100 Posts!

Break out the Party hats! Let's bake an omni cake! This is Voyagers Guidebook's 100th post since its inception in 2009!

Not really a milestone, after nearly 2 years some bloggers may have hundreds, but I think I've became more adept at blogging as time went on. Well, here's hoping for a 100 more, and not within 2 years!


  1. One hundred posts in two years isn't bad! That's around one a week, which I think is pretty good going when you mostly keep to a theme. Some people blog about every little thing in their lives, so they're bound to make more posts.

    Oh, and I definitely like the idea of an omni cake! I have no artistic ability at all, though, so it would be a total disaster. :)

  2. I hope that's a 100% cotton T-shirt, and not a poly-cotton blend; I'm allergic to polyester. Kind of a moot point, anyway, since I really don't have any money to buy one! ;D

  3. Thanks swordz! I guess its not, when I look back I kick myself that I copied and pasted a lot of pics from my flickr account which I canceled and now there are all these blanks..doh!

    Ehh to Cafe Press, I can't even afford my own stuff. haha. I think I'll just get rid of that, it's a lot of work to keep resizing every image, etc. Plus the money you supposedly make is like 1.50 off every 25.00 or some kind of commission like that. Maybe I can make these designs for my website and figure out how to make them 'iron ons' LOL. That would be more fun.

  4. Look for a Michael's somewhere; NYC is sure to have one SOMEHWERE. It's a huge craft store, and one of the things I've seen there is a kit to design your own iron-ons. (If all else fails, try the Yellow Pages! ;D)

  5. Oh, as I already said once, I'd love to bake an Omni cake for you all! But I'm stuck here in Germany, that's a little far and difficult to transport! Some day I'll "hop across the big pond", as we say here, and then, maybe...


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