Green Lights-Aloe Blacc

I really, really dig this song. It's funky, smooth and cool. I just think the lyrics are perfect for Phineas Bogg or any Voyager. I'm working on other stuff now, but I may just use this song in a video if I can.

Green Lights
Aloe Blacc


Something special happened today

I got green lights all the way

With no big red sign to stop me

No traffic jam delay

See I was driving over the moon

In my big hot air balloon

Floating high into the darkness

I hope I’ll get there soon

There's so many things to do

So many people I need to talk to

And they’ve all been waiting for me

Well I got to make it through


Think my stars would rather be green

You have no idea what it means

To a man that’s always traveling

Who's seen the things that I've seen

I don’t know what’s yet to come

Not sure of anything that I’ve done

Really makes that much a difference

Well I hope it has for some


Well I was driving over the moon

In my big hot air balloon

Floating high up in the darkness

I promise that I'll make it to you very soon.

Something special happened today…


  1. Hey, maybe this guy's a Voyagers fan; this song certainly could have been written SPECIFICALLY about Phin! ;D

  2. You never know! I just love the groove of this song, even if it's not quite 'Voyagers' sounding, lol. I'm picturing a video with a lot of green light clips, lol. And now that i can do blends I can have a big red light in the center with green light clips around it at some point.


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