Map of Time~A new time travel novel coming soon…to America

Today's post comes courtesy of great Voyagers and Jon fan BlueCanvas2, because he already owns the book since it was released in Germany last month. The book will be released in June 2011 here in the States. So without further adieu, I will stop typing and let you read what he wrote.

The book consists of 3 time travel stories that are connected to each other. One of the (main) protagonists is the famous Sci-Fi author HG Wells, who assists the protagonists of each story with his expertise as the author of the time travel novel The Time Machine. It's set in London in 1896. I'm not really sure how to summarize the plot without giving away anything important, since the book is really worth reading. Let me just tell you this: Sometimes time travel is real for someone and fake from someone else's point of view. That pretty much described the highly entertaining tales that have brought me many hours of excitement and fun during the holidays.
However, the reason why I am recommending this book to you is because it answers one of the frequently asked questions revolving around the time travel concept of Voyagers: In this book, we get to meet a so-called "librarian" whose job is to watch over history as we know it. Since people traveling through time are able to influence the history of the future, these librarians need to make sure that history will stay on track (these words were not used in the book, though). So the big question is, how do they do that?

Voyagers fans have repeatedly noted that from the future's point of view, changes in history would not be evident, since the "real" history would stop to exist after changes are done. This book gives the following answer: The librarians are people who collect newspapers and books from what they consider the "original, real" history and bring them to a time before humans have existed on Earth. So about 2 million BC they built a huge library that contains the original historical heritage of the future mankind.

Whenever a librarian is visiting a time zone, he can compare the newspapers with the newspaper stored in the library to see if someone has changed anything. Then they have to repair history just like the Voyagers did. Just to give you an example: the librarian has noted that Jack the Ripper was caught and hanged for his murders in the book. In reality he has never been caught, so he has to prevent the police of London from catching him, even though he will then continue with his murders. And HG Wells has to help him with that. It's really a great book. It's got everything, from a touching love story through time to lots of time travel action and confusions. I really recommend it ;)

Well, I looked for it at Amazon, but have not yet found it even for a pre-order. I will have to check the Library lists and put my name right on top when it comes up.

However, it has also been released in Spanish and here is another blog about the book too. I notice that nobody wants to give away much of the plot, and that's cool. It makes me more eager to read it.