Sunday, November 14, 2010

Jon-Erik Hexum w/a crew cut interview 2

Really Nice collages of Jon modeling (with two of my favorite eighties songs.) He speaks about how his good looks can be a detriment to his career. I think he certainly was leading man material. And I agree with him about there being 'types' in Hollywood.

I know of actors who won't get a part just because they are too tall. Chuck fans, I'm talking about Adam Baldwin, who is 6'4. He has said that pretty much as soon as they ask "How tall are you?" chances are you don't have the part. They assume all they are good for is 'towering toughs.'

Monday, November 8, 2010

Another Quantum Leap~Voyagers! Link…sorta ;D

Thanks to great Voyagers! fan, Fanfic writer and my blog reader, Jake Crepeau

She found this fun connection between shows. Check out the very cool pin Al is wearing. I remember using 'V' pins in one of my first 'Voyagers Aide' story, but I had never noticed this before. This is from a third season weird episode called, "The…" I edited this post because it's the episode that shall not be named. But it starts with a "B" and usually hides in your closet or under the bed.

Hmmm…It makes you wonder if Sam Beckett is somehow part of Voyagers Headquarters and the whole scheme of their time travel universe. Perhaps they are directing him on his leaps? :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Quantum Leap~Voyagers! Connection

Actor Guy Stockwell played Reverend Noise in Voyagers Episode 4 — "Agents of Satan." You remember, the crazed judge waving the omni around in the air and later on in the courtroom shouting condemnations?

Although younger brother Dean Stockwell is perhaps better known, Guy Stockwell was a seriously handsome, reliable performer over the years, appearing in over 30 films and 200 television shows.~Bio continued on IMDB.

So what's the QL connection? Guy's brother is none other than~AL CALAVICCI! Sam Beckett's answer to Bogg's Jeffrey Jones. ;D Guy also appeared in a season one episode of Quantum Leap called 'The Right hand of God." He played a gangster that wanted Sam to throw a boxing match.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Latest Fanfic: Voyagers!: A Lighthouse army of two...and friends.

(Yeah, I know, the title kind of gleans off the Marco Polo title...but it fits. :)

After an unusual pirate voyage, Jeffrey & a wounded Bogg land in 1814 Massachusetts and meet two young women who are on guard against a British invasion of their coastal town, Scituate. Bogg is unfit to voyage yet and they are forced to stay in a green zone and help the situation.

I really enjoyed getting back to brass tacks with this Voyagers! story. I originally posted it over a week ago, so it's still fairly newish. It's only six-chapters (Vs. my usual 9-20 chapter 'epics!') and still manages to cram a little bit o' everything, as Voyagers rightly should. And I like to think it plays out like a full episode of the series...perhaps...gasp! A two-parter. That's something I think The Trial of Phineas Bogg could have been! Then we could have seen more of Voyagers Headquarters and the relationship between Bogg and Susan...wouldn't a flashback of Bogg's antics in school have been terrific?

The first half—(as I explain in Chapter 1)—was originally set to be part of a sequel to 'The Origins of Phineas Bogg' but that story just refused to take shape. So I did some re-writes here and there and just mentioned 'Origins' a bit as a cross-reference. Sometimes it's very hard to go back to a story or series once you leave it, but in my case I have a few flapping in the wind that I would very much love to finish and continue with.

I've actually been amassing a bunch of historical research and characters for little stories these last few months, but it's finding the time and drama free frame-of-mind to actually write them that's a kill joy.

As Katherine Hepburn once said—"Life is hard...after all it kills you!"

That best portion of a good man's life,

His little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and of love.

I posted some pictures below of how I envisioned the main characters. It's something I can't help doing. I would give this advice to any writer. It really assists in conjuring the descriptions and seeing the characters in the mind's eye—the way they walk and talk, their body language, quirks...etc—It's a great aid for creating 3-dimensional characters, rather than non-descript people without a face!

I should are more or less for original characters. With Voyagers! you can research and find a photograph or a painting that can give you some semblance of the historical figure. In the case of this story, I couldn't find anyone except Sam Burgess. So using an old drawing from my reference book and my imagination, I picked my faces.

Bogg and Jeff! (As if you'd need a reference...well here it is anyway. These pics of them are particularly adorable. :D I usually get pictures that represent the emotions they'll feel in the story.

Pirate Samuel Burgess:

Rebecca Bates

Abigail Bates

Captain Simeon Bates