of May, Canadian Captain Arthur "Roy" Brown. After a brief fleeting attack from Brown (who had to dive steeply at very high speed to intervene, and then had to climb steeply to avoid hitting the ground) Richthofen resumed his pursuit of May, but Brown had very probably already saved May's life.
Brown was at the time credited with shooting down the Red Baron - although in light of modern research this actually seems unlikely. Richthofen received a single but extremely serious and inevitably fatal chest wound - it seems almost impossible that, if this was from Brown's guns, he should then have flown on after May for as long as he did.
After being hit, Richthofen managed to make a hasty but controlled landing in a field on a hill near the Bray-Corbie road, just north of the village of Vaux-sur-Somme, in a sector controlled by the Australian Imperial Force (AIF). His Fokker was not damaged by the landing. One witness, Gunner George Ridgway, stated that when he and other Australian soldiers reached the plane, Richthofen was still alive but died moments later.Another eye witness, Sergeant Ted Smout of the Australian Medical Corps, reported that Richthofen's last word was "kaputt" ("broken") immediately before he died.
The identity of the person who shot the Red Baron remains unknown; .303 was the standard calibre for all machine guns and rifles used by British Empire forces during World War I. The Royal Air Force gave official credit to Roy Brown. However, it is now (after a large-scaled investigation in 1998, see under references) considered all but certain by historians, doctors, and ballistics experts that Richthofen was killed by someone on the ground, as the wound through his body indicated that it had been caused by a bullet moving in an upward motion, and, more importantly, that it was probably received some time after Brown's attack.

Okay, now some specifics with how it correlates to the episode. Notice the day and where he died. In France on April 21, 1918. Voyagers never gives us the month or day, but remember, Bogg says they are in  'France, 1918.' And by all accounts when they land in the haystack, it sure looks like a beautiful mid spring day to me. While current investigations say he was shot from the ground, because the bullet appeared to be going 'upward...' if you watch that scene carefully, you'll notice that Jeffrey's machine gun was aiming 'up.' Even if he had no clue where he was aiming! It's so possible that he struck the Baron in the chest, though the series makes it look like he only shot the tail.
The other fascinating aspect is that nobody can say for sure who killed the Red Baron..hmm..and if the Voyagers disappeared right after, no would ever know!
Now obviously, that was what made the green light, the death of the Richthofen. I mean, Mary and Eddie got safely away, so why didn't the light just change then? Because the challenge given to Eddie had to be met, and the Voyagers met it.
So interesting, huh? Well, it was to me, because it was always in the back of my mind that the Red Baron didn't get out of that attack alive. It's still just a theory of course, perhaps Baron went up in the air again after Bogg and Jeff left the scene and then somehow got killed on another spring day. But that just seems awkward.

Still, it gives me fuel to write a quick, little snippet!

Here is some other tidbits of history that the writers of the Pilot episode failed to realize, Eddie Rickenbacker couldn't have been known as a flying 'Ace' at that point in history. He had only made his first flight mission on April 6, 1918. He didn't achieve 'Top American' status until May 30 after downing two Germans in one day. However, during that brief time between April and May, he did fly circles with Richthofen, but he was not victorious until April 26th, days after Red Baron was killed.

So, those are the only main points I had to make about this chapter, because honestly, it reads almost exactly like the episode. Though Jeffrey is a little more knowledgable about the plane when he tells Bogg that the plane doesn't have a clutch, but a throttle. And amazingly, Bogg still yells out, 'Remember the Maine!' to which Jeffrey replies, 'Wrong war again.'

The book claims that the Red Baron, defeated, tips his wing to salute the American Ace, then makes a safe landing.

However, what I believe really happened in this voyage gives credence to another favorite Bogg one-liner of mine,

"Shoot him! Shoot him!"
"I am!"
"Then hit him!"

And that folks, is what Jeffrey did...or did he?

*HOWEVER, I'd like to make more references here, as brought out by an astute viewer/reader of my blog. Right after Jeffrey shoots the plane, you do see in the background someone parachuting slowly down. And I checked and she was right. What could this mean?

1. Yes, the Red Baron has escaped and lived to see another day, if not for much longer since he died in 1918.
2. It is not the Red Baron, but his partner, who may have been the one shooting the machine gun like a maniac, remember, you need 2 people to do this, one to fly and one to control the weapon, right? Not on Red's plane, as explained by same astute reader! Jeesh! My theories are being shot at as quick as Bogg and Jeff were off the haystack!-
The Fokker that the Red Baron flew was a triplane single-seater. The pilot also fired the machine gun, which was timed to fire BETWEEN the blades of the propeller. So there was no partner. That was something I had a feeling was the case, but I'm about as bright as Phineas Bogg when it comes to WWI planes!
3. It was a flub on the series (And we can all attest it had many! hehe) If you notice, the plane fights weren't exactly good old stock footage. You literally saw planes flying around. It could have just been the stunt man escaping the plane and it wasn't meant to be seen...but knowing that it is still a kid's show, it may have been purposefully left in...and Jeffrey is in the clear.

So there you have it. I gave you all the options and research I could find and was given me, now you can make your own informed decisions.

This is it, we are down to the very last chapter for my next entry, literally 2 and a half pages long. After that, I'll have to find other fuel for this blog. :-/ But I will. I remember some of you had given me ideas and I can always write about time travel or a number of things, so I'm not at a loss.

Voyagers always prevail!

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Voyagers!: Chapter 9~Ben Franklin and Richthofen

In the beginning of chapter 9 we get a quick bit of description of the peaceful scene before us. A bombed out barn in France and an old horse calmly eating the hay off the pile. The horse trots off suddenly when it hears the familiar whistle. What do you make of this Voyagers whistle? It ain't Dixie!

Once I described it in a fanfic as a sort of harsh cosmic/sonic and discordant sound that the Voyagers are trained to get used to. Since they are traveling faster than the speed of light and sound, it made sense to me to describe it that way. Just as it reaches the earth's atmosphere with the Voyagers it gently fades to a whistle-The concept is similar to a giant Meteor that wants to strike earth out of orbit, but the moment it hits and passes through our atmosphere it is nothing bigger than a small rock by the time it lands.

However! The author mixes things up here. 'The whistle became louder-louder-ear shattering. But no explosion came. Instead, Bogg and Jeff flew through the air on a pile of hay-the whistling came to an end.'

Say what? It's a wonder Bogg and Jeff aren't as deaf as poor Mabel Hubbard if they have to put up with a noise like that every time. And what about the bystanders in the surrounding area? It seemed to me that the show was oftentimes inconsistent with the whistling business. Sometimes others would hear it and look up like, 'Huh?' Other times they are totally oblivious until the boys literally tumble down at their feet. Continuity, people!...sometimes I often wonder if the 60's-80's tv programs even had Continuity people!

Then swoops in the Red Baron! Shooting at them a mile a minute. Bogg then spews yet another favorite line of mine. "Terrific! Wonderful! We get airplanes into the war so they can blow us to bits!"
Having been present and too close for comfort during the tragic Twin Towers collapse, not knowing if another plane used as a weapon would drop out of the sky and slam into one of the two bridges that hovered over us by the East River...I couldn't agree more with him.
Then Jeffrey throws in even more confusion over who is Richthofen and who is Rickenbacker. I will settle this once and for all. This is Richthofen- and not a bad looking chap, I might add... And the guy below is Eddie Rickenbacker.

CAPICE? Voyagers?
When our Voyagers spot Eddie and Mary
The author tells us the type of plane they are flying that Jeffrey recognizes from his WWI Books. 'They were both two seaters. Both had the markings of the 94th Aero Squadron. One of the planes had a machine gun mounted in the rear.'
After watching the pilot episode yet again I am convinced that the pilots traveling with Eddie and Mary were indeed was pretty obvious. The book describes them as wounded. But, remember how they were just dragged and left face down in the grass? You just don't do that wounded people, now do you?
This was obviously something the show was targeted for by the Censors. After this, no one dies or is seen dead on Voyagers ever again. At least not within the confines of the individual episodes. If you know your history of certain people and events, well, then, ya, many will go on to meet tragic deaths-Spartacus, the Titanic passengers and crew, Cleopatra...among others. 
This just makes me want to back track a bit to the beginning of this adventure. Remember when machine guns were firing like mad at Bogg as he jumped the truck with the motorbike? That boy had to have some kind of electromagnetic force field around him from the omni to protect him from all those rapid fire bullets. Shot from no further than fifty feet or less by at least a dozen men!
It was in a red-light zone. These soldiers were trained for ground combat and they surely knew how to use those guns and ammo! Whew! Just had to get that faux paux off my chest!

Okay, now here comes a really corny joke 'replacement.'
"You know how to fly one of these things?" Eddie asked. Bogg Chuckles. "Did Benjamin Franklin know how to write?"
That joke falls flatter than a pancake under a steamroller! So anyway, the answer is yes...and Mary intercedes and still gets her goodbye kiss. Only she doesn't glibly ask Phineas to join her in Hollywood and forgets who Doug is...though after a kiss like that from Bogg I just might forget who I was!

"Why did you lie to him? You couldn't even fly the glider!"
Good one Jeff! Good one!

"I didn't lie." Bogg said, buttoning up his pilot jacket. "I never lie. Did you ever try to read Benjamin Franklin's handwriting?" 

Well gee, Bogg, it's not that bad!

Nothing can beat Bogg's admission that he has seen Marie Antoinette's legs and thought they were terrible. They obviously weren't these!

But at least the Bogg in this story universe won't have to deal with Jeffrey's pressing, innocent, and inevitable questions on just how that feat was accomplished!

Adios amigos! Until Chapter 10!

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The Voyager's Aide Mashup (Revisited!)

The Voyager's Aide mashup was one of my missing videos and I was extremely happy to find it, chop it up, change the tune, cast a new leading lady, and just have fun with it. XD
I realize it just looks like a collage of seemingly random clips from everywhere, but for those who know the Trilogy, they'll definitely get it. :D There are a lot of yahoos in this story to keep track of, but I love them all more or less...or else I wouldn't have created them.
I have recently finished my edits of the entire trilogy and i'm in a happy place now. lol. Nothing is ever perfect on Fanfic, I must be too blind to see the grammatical errors, missing words and all. I never notice too much in the word doc, but then It's glaring once it's posted. But I had some big changes to make in these, though by story 2 and 3 I had found more confidence as a writer and didn't have to edit as much as I thought. The first original story to this was posted in 2006, since then it's gone through numerous updates and now I can safely say I'm 'done' with touching these stories.
So, here is a summary of the underlying theme of 'The Voyagers Aide.' For those who have read this in the past, thank you kindly.

Phineas Bogg and Jeffrey Jones are assigned Voyager's Aides~
All Voyager Aides also keep low profiles and live in various time zones. Working closely with Headquarters, they must monitor the Voyagers on their case assignments. VA's have access to a colossal database and material goods to help the Voyagers wherever and whenever they need it.
Wicked Voyager Drake has become leader of a dangerous rebel group known as 'Paradox', whose sole purpose is to destroy the fabric of history to their own making.
The Council at VHQ recognized them as a serious threat to the space-time continuum and had at one time instituted a band of forthright Voyagers to form their own group, called, 'Pioneer.' Upon the death of their leader, Charles Sheppard, the group somewhat disbanded. However, years later, Phineas Bogg is chosen to revive the team. He meets Charles' daughter, who grew up to become an Aide. Together, Bogg, Jeffrey and Pioneer must do whatever it takes to stop Paradox from usurping power. There is plenty of action, adventure, angst, humor, spurts of romance and drama in all three stories, including a dark alternate universe in which Jeffrey is trapped... Phineas goes to a time zone that reunites him with his long-lost family... and there are warped consequences for individual Pioneer members when Phineas is killed before he becomes a Voyager! ...

Whew, that's a lot! But it covers the events in all 3! Now that I blogged about this, I don't have to bring it up again, heehee.

Just so one of my special readers is not disappointed!

1. The Voyagers Aide
Bogg and Jeff rescue a little girl in 1941 N.Y.C. and meet an eccentric old man who hold the key to bringing down an evil enterprise. In their adventures so far they 'save' breakfast for generations and Jeffrey gets abducted to a world Bogg forgot. Bogg revisits Artie's replacements and they have an adventure in the French Revolution. Bogg later has a reunion he'll always remember and the Voyager Tribunal summons him for a special purpose..

2. The Disappearance
A major Paradox occurs in the lives of Jeffrey, Kayla, Jeremy and Pioneer when tragedy strikes Phineas Bogg, before he becomes a voyager! VHQ is held captive by Lorna and Drake, while 2 Pioneer Voyagers, John Henry and Regina Sheppard, go to NY to find Jeffrey Jones. Young Kayla meets Phineas, before the tragedy!

3. A road not taken
It's a time for new beginnings in Bogg and Jeff's life, but it doesn't come without a price. Paradox is back in action and Jeffrey makes the mistake of a lifetime, bringing him to a dark place he never imagined. 
'Two roads diverged...and sorry I could not travel both...yet knowing how way leads on to way, I doubted if I should ever come back...Somewhere ages and ages hence; two roads diverged...And I-took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.' 
Snippits of Robert Frost's: 'The Road Not Taken'

"The past was dead, the future was unimaginable."
'Who controls the past'...'controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.' 
George Orwell, '1984'

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Voyagers-Chapter 8: Look! Up in the sky!

It's a bird! It's a Plane! It's...

Definitely not!

No...not George, but I love the old series!
Getting much warmer in here but...not Chris either! 
A Voyager in the Wright Brother's hang glider!

Yes, able to leap Big rock cliff in a single bound! It's Phineas Bogg! Thank goodness Phineas can trust his own engineering skills to take a dive like that. I mean, it must have been hard gluing back those Popsicle sticks that those bickering brothers tore asunder! I'm kidding. I'm actually very impressed that the show gave us a little insight into some of Bogg's skills. He's a Bob Villa. I had fun with this concept of Bogg engineering in my as yet unfinished Prisoners of Time fanfic series. In that story, Bogg is a mixture of fine things, including an Engineer who builds a giant omni ala 'The Time Machine.' Tell me that doesn't look like a giant omni??

I love this description of the initial take-off. 'The first hundred feet didn't scare Bogg much. The second hundred feet made him think he'd lost his mind. Now, more than halfway to the ground, he was sure of it. This wasn't flying! It was suicide!'
This gave me a giggle. 'He let out a whoop as the wind lifted him into an arching curve...He shifted his weight and found that he could actually control the direction of the curve. That called for another whoop!'
I don't remember all this whooping in the series, I recall that Bogg appeared to more or less strain, grit and grind his teeth into a fine powder. He must have somehow omnied to 1992 and helped pen this song. Come on people, you know you were all whoomping to 'Whoomp, there it is' back in the day!

So, while Bogg is making whoopie with the hang glider, poor Jeffrey is 'whipping the horse into breakneck speed' below. The revelations of Agnes and the Wright brothers remains the same as the series.
"Doesn't this thing ever come down?"
And of course, the wind dies.
"I had to ask."

This has to be the most poetic and awesome line in this book, I tell you. But there are still three chapters left.
"Bat's breath!" He said, as though it somehow summed up his whole life.'

What do you think? So now our dear Bogg's life is reduced to the mere exhalations of Chiroptera.
Now check this out, people!:
Bat's breath reveals the identity of a Vampire's last victim.

Oh, yet another graphic line...this is getting angsty! Right up my alley!
'There were loud sounds of ripping and crunching. Rushing to the scene, Jeff prayed it was only canvas and wood he heard, not skin and and bone.'

The 'You can't die!' scene is played out differently here too. Jeffrey rushes to Bogg and instead of leaning on his back right away and pulling his shoulders, he grabs his feet. Trying to tug him with all his might from the wreckage. Apparently the little glider made as much mess as flight 815 crash landing on the island in 'Lost.' Leaving canvas and broken stunts in the trees and all over the ground. You have to admit, this has gotta be the most thrilling opening scene for a TV show ever! Better pull Bogg out quick, there might be an explosion or he might get sucked into the engine like that poor sap in the scene.

Afterward, Jeff throws himself on his new and currently only friend in the world, and Bogg is able to sit up and at least get an arm over him. Sweet. And we also have a cute addition to the Agnes scene here!
Marry her?-check. grow old together-check. ten children?-ten times check. AND-They'll be deliriously happy and traveling all over the country as Bogg takes his hang glider show on the road-'to every town in the U.S. of A.' I could just see Agnes shaking in her hat!

And here comes trouble! Ya see, these two in this story are not as immediately happy-go lucky to see Phineas. "First you steal our glider...and wreck it! Then you steal our girl!" Wilbur accuses him
And then Orville gets really punchy! (My new secret word of the week! AHHHH!!!)

"We ought to shoot you where you stand!"
But..have no fear! Super Bogg saves the day with the intense power of... 
(Yeah, I know the above screen cap is from Marco Polo, not the Pilot, but the grin is still the same!)

'...His eyes crinkled, his mouth began to turn up. Then his face broke into a grin.' Orville and Wilbur grinned too.'
'Dang!'....'That was beautiful.' Whether Wilbur was talking about the glider flight or Bogg's grin...we'll never know.  But the smile tamed the beasts.
And then of course the brothers get all distracted and team up, discussing where they need to make improvements.
And, my favorite Bogg quote ever uttered is changed...a little. 'Look, I know it's hard. Nobody knows it better than I do. But when you feel this way, you have to think of all the interesting people in front of you, who really need your help.'
Here is the quote from the series: "I know it's hard, I've been there too. Whenever you feel that way you got to think of all the interesting people in front of you, who really need your help. We've got responsibilities, we're Voyagers!" 
The only real difference is, one Bogg is humble...the one from the book...not! Remember how immodestly he kissed Mary in the beginning, right before he jumped on the motorbike? And gets a slap for his troubles? And being Jon from Jersey, Jeffrey doesn't 'have to' feel this way, he's 'got to.'

And then, like all good Voyagers must do...They leave Agnes to ponder in the lurch. To grow into an old spinster bemoaning that she let the most beautiful man in the world slip through her dainty gloved fingers.
The End…of this chapter!